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As I write this, one hand is sort of numb because its wrist and arm are holding the weight of my little baby girl Mariam. I’m sitting here on the couch with a pillow on my lap, and on top of it is this laptop that my 10 fingers are furiously typing. on Oh, the lengths I go to nowadays just to update my blog! Haha.

In all seriousness, life is getting more challenging now. Work pressure is up like ten notches now with the funding and expansion and new physical store, on top of the scarves and planning the new stationery brand. We just had a huge 50% off sale recently and fulfillment was going mad everyday. On my personal side, I haven’t been home much admittedly and a lot has to be settled. I need to springclean every room and laundry is piling up… you can forget any fresh flowers, my house is where flowers go to die these days. My two children (it’s still weird to say that!) are growing up so fast and they demand a lot of attention at this point, especially Daniel who can talk now and constantly goes Mommy-Daddy-Mommy-Daddy.

Tonight, Dean was putting Daniel to sleep and I was putting Mariam to sleep. One each. But we were both struggling because Daniel was still wanting to play and Mariam refuses to be put down in her cot (hence why I’m blogging with one hand right now). I tried 4 times, but each time she’d wake up again and cry to be picked up. Now, she’s lying face down on my chest and apart from my keyboard sound of me typing, the only other sound I hear is her breathing.

Here, lemme show you via Photo Booth!

Photo on 8-1-15 at 11.19 PM #2

As hectic as life is for Dean and I now, I can’t help but feel so complete. I was praying Isyak just now and instead of making doa for things that I want which is usually the case, tonight I just thanked God over and over again. Yes I have my own issues, everyone does, but there are so many things in life to be thankful for. Despite having fast-paced and sometimes tiring days, my life is still really wonderful and I wouldn’t trade it with anyone’s. I think nowadays, people are so busy comparing their lives with others especially those portrayed on social media, that they forget to just focus on their lives and really open their eyes to the beauty that God has given them. Look around and tell me there isn’t one thing in your life that you’re grateful for! Whether it be your children, or good health, or your wonderful husband, or having a job to pay the bills or just simply having a roof over your head, always remember that there are people worse off and that we are very very lucky. I know I am extremely lucky, Alhamdulillah for everything. And I hope you are saying Alhamdulillah for everything too. Never compare your life to someone else’s because God has different paths set out for each and every one of us.

Here’s a reminder to always be positive and grateful to our Creator.

Mariam’s starting to drool on my kaftan, so wish me luck to putting her down in her cot for the fifth time… Good night, everyone!

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scouting for schools

During the Raya break, we focused on the kids. Well more on Daniel because we have to start scouting for a preschool as he just turned two.

 So I called one of the famous preschools and suddenly some fake posh accent came out from my mouth.

“Hello there, bla bla bla… interested to put my son to school… his name is Daniel,” and I emphasized the Dan with some really weird British accent. I sounded hilarious guys, like a really confused mom. I even said Hello there, like please ok, Hi would’ve been enough.

Oh gosh, I’ve become one of those competitive parents!

The day of the appointment with the principal, Dean wore a polo tee and jeans. After my IS THAT WHAT YOU ARE WEARING DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS SCHOOL HAS A WAITING LIST WE NEED TO IMPRESS face, he didn’t even change. Hello, am I the only one who cares about our children’s education?

 We visited the school and thank God my fake-weird-confused-sometimes-British-sometimes-American-sometimes-German accent didn’t come out. I was normal, phew. The teacher was really nice and I think she was impressed by my questions. Totally google-d what a parent would ask schools. One popular one to sound smart, “What if my child is too advanced, can he skip a year?” Fuuhhh immediately bumped one up in waiting list, guys. Another one would be “Is there a waiting room for his nannies?” Emphasise on the plural even when the reality is you just have your Kak Siti. The whole time, I was trying not to laugh because I was imagining Daniel’s bored Kakak waiting for him looking totally unimpressed that she has to be there. BAHAHHAHAH. Then say, “Oh you don’t have a nanny waiting room?” and add a “Hmmm…” like you’re not impressed.

Got this in the bag, guys.


No nanny room? Come on guys…

Daniel was running around the play area and earlier I had warned him to behave and act cool. Like just be cool, Daniel! Act like you don’t really want to go to this school. He did well with my instructions but he took it a bit too far because he decided to poop during the visit. -___-“

Anyway, all was good we said our goodbyes. And then we opened the folder they gave with the fees.


I have to pay that much for Daniel to play with bowls and crayons?!! I think they accidentally added one extra zero and there was a mistake. Sigh this limited edition designer school is looking even more delicious. Maybe Daniel can watch from outside their glass building and he’ll learn along the way? He’ll bring his own bowls, promise.

