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not losing the game

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No one said a plain shirt can’t spruce up your outfit. For me, instead of the usual button up and normal pants, I tried the half-tuck look and loosely buttoned with an inner top (can find some here) inside.

Try it!

I’m missing my blog so much right now. So much to write about, and I know I said people who say they “don’t have enough time” are just full of excuses, so I won’t be saying that. But mannnn, the responsibilities of life are really catching up – blogging with a 2 full-on companies, 2 kids, a house to manage (I’ve been cooking a lot for the family and the feeling is super niceeeee – one domestic goddess coming up!) and keeping up with appearances and shoots, is proving to be quite difficult. I’m actually traveling now and I’m writing this from my hotel room before going down for breakfast. BUT NO, I am not going to lose this game! Blog properly sooooon!

Wearing scarf (sold out) from dUCk, shirt (from last season) from Mimpikita, both FashionValet. Pants from Uniqlo, bag from Louis Vuitton, sunnies from Tom Ford and shoes from Celine. 

being a mom

get me water now

We were rushing to go out and I was running really late that Dean was getting annoyed. I got everything for the kids except the last thing; gotta make milk for Mariam! Arghhh no time, I can hear Dean shouting for me from the house entrance. Ok never mind, just grab the empty bottle, the formula powder and run out the door.

True enough, not even 5 minutes into the car ride, Mariam woke up from her nap in my arms. And what does she want? Milk of course!

I was panicking because the restaurant was about half hour away, and I only had powder in the car. Whyyyyyy did I stop breastfeeding whyyyyyyyy, I wanted to kick myself (Of course I had too much pain that I had to stop, not because I simply wanted to). Back then with Daniel, lift up top, silence. Flashbacks of those easier moments did not help out situation in the car.

I was singing to her, dancing her around, peekaboo-ing her, but nothing made her stop crying. And she’s such a good baby that she really doesn’t cry unless she’s realllyyyyy hungry. I felt so bad. All our ears went numb in the car! I totes get it though, I mean, when you’re hungry, you’re hungry ok.

As soon as we got to the hotel lobby, we literally ran to the restaurant where I asked for water so I could make her milk asap. Oh, did they take their time. Stop saying “Certainly, ma’am,” with your nice straight posture, just get me my daughter’s water!!! It came and I sighed of relief. Touched the glass, guess what. It was cold water. -____-“ My mistake for not clarifying, warm water. Finally we got it and I don’t think I’ve ever made milk that fast.

Mariam drank the milk so fast that I even heard her sigh.

Poor girl, seriously!

See how this drama would all have avoided if I could just breastfeed? Mannnn, if you are perfectly capable of breastfeeding without pain or complications, I would highly recommend it. For your sanity and other people in the restaurant’s sanity. *covers face*


Wearing dUCk scarf, top from Poplook for FV (available from XS to 4XL!), pants from aere, all FashionValet.


Mommy loves you, baby girl! Sorry I kept you hungry!

travel tales

the tech city

Palo Alto was completely Dean’s idea. I’m going to be honest and say I know close to nothing about tech things in the US and I had never heard of Silicon Valley until a couple years back when we met our investors who were from there. I’ve obviously been very sheltered because this town is where all the tech billionaires like Sirgey Brin and Larry Page (Google founders), the late Steve Jobs (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and so many others that I need to do research about. Haha.

Anyway, we were lucky enough that our investors lived there too so they took us on a little tour, but before that we had lunch at the Google office in San Francisco.


It was an amazing opportunity because we’ve heard so much about the awesome work culture at Google and the infamous free food for everyone culture. To see it firsthand is pretty cool. I couldn’t take any pictures which is a big boooooo, but I did take a picture of their view which you can find in my previous post. Simply breathtaking.


Lunch was…. ok, pretty funny for me because even though you can take things for free, everything there was super healthy; they have like 20 different kinds of salad, and their soup was some bean soup, and their dessert was a cookie. I couldn’t eat their meat either (there was some delicious looking beef, sigh) because it wasn’t halal, so for lunch, I literally had 2 cookies. For someone who doesn’t eat vege at all, I’d suffer in California because they loveeeeeee eating clean and all their salads.

Anyway, that was the office in town. The one people want to see is the Googleplex in Mountainview near Palo Alto. I expected to see one big building that says Google on it, but it wasn’t like that. It turned out to be a huge town with lots of streets and people on bicycles, and lots of smaller buildings. There were like over 20 Google buildings there, each belonging to individual departments like Google Maps, or Android, or Instagram etc. There was nothing else there so I totally understand why it would make sense to provide food for their staff, because you would’ve had to build restaurants and cafeterias there anyway. There was nowhere else to go.

