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First it was the Astro remote. Then combs. Then he moved on to spatulas. Now Daniel’s latest obsession is toothbrushes. Not just any toothbrush; it has got to be either Mommy’s or Daddy’s.

We got him a cute grey one for himself. Threw it on the floor. We got him a plain white one thinking he’s a simple guy and all. Didn’t look twice at it. Then he saw ours. Man… did he claim ownership on our toothbrushes.

And it’s gross, guys. He would eat and drink and put stuff in his mouth. And then, he would happily stick our toothbrushes into his mouth and start “brushing his teeth”. And then we have to use them on ourselves! Grosss, Daniel!!!

One morning I was about to brush my teeth in my bathroom. And Daniel, being the clingy child that he is, would always be hanging around the bathroom to teman me. He would watch me brush my teeth but nowadays he would demand to have my toothbrush. No, Daniel, it’s mine, I would tell him sternly. And he would scrunch up his face, ready to throw a tantrum. No, Daniel, you cannot have my toothbrush, I stood my ground.

Not a good idea to stand your ground at a one-something year old.

Cried and cried and screamed and rolled on the floor.

Sheesh, you’d think I shrunk his Kenzo sweater or something. So dramatic, just like Mommy.

Fine, fine!! I exclaimed.

As if he knew, he got up and looked at me hopefully.

I looked at my toothbrush and the thought of Daniel rubbing it all over his face and the floor and all. I love you, baby, but no thanks. And suddenly my eyes fell onto another toothbrush on the bathroom counter. A glistening blue one. Dean’s toothbrush.

Without even hesitating, I took it. Sorry husband, I still love you and all.

Here, have Daddy’s one. But don’t tell him ok. 

And happily it went into Daniel’s mouth and helped “brush his teeth”. I really hope Dean washes his toothbrush first before using it in the morning. Teehee.

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i can’t see it

People generally know that Dean is clever. He studied in Imperial College, he knows the ins and outs of airplanes from his aeronautical engineering masters, he is a known young entrepreneur, he gives talks and he solves math problems for us in the FV superteam grouchat that no one can solve. You think you know Excel very well, wait till he shows you some formulae to do some magic in your sheet. He is a N-E-R-D.

But you guys don’t know he is also a clever husband.

Especially when it comes to shopping.

In expensive stores.

So we were in Louis Vuitton the other day and I saw this gorgeous (by gorgeous I mean gorgeoussssss) bag that I might’ve possibly wanted (by might’ve possibly wanted I mean I have told you I wanted this bag many times). The first time I showed it to him, I pointed to the shelf.

“Oooohh look!! Such a nice bag, don’t you think?”

He looked at it. I saw him looking at it.

“Which bag?” he asked.

“There, that big purple one with the handles.”

“Which one?” he squinted his eyes.

“That one!! That purple one,” I moved three steps closer to the bag and pointed even nearer.

“But I don’t see any purple bag there.”

I looked at him, confused. “It’s. Right. There,” pointing vigorously at the bag.

He rubbed his eyes and squinted at the shelf again.

“I can’t see it.” He looks almost disappointed.

“What…. it’s there next to that brown bag.”

“Hmmm that’s funny, I can’t see anything….” he said and shrugged away.

I just realised what happened there. The nerveeee!! Pretend cannot see a designer handbag. You little slyyyyyy…

So clever, my husband.

Next time he wants dinner, I’m going to point to our empty dining table. When he says “I can’t see any food there”, I will rub my eyes, squint and say “Oh, you can’t see it? Maybe it’s your eye problem again.”

a lifetime of firsts

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I ran when the pigeons were coming my way at Hyde Park the other day and I jump on couches at people’s houses when their cats come out to the living rooms. So I’m not exactly the biggest animal lover you’ll meet.

But after I saw this video…


I’m sure I’ll reach motherhood moments when Daniel or my future children will want pets. My mom had to scoop up hamster’s poo when my sister had her pet phase, and my mil had her fair share of scary reptiles that Dean and his brothers would bring home in tupperwares for her to take care of; lizards, snakes, rats…. Boys are disgusting! I’m seriously dreading the day Daniel brings home a furry friend to me, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY. I GOT THIS *insert scary animal* FOR YOU.”

But after seeing how cute the little girl is in the Friso Gold video, I just can’t help but picture how Daniel would be if he ever hugged a rabbit. That’s the beauty of parenthood; you get to witness all their firsts. First laughter, first step, first day of school, first pet… I’m quite excited for my lifetime of witnessing Daniel’s firsts! And I’m not alone on this. Other parents are even more gung-ho and even keep a First Journal book to document the exact date and time!

If you agree, have a look at Friso’s Facebook page where parents share their parenthood joys and stories, and have discussions too. I used to be quite shy to share things about my personal parenthood stories, but I realize after sharing a bit on my blog that it really helps other moms especially new moms. Head on here to see –>

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for real

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It’s coming to that time of the pregnancy that I can’t hide my bump anymore and it’s getting obvious that I am actually pregnant. Not just fat *sending virtual stares at that lady who told me I put on weight lately*.

