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visa interview

Have you ever wondered how we ever lived without Instagram? Or our phones?

Well I had to go through that yesterday for 3 hours!

Dean and I are going to the US soon and we had to get our visas done. The moment they said “Please place your phones in this basket” I knew I’d be in a badmood for the next few hours. We were put in a waiting room with a bunch others and our number was 043. The number it was at? 001. *cries blood*

But actually, it really depends who you’re stuck with when you’re phoneless. Dean and I ended up having a blast laughing about everything. We were bored at first, talking about how the clouds were white and the trees were green. Then we got a bit depressed because we really wanted to check on Daniel and Mariam but no phones allowed. Then I got even more depressed because I couldn’t post my ootd on Instagram. I mean seriously, you could do nothing but sit and stare. And then, a guy came to sit in front of us and we saw his number: 092.

Dean and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. We were thinking the same thing…

“I feel so sorry for him,” Dean whispered to me.

“I know… he’s going to be here foreverrr!” I whispered back suddenly thankful for our 043.

“Why’d he wake up so late?” Dean whispered back and we both laughed.

We are really annoying to be around huh?

Then Dean got me scared, asking me things like “So do you know the Vice President of the US?” “Have you rehearsed their national anthem?” “You know, they’re going to ask you that later right?”

-___-” (they didn’t, don’t worry guys).

After what seems like years, we got called up and suddenly I got nervous. We are law-abiding citizens and we are not doing anything wrong, but interviews always get me nervous. I mean this is the US Embassy, none of the guards just now smiled. It was a serious thing. If you do something stupid, you can go to jail. Some of my friends got denied the visas and they’re nice people too!

“Ok this is it. Remember, don’t you dare say the T word ok!?” Dean said to me.

“What T word?”

“You know… the T word! We talked about this! If it comes up under any circumstances and you absolutely must say it, say naughty Muslim and wiggle your index finger saying uh-uh it’s not me.”


I burst out laughing. I mean seriously. We have to get the visa, it would be absolutely ridiculous if we were not allowed in. I just want to go to Saks Fifth Avenue and eat halal hot dogs from street carts, for crying out loud! And I’m not planning to stay! You can see my passport, I have literally two stamps in the entire book; clearly I love to stay in my country.

It turned out the visa interview was short and sweet. We had all our documents prepared to show that we have work and commitments in Malaysia and we were not in any sense, naughty. I gulped a few times scared if I answered the wrong things, but finally when she said with a smile “Your visa has been approved”, I swear I almost did this in front of her.

new york

Yayyyyy! Any recommendations on where we should visit? It’ll be my first time in New York.

being a mom cool school

dear parents,

I haven’t blogged for 5 days and that’s pretty long for me haha. A lot of things have been going on; we are planning for 2016 so a lot of top management meetings, we are moving into a new place, and you know… those two people named Daniel and Mariam are keeping us busy constantly.

Daniel’s had a week of school already and I’m pretty sure I have already gained the reputation of The All-Over-The-Place Mother with the teachers there hehe. Always “a bit” late to send Daniel and I have already forgotten to pick him up twice. *hides under table* Both times it was because I was in a meeting in the office and I was not keeping track of time. My phone is also always on silent because I can’t stand a lot of notification beeps (I have a gazillion active group chats and emails) so I missed my driver’s “Urmm, Daniel?” messages. God bless his soul for not judging me as I shout at cars driving so slowly when we’re zooming to pick Daniel up.

Still trying to adjust to having a child in school! Been a rough week for both Daniel and I. Separation anxieties on both side, him clutching on to my pants (top, scarf, shoes, handbag, everything) as soon as he sees the school gate, and me crying in the car after I leave him. In front of him, I act all tough because I want to teach him that this is normal so he has to get on with it, but inside my heart breaks into a sea of tiny crying-face emoticons. No working mother can not feel bad about this. The teachers keep consoling me saying that he’s totally fine after I leave and the crying stops after a few seconds when he sees other children (well, I’m pretty sure he’s more excited about the many many toy animals on their shelf. He couldn’t care less about other kids but I won’t tell the teachers that.). When I pick him up, I like to peek first at what he’s doing and he’s totally fine doing all the school activities. But the moment he sees me, he runs to me and starts crying and refuses to say Bye and Thank You to the teachers. I’m hoping this drama will end after a month or so!

On a positive note, Daniel has said repeatedly that he likes school and he gets excited when he wears his school bag (seriously such a cute giraffe bag I wore it a couple times). And I’m feeling so excited when I get a “Dear Parent, ….” announcement text from the school. Dear Parent... fuhhh I’m so grown up guys!! I get Dear Parent texts!

And soon my fridge doors will be covered with these.


“What a beautiful artwork you did there, Daniel!!!”

Lies I tell my children.

being a mom

daniel starts preschool

The day has come.

Daniel starts his first day of pre-school tomorrow at twenty six months old.

I can’t sleep so I made this collage of some of his moments growing up.


I’m not going to cry. I’m not going to cry. I’m not going to cry. I’m not going to cry…

I CRYYYY!!!!!!!!