20151102_143609 20151102_144159 20151102_144245 20151102_145551 20151102_145818

  It was such a beautiful place to be at because the streets were pretty and the weather in SF is amazing all year long. Sunny but cool, so so nice. If they had something like this in Malaysia, none of us would go because we would be leaving trails of sweat along the streets. Every corner was so well thought, from the recycle bins (they’re big on recycling there!) and the colours of Google were everywhere, even on their bikes!


These bikes are free for anyone to use, even non-Google employees if they’re visiting etc. Clearly this place is not a place for heels, so don’t even bother looking pretty or dressed up. Everyone there was in sweater, backpack and sneakers, mostly.


Dean and I came prepared in our comfy shoes and sweaters. We needed to fit in, haha!

What I found super wow is this:


A truck to cut employee’s hair! So Google likes to call in services to come for their employees like massage trucks or haircut trucks or even food trucks. The idea is to give perks to them, but also minimise their time going out so that productivity at work is also improved because you don’t waste time moving around so much. So smart!

Then we visited Facebook but couldn’t go in because it was a much more closed campus than Google was.

20151102_141433 20151102_141616

They’re building a super cool new office across the street from this and it was really nice and big and modern. Our investor also told us that Apple is building a new office too and it’ll be the biggest single office building in the world. And it’ll be in the shape of a space pod. So tech and geeky haha, but that’s totally Dean’s zone so he obviously thought it was so so so cool that we should do it for FV one day too. -___-“

We walked along the neighbourhoods of Palo Alto and their main street which was this. So beautiful but so down to earth as well.



So excited seeing a hugeeee Cheesecake Factory! Penny, you there?

And what do you think this is:


Any guesses?

It’s Steve Job’s house! (or former house, not sure if his family still lives there) It was pretty cool that our investor lives in this neighbourhood so he knew who lived where and all. But this one I had to share. Steve Jobs was always in a black top, who knew his house would be blue? The interesting thing was that his house wasn’t even one of the biggest ones in that neighbourhood!

The houses there were big but honestly not nearly as big as the mansions you see here in KL. Property there is very expensive, even a small bungalow costs tens of millions. Clearly not for the faint-hearted, Palo Alto.


All in all, it was an eye-opener going there and seeing the work culture and lifestyle at the world’s tech city. I expected machines and snooty people just at their laptops, but actually despite billion dollars of funds going in and out of that city, people are just so down to earth there. I did not find even one Lamborghini there. The guy we had lunch with actually sold his startup a couple years back for a hundred million dollars, and yet, he was in Google typing things on his Macbook at a desk next to other people. Working hard, like everyone else. It was amazing! If this was us in Malaysia getting a hundred million dollars, we’d start wearing sunnies indoors with an entourage everywhere we go, 4 bodyguards, 4 maids, 4 cars, 4 wives. Hehe.

Can’t generalise of course, but it seems like over there everyone is so independent. They drive themselves, they pick up their children from school, they cook dinner with their wife, they do house chores when they come home from work. And they all looked so happy! Puzzled, I asked our investor, “Do people here just not like to enjoy their money or something?” And he replied, “Of course we do, but maybe on other things like travel. Here, money is great but it isn’t the sole motivation. People are passionate about their ideas, their startups and even if you’re rich, you’d work because what else is there to do with your time! And if you start showing off your wealth, people look down on you.” So, it’s very much a society thing that dictates your behaviour.

 I also saw beyond the free food and fun culture at Google and traced back why they have to offer all that. Talent, especially developers, is so hard to find, they said. So in order to retain talent, they need to add extra perks to make sure people don’t leave. So many tech startups are there and people are always fighting for the best people, so companies need to start offering something more than just mere salary (since money isn’t the sole motivation, people want to be happy in other ways too). It’s a very competitive world, especially over there, and a lot of companies lose out to Google because everyone wants to work at Google. Google gets the best people because they can afford to, and it kind of kills off the small boys in the tech world if they don’t offer the same or more. Reality bites, huh?

So this was my experience there. Of course it’s just my opinion and observation, you might have a completely different one if you have visited too. Do share!

what about your handbag?