This pregnancy has been such a smooth one so far, Alhamdulillah. Sometimes I feel guilty that I forget that I’m even carrying a human being in me. With Daniel, it was all about my pregnancy and how I would be on and being fascinated with baby books. This time round, I’ve been so busy running around after Daniel and making sure he doesn’t eat that crumb on the floor. On top of that, FashionValet’s busy with our regional expansion and high level funding/VC negotiations that Dean and I hardly talk about anything else sometimes. So that London trip recently was a much needed break for the two of us, especially. When we were looking for baby stuff for Baby M (our nickname before he/she gets here), I was so overwhelmed I had to sit down for a while to process all of this happening in my life. There I was in Harrods sitting on the Baby Gucci sofa, trying to breathe while being surrounded by all these absolutely gorgeous tiny designer clothes screaming Your Baby Wants Me. I told Dean that I felt a bit lost and I just couldn’t pick anything because I wanted to cry.

We’re having a second child.

It’s for real for realllll! Not just rubbing my bump and playing with my bellybutton. There’s actually a tiny little angel in there, a gift from Allah swt, who will be arriving in about 4 months time. And I have not properly prepared ourselves mentally or physically for this, and I felt so bad like I wasn’t giving my all to Baby M that I wanted to cry. We barely have space for another child in our home that we need to move pronto, I haven’t read anything about how to give your love to two children and I really haven’t read the Quran to Baby M like how I used to with Daniel. I need to get my act together in these next 4 months. Mommy’s here for you, Baby M, and I’m going to be better!

Wearing striped cardigan from Kamelia and satin silk scarf from dUCk, at FashionValet. Pants from Uniqlo, shoes from Zara, bag from Dior.

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lucky number 8


If you haven’t puked enough from my cheesy insta feed, let me tell you that Dean and I had our 8-year anniversary yesterday. Not the wedding one (some people actually thought that…) but you know… the scandalous lovebudding-flowersbooming-sunshining-birdssinging kind of anniversary. Our very first date together was 8 years ago – remember the movie he brought me to that I had to pay for my own ticket? Yeah, that romantic anniversary.

I’ll keep the presents secret between the two of us, but for lunch I took him to Tanzini. Food wasn’t great but it was just nice to be together. We had meetings and a presentation during the day, but we made sure we kept the important meals free so we could be together. For dinner, he surprised me with Nobu which just opened btw and I couldn’t be happier! We used to go all the time in London, sharing dessert romantically and finally now we can relive those days without actually having to go on a 13-hour flight. We laughed the night away and almost forgot to pick Daniel up from my mom’s. Hehe.

I also got him this little mini cake. Paid a visit to Gateauxlicious’s kitchen to steal some of Asma’s rejected pile (cos that’s smarter than actually buying one, Dean is so lucky…) and found this. I carefully wrote the number 8 and a little heart next to it just for my man of 8 years.


Overworked sweatshirt from FV BASICS at FashionValet.

“Awwww, thank you baby! Did you make this?” Dean’s reaction when I gave it to him.

Did I make this… why do people even bother asking.

Ignoring the question, I went, “Look at the icing! I wrote that myself,” I beamed proudly.

“Yeah I see that. 8 for 8 years! And….”

“A heart. That’s a heart.”


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beautiful morning

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So one beautiful morning in London, I woke up earlier thinking I could get some alone time downstairs in the garden area. Had my laptop with me, ready to do some surfing, blogging and possibly some reading. Birds were chirping, sun was shining but just kind of kissing lightly not harshly, and the weather was so perfect I could just wear a sweater out and not freeze to death.

Not a few minutes later, I heard a familiar tone of footsteps behind me. And there they were, my beautiful son and my handsome husband, out to play in the garden too. Daniel came to me and hugged my legs on the bench where I was perched. My “me” plan was cut short but I didn’t mind it one bit. Dear Allah swt, thank You for all the blessings You have given me, especially this small little son of mine…. and I guess the handsome husband doesn’t hurt either. Hehe.

Wearing Blurred Lines scarf from dUCk and clutch from MISCHA at FashionValet.

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team bride


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How does your calendar look like this next 2 months? For me, every weekend, there’s a wedding!! Love is definitely in the air and I’m feeling the love… you know, in between minor heartburns and pregnancy nausea. Hehe.

Three of my good friends are getting married soon and I can’t be happier for them. Today, I spent some time at one of their houses helping her and her mom make the wedding door gifts. Fold the tulle, cut the tulle into a perfect moon shape, wrap it around the beautiful crystal bowl with a majestic-looking chocolate egg in it, and finally tie a perfectly neat ribbon around it. It was extremely therapeutic and if all doesn’t go well with FV or dUCk, I think I’d make an awesome tulle-cutter. Bahahaha. But I’m serious, I actually think I have a talent in cutting things, guys.  It was perfectly straight!

So anyway, with all these weddings happening around me, I couldn’t think of a better top to wear to best show my support.

If you’re a stressed bridezilla, then my advice is… it’s not too late to cancel! Hahaha ok joking joking. You’ve made deposits for most of the things anyway, so too late there. Ok JOKING AGAIN. Seriously, Barakallah to you and may God shower your future marriage with nothing but love and happiness and more of His blessings.

Wearing Team Bride pullover from FV BASICS (comes from XS to XL) and Blurred Lines scarf from dUCk, both from FashionValet.