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Dean is not the romantic kind (he thinks he is, but that discussion is too long I’d rather not take your weekend away).

So I almost fell off the chair when he said these words to me.

“Sayang, this is my song for you.”

Am I hearing this right?!

He put on the song for me and I just melted listening to the lyrics.

I immediately hugged him and said “Aww babyyyy I love you too.”

While we listened to the song together, he hugged me back and smiled.

“Awwww, totally how I feel too! I get butterflies when I see you too….” I said when the lyrics mentioned butterflies.

“Uh yeah yeah ok, don’t ruin the song,” while he tapped my back un-romantically.

Ok then, moment’s over. But I know he loves me. And this song is on repeat on my laptop for the next few days.

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the “last” surprise

“No more surprises after this one, guys. We’re getting way too old for this!”

Is the statement we will always say after each of our surprise. Toots, Asma’ and I… we’re a funny bunch. We complain about the work we have to do to plan for each other’s special days (birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers) but deep inside we must love doing it because we keep doing it every time! I think we love each other wayyyy too much, yuck.

Last year for my birthday, I walked in to my house and was greeted with monochrome streams of helium balloons, black and white plate settings and a posh monochrome cake for me to blow. It was awesomeeee!

But of course, the lunch ended with both Toots and Asma’ saying “This is the last surprise we’re ever throwing you.”

I really did believe them.

This year on my birthday, Toots had just undergone her appendix operation and instead of our usual sleepover stay-cation, we decided to celebrate with her in her home. She is still recovering from her painful stitches and isn’t even allowed on the stairs, let alone into our cars for us to sneak her out. So you know, I sacrificed my birthday hoopla and opted for the right thing to do; being a good friend fluffing her pillow and feeding her porridge.

So you can imagine my surprise when I walked into her room and my two best friends shouted “SURPRISE!!!”. There, before me, was a beautiful table setting for three and the most meaningful birthday cake I could ever imagine. The glamorous sequin tablecloth and posh plate setting made me feel like we were in some 5-star restaurant but when the Maggi Kari came, I felt right at home as we all slurped our instant noodles with our legs crossed on the chair. It was the perfect afternoon for me, being with the two of them. One with stains on her scarf, and the other with appendix stitches; I love them… stains and stitches and everything in between.

Thank you, God, for the most amazing friendship.

Let me share with you pictures of the cake Gateauxlicious made for me.

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photo 5

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

photo 2

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Wearing blue cardigan from Cottonese, top from Shopatvelvet, skirt from When Our Eyes Met and the new peachskin headscarf from dUCk, head to toe from FashionValet

And of course, before I left my little private party, the two of them said “This is the last surprise! We’re too old for this.”

I already know they’re planning my “surprise” baby shower, guys.


raikan wanita bts

I don’t usually post up my media features on my blog like I did last time. Simply because I don’t really see a point, but this one I have to blog about because it’s a really special one. Astro has this TV programme called Raikan Wanita where they select 10 women in Malaysia to feature a 30-minute episode on. You can imagine I almost fell off my chair when they called me.

The shoot was longer than usual shoots. It ran over 2 days and I was pretty exhausted! (No chance to be a big reality TV star here, guys haha)

The most special part is when they interviewed my family and best friends. I was cringing, scared for all the embarrassing growing up stories to be spilled on national TV. This was the first time my parents agreed to be interviewed so publicly in their home so I was extremely grateful that they did it for me. The whole time they were being interviewed, I really wanted to cry. I was overwhelmed by all the good things they had to say, and them bringing up childhood memories… oh man, I was ready to pack my bags and move in with them again. Hehe.

The other interviewees were Toots and Asma’, my sister, and my dUCk GM. Oh, were they excited to spill all the beans!

photo 1 Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset photo 3 Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

photo 1 Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetphoto 5

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

photo 3

“She’s a total phone addict. It’s easier to whatsapp her to get a response.”

“She should really eat vegetables.”

“She was very naughty growing up.”

“If she didn’t get a toy that she wanted, she would throw a tantrum.”

And a big shoutout to my assistant Kyun and make-up artist Teyn for also being there the whole time to show support.

The reason I’m telling you about this is because the series debuts tonight and my episode is the first episode!! *hides underneath blanket* I hope we all will enjoy the show and if I suck guys… just switch off the TV and don’t say anything ok! *books plastic surgery appointment*


Ok see you guys later TODAY at 9.30pm for Raikan Wanita on Astro Prima and Maya HD.

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in and out

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Toots had a little complication with her appendix and had it removed this week, so Asma’ and I have been in and out of the hospital every single day. This week’s routine! Like any true friends, we’d sneak in yummy food and magazines (hospital magazines are so limited, I had no choice but to buy her a recipe magazine. She did not appreciate that at all). She’s fine now and laughing again (shortly after, regretting it because her stitches hurt), so don’t worry! Alhamdulillah, it’s all good now. We were really worried when she went under GA, and we were just waiting anxiously for updates for when she would wake up. I couldn’t really sleep the night she went into the OT. Thank God everything went smoothly.

One of those visits (post-surgery when we knew everything was ok, of course!!), I was desperate for an OOTD post so I shoved the camera to Asma’ when we were walking back to the car. She understood me and without a word, she did her thing and started clicking and directing. After 5 mins and countless stares from the security guard, we were done.

“Do you think Toots would be embarrassed we did an OOTD outside?” Asma’ asked me.

“Pleaseeee! She knows she has crazy friends.”

And yes she does know that, she tells us all the time. Hehe.