Sponsored Post

My friend’s bag (Fendi, btw *cries blood*) was stolen the other day in H&M Lot 10. You hear all sorts of these kinds of stories but you never think it can happen to you or the closest ones to you. We were just thankful she’s fine, but of course it also sucks that she lost all her cash, her belongings and debatably the most painful… the Fendi bag. It was a beautiful pink limited edition Peekaboo she got as her wedding hantaran gift. Was something like this, but not exactly.


I immediately started thinking about my own bag collection, my little babies!

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 12.06.34 AM

Every one of them has a story of how and why I got them, they’re all so special to me, designer or not. And they all have names. You know I’m crazy like that.

I saw a red ad about some protection and getting insured but never took it seriously. Until I heard this story about my friend. She lost so much and got nothing back. What if you could claim back some amount of protection if this happened to you? That would definitely help soften the blow.

Might want to check out the Tune Guard Snatch Theft insurance.

I was shocked to find out what a good deal it was and how reasonable it was to get insured up to RM 1500 with only paying about RM 25.99 a year! A fraction of the insured sum but gives you a peace of mind when you’re out and about town. There are so many more insurance policies out there that have a gazillion papers you have to sign and you even pay a high premium for coverage that you don’t need. But with Tune Guard (any of their insurance!), it’s all so simple; straight forward compensation for loss of belongings and cash, reasonable price, super easy.

I was going to get one for me, but thought I should protect my friend first.

Added her info and voila, she’s insured and it took less than 5 minutes!

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 6.14.17 PM

Added her age and my choice of plan for her (Normal or Premium).

Entered some personal information and pay. Done!

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 6.17.56 PM

Sent her a screenshot of this with the caption “Happy birthday!”. I mean seriously, what a good gift for a birthday no?

Then I got one for me too.

Time for you to get yours!

Don’t forget to read the FAQ section. It was clear and straight to the point, which is awesome for impatient people like me. Hehe.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 6.22.38 PM

Not that I’d ever wish unfortunate things on any of us, but at least if it did happen, we are covered by Tune Protect. Don’t leave the question mark in your life, just do it so you won’t have to worry anymore!

They’ve got other insurance too apart from this one.

TuneDriveCare_RGB TuneTrIP_RGB

Click here to find out more.

being a mrs love travel tales

leaving the kids

I’m going into my third year carrying the very important title “Mommy” and I have never been away from them for more than 2 nights. I’ve scaled back a lot on traveling, leaving that to Dean and the senior management at FV. If I do have to travel, I either make it a day trip, or at most a couple nights where I crammed 15 meetings in. It was super tiring, but all in the aim to be as productive as possible and come back asap. I think any parent can relate to this; the pain of leaving them for a long time.

This is how it usually goes:

Parent: HOW LA HOW LA!! How are they going to sleep without me? Will they be staring at my photos with tears in their eyes? I’m the worst parent ever. Will they be safe? Will they be confused? Would this trip scar them forever and they will think their parents don’t love them? Will this be the start of them being screwed up kids who rebel and have tattoos that spell out Pain or I Hate My Mother all over them? Should I cancel my trip? I should really cancel my trip, right?

Our kids: I misss Mommyyyyy!!!! I want Mommy!!!! Ooooo, is that a toy? Oooooh toyyyyyyy. Toy toy toy toy toy toy.

I mean, seriously.

I can’t tell you enough how true this is, based on my recent US trip with Dean. We had to go for work, and having traveled 25 hours there, it would be silly not to extend a few more days to enjoy ourselves as well. But I was a mess leading up to my departure date. I was crying every single day, stroking their hair when they slept, watching them sleep in the dark with tissues up my nose, checking the airline website how much it would cost to change to an earlier return flight, crying some more. A total freak! And even when I was there, we’d check in everyday, wanting to know their every move. Them? Daniel asked for us a few times but more like “Hey, where’d Mom and Dad go? Swear I thought I saw those two peeps walk past just now. Oh well.” To think I wasted tears on this one. And Mariam? Well, it’s hard to tell. Her days are just “…………oohh I have fingers……ooohhh I have toes…….”. She’s busy.

But I gotta tell you, that trip was amazing for Dean and I, minus the parent guilt. We were Husband and Wife, instead of predominantly Daddy and Mommy, and it gave us the time together that we really missed. We had undisturbed sleep, guys!! Like full-on night sleep without waking up to make milk. It was AH-MA-ZING.


