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Our Raya Fashion Show is tonight!!!!

We have 2 slots;

6pm – various brands on FashionValet. We could only insert 40 brands but even that’s a lot for a fashion show hehe.

9 pm – our 9 exclusive collaborations

Today is so special to me and I wish I can invite all of you to be there with me. Especially because most of you have been supporting me since the beginning of this blog! (Not even the beginning of FV!)

Since that is obviously not possible, I have instructed for a live stream to be shown on our website of the 2 shows tonight.

Hope you can tune in so I can feel you there in spirit cheering FV on! If I’m in the camera’s way because I’m being naughty touching and feeling the models’ clothes as they pass by me, please excuse me. Hehe.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.13.10 AM

It’s a date, you and me! Tonight at 6 pm and 9 pm.

childhood snack sticks

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I recently got a bunch of these, one of my favourite snacks even from my childhood.


Remember Rocky? They changed their name back to the original one which is Pocky. (Just in case you thought they were different brands. Nope they’re the same!)

So anyway, you guys know how obsessed I am with flatlays right. I haven’t had the time to chill and do much, but it was a weekend and the kids were asleep. So this happened. Hehe.

IMG_6127IMG_6133 IMG_6139

I wanted to do more with this, but guess who woke up from his nap!


Sigh, just like Mommy. *insert that apple falling from tree not very far something something quote*

So I left him to it to work on my pink-themed flatlay.



He got them covered too.

Safely in his belly. Hehe.

I guess adults or kids, big or small, female or male, everyone loves this Japanese snack and I can see why. A generous portion in a compact packet that fits nicely in our handbags. And the fun pok-pok sound when you bite into them (did you know that’s why they named it Pocky in the first place?!), it’s pretty addictive.  And there are a lot of fun ways to eat them; some peel off the sweet layer first, some with some self-control bite bit by bit , while those without any self-control like my son here… shoves everything inside the mouth.

But the worst thing for us is….

….choosing which flavor to get! They have so many, it’s ridiculous trying to make decision at the supermarket. Chocolate, double chocolate, strawberry, green tea, milk, banana… and let’s not even start with their savoury snack sticks (pizza, original, gahhhh!). You might just end up getting all.


Hehe. Your friend here sure did.

But seriously, aptly taglined “Share Happiness! Share Pocky!” these snack sticks make awesome ice-breakers. I was in the cinema once waiting for the movie and beside me, the person didn’t have anything to eat (how do you watch a movie without snacking, I will never understand…). So I turned to him and offered, “Want one?”

He said no, but he kept eyeing me eat each stick until the whole thing finished. Bet he regretted saying no.  Don’t eksyen when someone offers you Pocky.

being a mom

negotiating with mariam


The kids went to sleep (finally!) so I opened my laptop. Ok work mode. Went to get a drink from the kitchen. Came back and sat down to really focus and dig in. I had so many emails starred that I was planning to settle all of them tonight.

Suddenly I saw movements from Mariam’s cot.


Go back to sleep, go back to sleep, go back to sleep… I was sending telepathic messages to my daughter. I mean, as a mom, I must have some sort of psychic bond with my child no?

Ekk…ekkk… Mariam started making soft sounds.

Go back to sleep, go back to sleep, go back to sleep… I thought faster and harder. This telepathy thing isn’t working!!

And there she went… all out with the crying. Waaaaaa… waaaaa!

Sigh. I walked over to her cot, determined not to pick her up and give in. I need to start training this one early that she can’t expect to be picked up at every sound she makes. I read it somewhere, I swear I am not making this up like a mean mom.

“Hi Mariam,” I started talking to her. “Mariam, look at Mommy. Here, here, Mommy is over here.” 

Finally she opened her eyes, looked at me and started to make a crying face.

“Ah ah no no Mariam. Don’t make that face. Hey Mariam, Mommy wants to finish up a bit more of my work. Would you mind going to sleep, baby girl? Before I go to sleep, we can have another feed and then we can both go to sleep again together ok? Can you do this for Mommy, baby girl? You go back to sleep for now, ok?”

I felt like it was a big negotiation, but I was very tired so I’ll do anything. If offering to buy her nice shoes can help her fall back to sleep, heck, I’d do it!

Mariam stared at me with her eyes big and round.

“Mariam good girl, right? Mariam let Mommy do some work, ok? After this, Mommy will hug you to sleep yeah, baby?” I smiled at her.

And guess what!

Like a miracle just happening before me, she smiled back.

And closed her eyes.


Just like that!!!

I stood there, in disbelief.

Did that just happen?

Omg I knew it. I have magical powers. I can talk to babies.