Dean looked at me and laughed, “I think YouTube is good enough for Daniel to learn, don’t you think?”

Oh yes totally agree. Youtube ftw.

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our raya 2015


This was Mariam’s first Raya and I had fun dressing her up in cute little clothes! With Daniel, it’s just boring baju melayu sets, the same thing every year just different colour. But with Mariam, the ladies at Mimpikita made her a really adorable lilac peplum kurung to go with the rest of us in lilac too.

We spent Raya morning with Dean’s side of the family and moved on to my side after the prayers. This is the awesome bit about not having to argue which kampung to go back to for Raya, because both our families are in KL. (I always say, ladies, before marrying the guy, ask where he spends his Raya! If it’s far from you…. no go. #ijoke #thereissometruthtothatthough #thinkinglongterm)


What is life without a flatlay…


So hard to…


….get a family photo….




Want to spend all my Raya’s with you, baby.


Daniel and cousin Alex went to the mosque for Solat Raya. Was Daniel’s first time!


You may kiss the bride….


What. Are. We. Going. To. Do. About. Your. Hair. Mariam.


Daniel being clingy with none other than his favourite person in the whole world…

Then when the kids conked out… guess where Dean and I went off for our Raya date?


That’s right! Oh I’ve missed you, you chipped-borderline-dangerous bowls of yumminess. Boat Noodle on the first day of Raya, now that’s desperation after a whole month of not having any hehe.


Balik kampung! Mariam’s first time in her great grandparents’ kampung in Negeri Sembilan.


She loves the nature…


This one, not so much…

We went to a couple of open houses and we went back to Negeri Sembilan (Dean’s grandparents’ place) for a day trip but it’s been fairly relaxing so far. We gave the whole FV and dUCk team a very long Raya break, longer than the usual days other companies give, so everyone’s just kind of chilling after a stressful period! They definitely deserve the long break. I miss the office but I’m enjoying every bit of this Raya break. I realised how much fun I have with the kids and I want to do so much more as a mom e.g. set up activity timetables for Daniel, take them to the zoo… heck, I was even hanging around the cookbook section at Times bookstore just now! I didn’t buy anything though… spent 10 minutes there and almost hyperventilated chanting “I can’t do this… Too hard… I can’t do this… Too hard.” Domestic goddess is crossed off my Goals list, thank you very much.

Hope your Raya is going well, wherever you are in this world!

And if you see me around, be sure to give me two of these. I have two kids this Raya. :”)


First day: Lavender aere x dUCK scarf and INNAI for FV kurung, both FashionValet.

Second day: Black Orchid Peachskin dUCk scarf and Malaque for FV knurl (comes in blue and beige), both FashionValet

events faith

selamat hari raya

Just a quick one via Photo Booth before everyone’s day gets busy when the kids get up and your baju raya gets rendang all over it. (Thanks in advance, Daniel and Mariam!)

Photo on 7-17-15 at 8.30 AM #2


Love you guys so much and Maaf Zahir Batin on behalf of myself and my family for any wrongdoings we may have done to you.

Yay today onwards can go out for lunch. #messeduppriorities

to believe or not to believe

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A friend messaged me earlier with a random question, “Wei, how do you deal with all these “Tinggi Langsing Ketiak Putih Nak Cepat Kaya tak” scams on Instagram, huh? They’re annoying me!”

 Reading her message, I just laughed out loud.

 Sorry but “ketiak putih”… try saying that in a serious conversation with a serious face. Go, try it now! Ke-tee-yak-poo-teh. Can’t right?!!

 Anyway, my answer to her was simple, “Just ignore la! Got better things in life to do.”

I’m still managing ok with those spams and scams on my instagram, and I delete and block when I have the time. More will come, but just delete and block again. You just have to have the patience to do so. Sometimes you’ll even end up looking antisocial at brunch with your friends hehe.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


Wearing Almond Mylk Georgette dUCk, top from Sunny Girl and jacket from Line 32, all FashionValet.

If you can’t be bothered, then of course your comments will be flooded with these useless ads among one nice person’s comment saying “Nice and *thumbs up*” to your ootd. And when you click on that person, you realize she too is selling something. -____-“

The key here is to take it with a pinch of salt. If it bothers you, delete. If it doesn’t bother you, just leave it and ignore.

Because at the end of the day, the public is not stupid. Do you really think sensible people believe all these advertisements you see on instagram? I’m not so worried about those selling white armpits and tall slim magic powders because generally, people won’t take notice anyway. People know the way to earn respect for your business is not by spamming people’s instagram comments.

 But what I’m worried about is this new trend of advertisements asking if you want to get rich.

Like ummm duhhhh YES WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!