I know I’d be really unpopular for saying this (even my parents are very traditional and never think parents should leave their kids), but I recommend love trips just you and hubs every once in a while. Maybe not for such a long period like ours, but at least a weekend away every now and then to rekindle the romance.

Just don’t come back with another child on the way. That would be very funny and ironic. Haha.

fashion and shopping my handbag series pd daily

the birkin story


DSC_4494 DSC_4502 DSC_4512
DSC_4505 DSC_4496 DSC_4509 DSC_4478

Wearing dUCk scarf, Mimpikita jacket and Bowerhaus jewellery, all coming soon to FashionValet.

Ok I need to clarify a few things about this gorgeous Birkin bag.


A few years ago, I wrote about the phenomenon of Birkins and I geniusly said, “When you see me with a Birkin one day, you know I have made it in life.”

Well, here’s some advice: Don’t say things. Period.


Actually I bought a Birkin from the Hermes store last year but never wore it because the colour was just too striking and that was all they had. I was just so excited that I got a call from Hermes to ask if I wanted a Birkin, the only thing that came out of my mouth was a weak Yesss. I soon let it go to a person who wanted it more. My dream to buy one before I turn 30 technically came true! But you never saw me with a Birkin until this one now. I started getting Insta comments from blog readers saying they remember my Birkin story and they’re so happy for me that “I’ve made it”. And I got super uncomfortable.

Because… this Birkin isn’t mine.

Well, it’s mine now. But I didn’t earn this one. I really just stole it from my mother. Well, she gave it to me. Well, I kind of forced her to. Well, we debated about who should keep it and I insisted that the Birkin is much happier in my closet. Mom agreed since she has only worn it once or twice in 10 years. Well, she agreed after a few months, but that doesn’t matter. Technicalities! Anyway, I really only wear it when I travel or have to put a bunch of things in there, because it is super spacious.

BUT RM50K for a bag? I don’t think I’m there yet to start collecting them like Happy Meal toys, regardless whether I can afford them or not. If I start collecting them now, what bag will I have to look forward to when I’m 40+? Plus I don’t like the looks I get when I wear it; it’s the “is she really that successful on her own, is it just some huge inheritance, or she’s still living off her dad/sugar daddy?” judgmental head-to-toe look. Cos trust me, there’s no woman my age that can afford a Birkin if we’re earning monthly salary, unless she falls in one of the 3 categories above.

So phewwww, a big burden of guilt leaving my chest now that I’ve told you guys the truth. I didn’t think I was obliged to declare it, but because of what I said a few years ago, I felt that I had a responsibility to.

But I wanna talk about this bag further. It’s not just a Birkin or a designer bag to me. It’s much much much more than that.

It happened when I was still doing my A Levels. My dad came to visit me in England and took me to Paris. We were walking around holding hands, and me being the thoughtful person I am (*curtsies*) said, “Dad, you should get Mom a Birkin bag.” My heart sank when my dad replied with a “What’s that?”. Like really, have I taught you nothing, Daddy?

The problem is that you can’t just buy a Birkin bag. Stores are so selective because of the limited number and they will always tell you they don’t have any Birkins when really they probably have one or two at the back. So, even if you have all the money in the world, they don’t care. (Well, now you can get it from so many personal shoppers but obviously there’s nothing like buying it yourself at the store.)

When I told my dad the exclusivity, he was interested (sheeshh I see so much of him in me, we’re very stubborn people. The harder it is to get, the more we want it.). We went to the store and observed some of the other customers. They were dressed to the nines, so rich that they actually smelled of money. They came in and asked the standard question “Do you have a Birkin in stock?” and got replied a bored No. So that’s not the way to do it, my dad observed.

I walked around and asked for things in my size (I mean, it would be rude not to at least try something on) and while waiting, my dad sat on the chair and started chatting with the salesman. It started with a “Where are you from, sir?” and they started laughing and sharing travel stories. “Can I get you anything to drink, Mr Yusof?” the guy asked him. That’s it, he was charmed by my dad. They chatted for quite a while after that.

Dad asked me if I wanted anything (my condolences to him) so I showed him like twenty bracelets. While choosing, he asked the salesman, “So what is this Birkin-Birkin thing that my daughter is talking about?” The salesman’s eyes widened and said “You must get one. I have a special one right now. Hang on,” and he went off into the store room. That liar said no Birkins available to another customer before us. But hey, whatever, we’re winning! Came back with this beauty; a gorgeous taupe bag with white stitching, and best of all, it was one of a kind with half leather and half pony hair. A rare kind that I haven’t seen anyone else having until today.

