getting recognition

August 26, 2016 • 133 views • 3 comments

Rezeki just comes unexpectedly most of time, when you least expect it to. When Dean and I work, we really really don’t look for any recognition or to win awards or anything like that. It’s truly what we love doing, building a business together, and what’s best is that we get to help the brands we carry too. As FashionValet grows, so do the 500 labels and counting under us. I love love love my job and this really motivates me to go higher.

No one knows the pressure entrepreneurs have, from small to big decisions, from recruitment to resignations, from achievements to failures, from acknowledgments to rejections; every entrepreneur will have to face all of these, no matter who they are or what their background is. I wish I can write a book about being a young entrepreneur, being criticised and doubted all the time! I couldn’t go through all of that without Dean as the coolest partner in the world, so who you choose as your partner is important. I’d say it is so so important that the success or failure of a business can really depend on the synergy between partners.


to fellow parents

August 25, 2016 • 614 views • 60 comments

Admittedly, I’ve been so busy these past few weeks. I honestly thought things will slow down after Raya but seems like it’s the same pace *cries*. It’s gotten so bad that there’s not enough things in my fridge and by hook or by crook, I need to get my kids’ milk from the supermarket tonight.

I have an early flight to catch tomorrow so I already planned everything in my head. After work, go to the supermarket, pick up the kids from grandma’s, play with them a bit, then they’ll go off to sleep obediently by 10pm. I needed to sleep early but I want some cuddle time with Dean while we watch maybe one episode of New Girl together, and maybe also go through my emails that have been starred for months. Everything was planned.



August 23, 2016 • 371 views • 18 comments

Daniel. Does. Not. Stop. Talking.

And nowadays he interrupts me when I’m talking to other people, because he’s so excited to tell me something (usually it’s something really not that interesting like “Look Mommy, this is a tissue”). If I don’t acknowledge when he calls me, he gets really annoyed and he will keep on calling you until you answer. I’ve taught him to say “Excuse me, please?” if he needs to interrupt for important things. So now he just goes “ExcusemeexcusemeexcusemeexcusemeMommy” when I’m talking to people and he expects me to acknowledge him first. Otherwise, I’m the rude one. Salah concept, boy.


table for 3

August 16, 2016 • 513 views • 11 comments


We say that every year and every year, I find myself planning surprises with either Toots and Asma’ for our birthdays. Pftttt. WE NEED TO KEEP TO OUR WORDS, GUYS. Not young anymore haha.

On her actual birthday we took her out for a Japanese dinner at Nobu and it was soooo nice. Just us 3. To be honest, we’ve each been traveling a lot and now everyone’s so busy. Asma’ with her new role as Creative Director at LoveToDress is now managing a team under her, and Toots also got promoted to Manager in a new department and also having to take care of little Musa. It’s all pretty exciting, but we miss our quiet AVA time. Dean was all like oooooh we’re gonna have so much fun. Gave him a look like Ummm no dude you’re staying home and taking care of our kids. Anyway, at Nobu we had a balloon and all and wore our party hats… the atas people there probably thought we were so lame but who caresssss. The waitress initially told me I couldn’t have a balloon there but I gave her my best pleaseeeeeeeee? look. Win.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 12.52.49 AM

their first pet

August 12, 2016 • 589 views • 17 comments

So umm these came along when I picked up the kids from school.

I stared at them, they stared at me. We were both sighing because we have no idea how this relationship even started. Haha!

It was very cute though. Everyone from school came out with a little aquarium(? tupperware?? what do you call fish boxes?). Every kid had a huge smile on their faces, happy to carry their first pet home, and next to them… faces just like mine; parents thinking “Ohhh just greatttttt, more responsibilities woohoo.”