So that will definitely catch people’s attention especially young people who want to get rich quick. There’s nothing wrong with this obviously, but I’m just scared that these advertisements are in fact scams. Like they might tell you to pay a certain fee to join, or to transfer a bit of money to get started etc. And promise you the world and showing you fake testimonials to get your trust. And more often than not, you never hear from them anymore after that. And you have just lost all your college money. I think we hear of this a lot, and not a lot of us will fall for it. But some might.

I get that a lot of my instagram and I unfortunately have to delete all of them, because I feel like I don’t want to have a platform of these kinds of business or schemes, whether or not they’re legit.

An example:


Not just this, but we also now get those “Oh please send me money. I am a refugee being held etc etc”. Remember those longgg emails we used to get? Well now, it’s a step forward, they use social media now! And then you also get the love scams where you meet a guy online and after months of talking and getting to know each other, he wants you to give him money for “a flight ticket to visit you”. -____-“ No girl… he ain’t comin to see you for love!

So ladies, please… if you are interested, please make sure you check thoroughly what, who and how these people work before you commit anything at all. Because admittedly not all are scams so you can’t always assume the worst (I mean, Dean and I fell for each other online too!). But the Internet is there to give you access to all sorts of research and information, so make full use of it before you do anything drastic that involves money. Don’t make mistakes and then blame others when you could’ve done your homework.

Always “Klik Dengan Bijak”. Be smart when clicking because although the virtual world has so many goods, we also have to be careful.

If there are any young ladies out there reading this, always always consult your parents or someone you look up to, before giving in to any advertisements or potential scams on the Internet. The world is getting so vicious and dangerous now, people have no problem doing heartless things these days, that we all have to look out for one another.

Till the next post, keep your armpits white!

*roll of floor laughing*

being a mom

mariam is 4 months old

I put Mariam to sleep last night and as I was cuddling her, I hugged her even tighter for a while. I should have put her down because she was already asleep and people tell me we shouldn’t let babies get used to us holding all the time… but I just wanted to break the rule just this one time.

I realise with Mariam, Dean and I are busier at work more than ever. When Daniel was born, we had so much rezeki in our career but we still had all the time to focus on him when we’re with him. With Mariam, not only do we have FV going regional, we also have dUCk scarves and now launching soon dUCk stationery and things are just busier than ever. And when we do have time with Mariam, her time is always shared with Daniel. That’s the perk of being the eldest; your childhood is never shared for a minimum of a year!

Of course we are trying the best we can and I guess this is normal as you have more children, it will never be like the time you could really bond with your firstborn. I can’t imagine big families with 10 siblings, how do you spend time with the 10th baby with 9 other children to look after too?! And you’re just one person. *respect*


I just never want Mariam to feel she is loved less. Not only does she have to share time with Daniel, she also has to share a lot of attention with Mommy and Daddy’s companies. I guess this is the working parent guilt everyone talks about. And I think it’s worse for entrepreneurs because we work all the time even at home, there is just no such thing as “working hours”. It is hitting me now slowly, but I remember during my Bella TV interview talking about this, one of the ladies in the panel said that guilt is a thought process that doesn’t flow. It doesn’t go anywhere, it just lingers in you and there’s no solving it. So the thing to do is just to face it; cry it out, talk to someone, make up to your children after etc. And she said forgive yourself if you feel guilty because you know you’re trying the best that you can.

Mariam, if you ever read this, you’ve just passed 4 months old when I write this. You can roll over, you babble nonsense sometimes, you drool a lot(!), you can grab things and I think you’re teething because you’re getting so PMS-y lately hehe. Your hair is all over the place and you’re a bit bald at the back because of your sleeping position (let’s hope your hair grew by the time you read this… if it didn’t, then, umm sorry.). You’re really fair and everyone says you look like your Opah. You haven’t fallen off the bed yet so phew (Daniel has fallen off the bed at least twice at your age). You love watching your brother Daniel play and sometimes I think you understand when he talks to you. You always smile when Daddy even shows his face to you, I’m trying hard not to be jealous about that. Overall, you are only 4 months but you have completed our lives like we could never imagine. Mariam, my lovely daughter, may you grow to be a wonderful lady and remember that Mommy and Daddy love you so so much.

mariam 4 months collage copy

lifestyle media

buzzfeed article

If I were to be famous for the world to see, I’d like to be famous for my career, having a nice picture with makeup on and maybe looking a bit glam in sequin or something…

Like maybe this article last week by Metro newspaper.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.48.52 AM

This I can be proud of…

But life likes to be funny sometimes.

Just look:

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.43.50 AM

I will now forever be known as that short girl who naps everywhere.


Hahahaha thanks Buzzfeed, my husband thinks I have truly made it in life with this famous article.