We walked out with a huge orange paperbag, and I was just so in awe with how my dad did it.

Whenever I wear it now, it’s not because it’s a Birkin. I couldn’t care less if it was any other exclusive bag, but this bag keeps that memory of my dad and I close to my heart. Not only did we have so much fun during that Paris trip, just the two of us, but he taught me an important lesson; be kind to people. No matter how rich you get or how high you go, stay humble. People will never forget how you make them feel, and if you make them feel good, they will go to great lengths for you. So many people walked in and out that day disappointed that they didn’t get a Birkin, and the salesman chose my dad out of all of them. Because he didn’t do things like everyone else did, and because he didn’t use wealth to show power or entitlement. He touched the guy’s heart in a way the other customers didn’t.

I love the lesson this bag teaches me, and whenever I need a pick me up from my old man, the bag is a symbol to remind me that nothing is impossible.

So there. That’s Mom’s my Birkin story. There won’t be another one for a good few years!

(I hope this isn’t one of those times where I will regret saying things. Me and my big fat mouth sometimes…)

travel tales

san francisco

Dean and I are enjoying ourselves so much that we want to make the US an annual trip for the both of us (kids… what were their names again?). This was meant to be a work trip but we’ve fallen in love with this place, especially the ever lively New York.

We first went to San Francisco to pay a visit to our investors. They were so kind to take us around their hometown and they seemed to know everything; the history of the place, how much real estate in each area costs, which public transport to take, everything! If people came to KL, I’d be like errr yeah KLCC is where people shop… KL tower is where people see the view… Bangsar is where people eat… Mannnnn, note to self: learn about my country history! #sejarahlessonshavegonedownthedrain

San Francisco is a really nice and relaxed place. A lot of low-rise buildings, residential areas, a lot of big fields and parks, people in shorts and t-shirts. Shopping isn’t that great here though, so it might be good for your bank account. :’) (until you get to NY, then you’re screwed.)

Chrissy Field with the view of Golden Gate Bridge

20151101_110948 20151101_111004

We went on this cable car and I’d really recommend it just for experience and also to see the town in a glance. It goes in a round, so you can hop on and hop off and still be able to come back to where you started.

20151102_095950 20151102_100214


Bi-Rite Creamery ice cream is highly recommended! The line is crazy to go in, but it’s worth it.

20151101_133809 20151101_134204 20151101_134633

Union Square is the shopping area.


20151101_172906 20151101_185229

The curved escalator at Westfield is pretty cool. I was so jakun taking pictures of it.

Tony’s pizza. Award-winning pizza that you have to try. The only downside is it’s also a bar, so I felt really out of place in my scarf there (something I wouldn’t really notice back in uni days!). But still, they made me feel welcomed and everyone is so warm there!


Walking along the Pier was really nice but no heels here! Dean made me walk from Pier 1 which was where Ferry Building (below) is, all the way to Pier 39 which is the touristy side. I was really mad at him because he kept saying “No it’s really near, we’re almost there,” when we really weren’t. Made him massage me that night. But actually looking back, it was a really nice walk on a beautiful day.

20151103_080424 20151103_085345 20151103_090106 20151103_090129

This Boudin bakery is really cool because you can actually watch how they make sourdough bread from scratch. The other side is the bistro where you can eat their famous clam chowder and also shop for lots of kitchen whatnots and San Francisco souvenirs. They’ve got baskets of breads moving on a suspension all over the ceiling, and also cute-shaped bread that you can buy. I loved it!

20151103_091758 20151103_092010

20151103_091952 20151103_092316

We were lucky to have been able to enter the Google office in San Francisco and omggg it’s amazing. Hearing about their work culture (free food, free everything, beanbags, pool table, fun stuff everywhere) has always amazed me so this was very exciting for me. I couldn’t take pics but here’s one to share. This is their view from their office. Like seriously, I asked them, “How do you get any work done with a view like that?!!” Amazing!


I only had a couple days there so I couldn’t do much more in SF. There’s China Town, North Beach and a bunch of places I would’ve loved to visit if not for the time constraint. Maybe you can go and fill me in!

What I appreciated most about SF is how relaxed it made Dean and I feel. We were like teenagers walking around at night because it was so safe there, and just enjoying each other. Love was in the air for sure!


We went to Palo Alto where the tech billionaires live and also visited the main Google and Facebook offices. So much to share about that, hopefully in next blogpost!