Oh, and thank you for not shooing us away, Mr. Security Guard!

Wearing a tunic top from Kivee, necklace from Cucito and mixed crepe scarf from dUCk, all from FashionValet. Pants from Zara, sunnies from RayBan, bag from Louis Vuitton and shoes from Celine. 

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smelling mangoes

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I love grocery shopping and I always like to take my time in the supermarket. Domestic goddess, I am certainly not, but at the supermarket you can always fake it. The domestic goddesses are the ones hanging out in the Fresh section, smelling fruits and vegetables. If it were up to me, I would be at the Instant aisle smelling instant noodle packets.

But no, at the supermarket, we are all equal. No one knows how good or bad you are in the kitchen, so I like to take advantage of this clean slate. So umm yeah, I smell everything and pretend to give an approval nod before I put it in my trolley.

I was with Dean earlier at the mango section. I picked one mango up and started smelling it. I looked up to give a thoughtful look like I’m thinking hard about the ripeness of this mango. I put it down and took another one, as if the last one wasn’t good enough for my kitchen. A lady passed by and smiled at me approvingly probably thinking “This woman knows what she wants, she must be a good cook!”. I gave a smile back, “Yes yes I am that domestic goddess.”

When really, I am smelling for no purpose at all.

Dean laughed at me, clearly knowing I’m enjoying every bit of this moment.

“Baby, are you done smelling all the mangoes?”

The nerve. I’m only trying to choose what’s best for his stomach. You can’t rush these things.

“Mmm yes,” as I picked up two other mangoes into the trolley.

“What smell are you looking for?”

“Oh, it’s a skill. You either have it or you don’t. I can’t really explain it.”

I wasn’t lying.

I really can’t explain it.

Because I had no idea.

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happy birthday to me

It’s my birthday todayyyy!

I am officially 27 18 years old.

So for my birthday, Dean so sweetly asked what I’d like as my present.

Standard wife opening line, I answered, “Nothing at all, Sayang. Just your love is enough for me.”

Yeah he didn’t buy that line. I wouldn’t have either. I mean, just his love? Come on, I can’t even flatlay that.

 ”No really, be serious. Do you want a handbag? New shoes?”

I thought about it long and hard before politely declining. I have a wardrobe spilling with things that now I really don’t need any more material things to be honest. And we’re about to buy a house and have two kids soon, it’s really not the time to spend on big-ticket items. Dean needs all the savings he can keep.

SUCH A GOOD WIFE, GUYS. Like seriously, 27 18 is maturing me already, isn’t it?

Dean kept on guessing what I wanted. In the end, he even resorted to, “You want romance, don’t you?”

Tettttt. No. Rolls eyes.

“Ok, I do want one thing…”

“What is it? I will get it for you.”

“I really really really… want a massage from you. Over here got so much pain…” I whined as I showed him my lower back. “You know… pregnant with your second child and all…”

“Ok yeah sure!” Dean said cheerfully, realizing this was easy, would last for only 2 minutes max, and not going to cost him any money.

“But the catch is that you have to massage me whenever I ask for it, and there is no time limit. And it doesn’t matter if football is starting on TV or whatever. Massage time means full on concentrate on wife massage time..”

Slowly a reluctant “Ok…” came out from his mouth, along with a forced smile.

I bet he wished I wanted a handbag.

Anyway, since I’m so selfless and mature this year, I’d like to share love with you guys as well. FashionValet team is so sweet, they’re honoring my birthday on the website *Cries tears of happiness*. In conjunction with my birthday (11 Dec), they’re giving 11% off STOREWIDE. Just for today! So if there’s anything you’re eyeing, go ahead and use me guys. Go ahead, I don’t mind.

From the FV team to you (and me, I guess):

girlboss birthday

Use me now.

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outdoor wedding

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And one sweet BTS pic:


My hero.

Like I said, Kim’s wedding was a complete waste of my makeup. I seriously can’t wait for her to blog about it so you can see the gorgeous details, the floral bicycle, the coconut ice cream booth, the fairy lights, the rosette tablecloth, oh man… I’d say “I do” to Jason just for the wedding. I totally get why she had to quit her job to plan this wedding. Haha. When they read their vows, all of the guests were sniffing and my not-so-cool husband was one of the bad-shape ones constantly pouring tears. I had to wipe his cheeks to save him from further embarrassment. I cried too because their speeches were sooo moving, to the point that I almost wish I could redo my wedding and give emotional speeches too! Haha. Asked Dean if we could have a vow ceremony next week and force FashionValet people to come and watch. I’m that sad.

Anyway, due to the tear fest, I was pretty much red-faced and swollen-eyed throughout this ootd. So please just ignore the face and focus on the outfit. Hehe. I wore wedges since I knew it was going to be an outdoor wedding, that was definitely a good decision! Kim’s rule was pastel. I know, right… brides are so annoying. I’m already huge and pregnant with limited wardrobe that can fit – now she narrows it down even more. Thank God I found this Ria Miranda skirt that had drawstrings so I could adjust it to however skinny or fat I get. I paired it with a Zara cropped top made from knit material – that was not a good decision for a hot outdoor wedding!

I’ll leave you my outfit details below in case you like anything. Now I’m going to go back to working on my post-wedding vow that the FV people will be forced to listen to soon.

Skirt from Indonesian pastel queen Ria Miranda (the whole brand is on 50% off now), contact lenses from Lofalens and wedges from ShoesShoesShoes, all three from FashionValet. Scarf from dUCk’s latest collection that hasn’t launched yet, crop top from Zara, bag and necklace from Chanel.