Everybody’s worried about Daniel crying on his first day of school, but umm I think the bigger issue here is how does security remove a crying/wailing/hyperventilating mom out of play class?

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standard question

Standard question when entering a new place:

Can I have your WiFi password, please?

Today, Dean and I left the kids to do some work on our laptops. The idea was to sit in a corner of a cafe, with our own laptops and excel sheets, and not speaking to each other. You know, quality time. Haha. Ok seriously, our own “me” time but still super clingy that we want each other in less than a metre radius.

So we went to a nice coffee place, ordered our drinks and sat down. Opened our laptops and nodded to each other with smiles that we know meant Love you but don’t talk to me for an hour, thanks.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

The lady came and we asked for the WiFi password. She answered, “Oh sorry we don’t have WiFi here.”

WHAT DON’T BLUFFFFFFF! Everyone needs WiFi these days it should already be a human right, like the whole country should be WiFi-ed already! I obviously knew they had it but don’t want to give to avoid people who buy a cup of coffee and sit for an hour buying nothing else. I.e. people like Dean and myself. Fine, good call on that. *CRY*

Dean and I looked at each other and sighed, “So I guess we have to… talk, then.” Almost 10 years of each other, believe me, we’ve talked enough. #imkiddingireallydolovehim

But in all seriousness, had loads of fun with Dean talking about the weather and stuff. Couldn’t finish our work but fine, we had proper quality time and it was pretty nice.

working girl

titanium square

I’ve never dreamt to own a property outside of Malaysia but with the economy now, you should think outside of Malaysia too to invest. Think of the future! Look no further because Proven Group has launched our property project “Titanium Square” in East Jakarta, Indonesia.

Before you turn away uninterested in a property pitch, you need to understand this; you are not buying to stay because obviously we live here. But you are buying to invest and what Proven is offering is unlike any other and with a guaranteed return more than what the other conservative institutions are offering you.

The project consists of 3 huge towers of apartments, condotel and a shopping mall. One of the towers is converted into a hotel and we’ve partnered with the prestigious Aston Group and those units are being sold for investment to Malaysians.

Why you should buy?

– A guarantee of 10% return per annum

– A guarantee buyback after 5 years by developer at purchase price + 10%

– A free trip to Bali and free stays at any Aston Hotel Group in Indonesia

The units are priced at SGD 139,800 and terms of payment are staggered.





IMG-20150922-WA0116 IMG-20150922-WA0121


IMG-20150922-WA0113 IMG-20150922-WA0114


A lot of the units have been sold to a lot of foreigners, funnily enough! So we’ve decided to give more Malaysians a chance to purchase by opening our doors on Saturday for an Open Day.

Proven Group

Saturday, 26 September 2015

1 to 5pm

27, Medan Setia 1, Plaza Damansara, 50490, Kuala Lumpur

Call Ivy at 012 – 619 9952

Hope to see you this Saturday!

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raya haji day

Swear I thought tomorrow was also a public holiday but it turns out that only Thursday is a Raya Haji public holiday. The FV team was like “Let’s try be different, boss, let’s make Friday a holiday too!” picturing their long weekend by the beach or something, but Dean was like oh no way. Our Raya Aidilfitri break was longer than any other company!

Even with the one day break, Dean and I had a fun day with the kids.

IMG_0234 IMG_0244 IMG_0262


Hope you had a wonderful Raya Haji with your loved ones. Maybe even more colourful if you are raya-ing in your hometowns where it’s more lively. Wherever you are, drive safe!

Much love from us.

white is the new black

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I came back home clutching them tightly. Please please don’t let Daniel see this. Came in through the front door and zoomed into the kitchen. Put the things on the kitchen counter and quickly arranged one by one into the freezer.

No sound of Daniel yet, so all’s good.

On to my second last one to put into the freezer.

Suddenly, “Ice-cweam?”

I almost jumped at the sound of him because I was so sure he was taking his nap!

I shut the freezer door close. “No no, don’t have,” I went over to kiss him.

He pushed me and pointed to the freezer. “Ice-cweam.”

Ugh. He saw it and I know being the determined boy that he is, I can’t win without a fight. I guess I’ll have no choice but to share. He saw these already.


I heard about Magnum’s White Almond ice-cream and thought FINALLY. I love white chocolate (dark chocolate is my least fav, but Dean loves em) so I was so excited about the launch of these babies. Am also a sucker for everything white, it’s just so elegant, so eating these made me feel like sitting upright and getting my pearls to match.


The crunch from the almond pieces and white chocolate coating, and biting all the way through into the soft creamy ice cream inside… fuhhhh, the perfect cure for hot days we have to go through these days. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside… I finished one stick in less than a minute!

You have to try one! They’re available…anywhere, really.


My kind of wheel of Magnum.

I hope they’ll come up with a Magnum mini version of these too! Those are the best for guilt-free days. But till then, I’m taking out a magazine and indulging into these premium sticks on my off-day today. It’s been a rough week so I’m treating myself!


Feeling so happy, managed to do a flatlay too.

Bon appetit, guys!