I was so excited I couldn’t wait to tell Dean, but he was in the shower. I looked around to see who else I could brag and gloat to, but everyone else was asleep. Dangg!!! Why is no one here to witness the awesomeness that just happened? I literally talked Mariam into going back to sleep. That’s pretty news worthy, guys.

Dean came out shortly after.

“Baby!!! Mariam was crying and I talked her into going back to sleep. And she did.”

Dean looked at me and laughed, “Yeah right. Good one, baby.”

What the….

Ugh, whyyyy… Whyyyy didn’t I install cameras in my living room.

fashion and shopping working girl


I think the one of the most stressful places to work at right now is FV. My poor team and I have been overworked to the bones and it’s always like this Raya time. Things heat up and our calendars are full with meetings and designer presentations and fashion shows, it’s really crazy I’m not even exaggerating. The heads of department look like they haven’t slept for a week and I say this with love. Haha.

Raya is undoubtedly the most challenging and at the same time most fulfilling time of the year in the Malaysian fashion industry. If you’re stressed planning one brand, imagine us at FV trying to plan the calendar for 300 brands, to make sure there are no clashes, delays and everything launches smoothly. And then we get a message “I’m so sorry, my supplier is late so I can’t launch on that date.” Like want to cry blood guys. Back to the drawing board, trying to switch dates here and there and every department has to be notified and change things accordingly within their department. It’s craycrayyyy! People think doing multi-label businesses is easy… fuhhh, be my guest, guys, be my guest. Many new execs have left because they couldn’t take the stress! FV is seriously not for the weak because work is crazy. Fun, but crazy.





Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetIMG_4714IMG_5624IMG_5765IMG_5879


But love it or hate it, Raya is my favourite time of the year at FV. That’s when I see everyone coming together, communicating like they have never before, our phones beeping constantly, customers calling nonstop and warehouse filling to the brim.

As a business owner, seeing what you have built with such hard work from everyone, it’s just an amazing feeling of gratitude I can’t describe.

Anyway, for FV this year we have ramped up our services; we now have Live Chat for instant customer service.


A new customer hotline (+603 7733 4064), free returns (coming soon: our service will just pick up your parcel from your house so you don’t have to go to the post office), Cash on Delivery method round the clock, shipping services to more countries and more product offerings too!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

We also have new FV boxes as packaging and a limited edition Raya ones coming soon.

We are now preparing for our fashion show this Friday with media, VIPs, designers and celebs. Hope you’ve seen FV’s Instagram @fashionvaletcom to know how to get tickets (all you have to do is repost one picture!). FV is the official online portal for GAYA RAYA 2015 which is basically KL’s Raya fashion week organized by Andrews Models (the organizer for KLFW).

Bring on the Raya fever!


*takes a deeeeeep breath*

Tomorrow we launch our exclusive collaborations but for only a few short days at a 10% off discount. Don’t miss it on!

being a mom working girl

working from home

Photo on 5-12-15 at 12.52 PM #2

It’s 1 pm. I haven’t showered, I am still in my pajamas, my floor is filled with toys, Mariam is crying from her cot, Daniel is tugging at my leg asking me to go get Koko Krunch for him from the kitchen. One hand is on the phone desperately trying to reply whatsapp messages that have come flooding in since morning with work issues, and one hand is holding Mariam’s milk bottle because I was on the way to go feed her.


So anyway, Daniel caught the flu from his cousins and so I’m staying home today with him.

“I’ll just work from home today, then,” I told Dean, who is technically my boss.

“Yeah that’s good. I’m sure you’ll get a lot done.”

“Yep!” I said as I kissed him off at the door.

Get a lot done… huh, he’s cute for thinking that.

Hours have passed and I’m still drafting the reply from my first email of the day. I have 25 more unopened from this morning. A lot of starred emails I have to revisit as well. I don’t even want to think about the messages on my phone. I can already see from the notifications messages like “Sorry to rush you but…” and “V, you there?” and “Could you please send me…”. Gah!

People think being an entrepreneur is hard… but try being a mompreneur. I think that’s crazy hard. It’s only my first day trying to work from home (pantang didn’t count) and I can’t get anything done! Every few minutes, Daniel will come to me wanting me to do something with him. When I get to sneak away for a while, Mariam will start making noise wanting to be picked up. By the time I’m done with Mariam, I have to prepare lunch for Daniel, feed him, pick up rice pieces on the table, and end up smelling like the fried fish that I served. I can bug the nanny but she’s busy ironing and looking very pleased to be doing that, may I add.

The kids are both asleep now, thank God for creating naptime.

You’d think I’d start on my work now. But really, the only thing I want to do now is shower.

Work from home. 

There is no such thing, guys, there is no such thing.

being a mom being a mrs

my second mother’s day

It was 11.30 pm. The kids were fast asleep and Dean and I were in the living room. Him with headphones on, probably watching news videos on the UK elections… or Game of Thrones, who knows (he has the same serious expression watching both!). Me, watching Kardashians on E!

Mother’s Day was in half hour so I was sure that he’s staying up to wish me at midnight. I smiled inside thinking how sweet he was. What a nice husband I have. Probably has some present hidden somewhere in the house. He does that everytime there’s a big event. Sometimes I see it but I just pretend to be surprised hehe.

We continued to do our own thing. Clock said 11.58 pm now.

Ooohhh 2 more minutes, then he’s going to say “Happy Mother’s Day, baby!!” 

11.59 pm.

He watched me glance at the time on my phone. He smiled at me. I smiled back knowingly.

Clock striked midnight.

I looked at him. His eyes were fixated on the computer screen. He probably didn’t know it’s midnight. I cleared my throat. He took off his headphones and said, “Sorry, did you say something?”

“Oh no no… I just had something in my throat.”

“Oh ok then,” he said and he put the headphones back on.

Ummm… did he not know it was midnight? Hmmm… it’s ok, I thought to myself, he’ll know it’s midnight soon.

I continued watching Kardashians, one eye always checking on him to see if he was checking the clock. No such thing. The only thing I got from him was a huge Whoaaaaa!!… Ok, he was watching Game of Thrones.

We went to bed, and still no wish from him.

Around the house, there were bouquets of flowers that people gave me as Mother’s Day gifts. Was he blind? How could he not know it’s Mother’s Day today?! How insensitive of him to not remember to wish me?! I was getting a bit annoyed. I mean, hello, I gave birth to his two children… what, I didn’t deserve a wish?!! I’m new to this Mother’s Day business, it’s only my second year, so I’m excited, ok? I guess I looked quite sad because he asked me, “Are you ok?”

Am I ok? My husband didn’t even wish me Happy Mother’s Day! AM I OK?!

“Yeah I’m fine.” I said curtly.

He came closer to me, “What’s wrong?”

“Well… you forgot it was Mother’s Day today. You didn’t say anything at midnight.”

I felt like a baby when I said that. But whatever mannnn, I wasn’t asking for much, I just wanted a wish of appreciation from my husband! All those nights sleepwalking to the kitchen to make Daniel’s milk at 2 am, eyes 3/4 closed changing Mariam’s diaper at 3 am, then milk again for her at 4 am… and still go to work during the day. Hello! Mother’s Day was once a year and just this one day out of three hundred sixty five, I JUST WANTED A WISH!

I totally merajuk-ed with him and just went to sleep.

The next morning, I was still giving him the silent treatment.

He came to me nicely, “Baby, I need to tell you something…”

“What is it?” I asked non-interested.

“There’s a reason why I didn’t wish you at midnight yesterday….” he started to explain.

“You forgot.” I answered for him.

“No… I didn’t wish you yesterday because Mother’s Day is not today. It’s tomorrow.”

Blood rushed to my cheeks, and I could tell I was feeling sooooo embarrassed. Crap, he was right. It was Saturday… Sunday was tomorrow! Omggggg why didn’t I bother to check before I made such a big deal out of this?! So not cool, woman! I was mentally hitting myself in the head.

What do I say now?

“Umm yeah, so? Mother’s Day is everyday. You should wish me everyday,” and I walked to the kitchen leaving Dean to laugh at me.

So so embarrassing.

Moving onnnnn…. I had an awesome Mother’s Day today (Sunday, the actual day…) spent with my little family.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

I stayed home to spend time with my two little gems and it was so much fun. Daniel said Mommy for the first time today (usually he just says Meee) so it was definitely a special day for me. Mariam? Well she’s still sleeping. I’ll try again tomorrow.


Hope you got the date right.

*smacks own forehead*

fashion and shopping pd daily

washed out denim

1a 1b 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 9a

There are days in every woman’s life where you just want to feel like a rockstar chick. Not be one, just look cool like one. When I found this jacket on FashionValet, I was like woahhh what is this?! The lines, the fit, the zips and the washed out details, everything about it, it was just a piece of art! And I couldn’t believe the price! If this was an international designer, it would be worth thousands for sure. I was so happy to have bagged this jacket in my cart. Worth every cent!

Even happier to know that this jacket was made by our local university students. You guys should check out the whole collection on FV. To be able to support them in my own little way, from the very start of their future career… man, I felt like a proud rockstar!

Wearing Shadow satin silk scarf from dUCk (sold out but restock this Tuesday!) and jacket from LimKokWing Fashion Club, both from FashionValet