egg tarts, anyone?

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Jo San. Mmm Goy Sigh. Ha Lo. Bai Bai.

 I mean, seriously. You’d think Dean would notice that I’ve been dying to go to Hong Kong and Macau with all these phrases I keep repeating out loud around the house.

 “What are you muttering about?” he’d ask, looking up from his laptop.

 “Ngo siong hoi Macau!” I tell him. It means I want to go to Macau, as I’ve learned.

Could I be any more obvious?!

I recently bought sets of the Luxe Guides and am on a mission to go to every single place in the next 10 years or so. Not all at once, of course… I mean, Daniel apparently needs money for school fees and whatnot.

One on my bucket list is: MACAU.


Not for the reasons most people would go there though, I actually want to go there Halal-style; enjoying the beauties that this city offers. According to the Luxe Guide, November to March is blissfully spring-like in Macau. I only have December to travel before I go on to the last trimester of Baby M Fiesta, so I need to book tickets pronto.

What’s awesome is that Malaysians don’t need a special visa to go here, there are activities and festivals all year round, there are different types of cuisines for the food lovers, and there are 17 direct flights weekly from KL to Macau. Just take your pick, girl!

Tourist attractions in Macau:


Senado Square


Ruins of St. Paul’s


The House of Dancing Water – HK $2 million production of show.

fisherman wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf

macau tower

Macau Tower

a ma temple

A-Ma Temple

I imagine it to be such a nice relaxing holiday with my sunnies and flats, enjoying the culture that this city brings.

If Dean still doesn’t buy that, I’ll use the egg tarts. Apparently this city has the best egg tarts. And he loves them.


Anyway, if you want to go as well, you can go for free for 3 days and 2 nights!

Here’s what you have to do: 

1) Write up a blog post on the title – Dream Trip to Macau

2) Blog about three most amazing things that make you want to visit Macau and why you think you should be sent for this awesome opportunity.

3) Drop your blog post’s URL to the comment section of Nuffnang’s Official Blog Post.

For more information about Macau, visit Macau Government Tourist Office’s website & MYMacau Facebook page.

For more information regarding the contest, visit Nuffnang’s Official Blog Post.

Good luck to all!

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versatile separates

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Can you believe this top is actually from a kurung set? I can’t tell you enough how much I like traditional wear that are versatile enough to be worn as separates; makes it so much value for money.

Anyway, just thought I’d drop by and say have a good Wednesday! I have shoots the whole week today for an upcoming TV programme, can’t wait to share.

Wearing scarf from dUCk, top from kurung set by emel by Melinda Looi, both from FashionValet

being a mom

he said mommy

I’m so annoyed that this is turning into a parenting blog and all I talk about is Daniel because seriouslyyyyy I don’t want to be one of those moms. I swear I have a lot of stuff going on guys, but I forget about them and by the time I want to write, it’s been a year. Oh goddd please don’t let me turn into one of those women you see who takes out her purse and shows you photos of her kids. This is Jack when he was born. This is Jack at 1 month old. This is Jack at 2 months old. This is Jack yawning. This is Jack after he yawned. So cute, right? Oh man… Jack, nothing against you but your mom needs to stopppp.

But this one, this one I need to post so that it is forever immortalized as an important date. You guys need to bear with me on this one because it’s so significant.

Daniel said Mommy.

He can say Daddy, Nenek, Opah, even the maids… but he refuses to say Mommy.

And today… oh today… today is a beautiful day I’ll remember forever.


*floating on air*


Way to kill a moment, Fadza Shah Anuar.

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breathe with aere

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I was going through London pictures and found this ootd we took in a quaint street near to where we stayed. Having a major throwback moment right now and feeling so refreshed looking at the pictures, especially this outfit. An all-white (or rather, cream) is a tricky one and not such a smart choice for moms with toddlers. But being the rebel that I am, I stayed away from Daniel, which made him want me even more… he was probably thinking Mommy you’re such a tease today. So yes, I came home with stains on myself, my clothes and my headscarf. What else is new?

I thought I’d feature this jacket I’m wearing from a fellow blogger’s upcoming label aere. I love how expensive I felt in it as the texture is so luxe, and the gold hardware that comes with it shows how meticulous this brand is, just like its owner, Raja Nadia Sabrina. They even say aere on them! Tres cool, Sab! The brand hasn’t even launched and already has over 5,000 followers on Instagram. Amazeballs.

Launching with other designs (I’ve seen them too… dibs!!) on FashionValet this TUESDAY. By the time you’re reading this, it’s Monday, which means aere is launching TOMORROW.

Wearing scarf and scarf inner from dUCk, and jacket from aere, from FashionValet. Bag and top from Louis Vuitton, pants from Calvin Klein and shoes from Chanel.

being a mom couch potato working girl

major distraction

When I have to do work and the nanny is busy in the kitchen, I always hang out with Daniel in the living room. I’ll be on my laptop and he will be gawking at the TV screen to whatever’s on Disney Junior. I really don’t know how our parents did it before this. No TV, no nothing.. how do they get anything done?!

Anyway, guess how much work I got done? There was one line on the Excel sheet which is actually the title, all bolded and underlined. And the rest was just a big empty white space with grids. So basically, zero…nada… zilch.

Where my brain was? Who knows!

But my eyes were busy watching Sofia The First. I loveeeeee when her show’s on. And so does Daniel. So it’ll be both of us on the sofa eyes not blinking, being total couch potatoes oblivious to the rest of the world. When people see us, I’m like whattt someone has to be with Daniel. But really, there are many instances when Daniel has left the living room and I don’t even notice because I want to know if Sofia passed the Princess test in that episode. Like come on, you sort yourself out Daniel, Mommy’s busy.

I got ready this morning and guess what accompanied me in the toilet.


All this Disney Junior business is taking over my life, guys!!

being a mom


Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 11.54.33 AM

 Babies are like sponges, they observe and absorb everythingggggg. I really need to tiptoe around Daniel with what I do or say. Like he watches me brush my teeth, he starts brushing his teeth too. He watches me talk on the phone, he starts talking on the phone too. He watches me put on my mascara, he starts touching his eyelashes too. He watches me put on my headscarf, he starts putting my scarf on his head too. Man… I need to start playing football or something. Butch him up a little.

But one thing that melts my heart is that whenever he sees a prayer mat, he will pray too. Dean and I always want Daniel around whenever we pray together so he can see us, and most of the time he just observes, mouth open in awe. So now, he drops whatever he’s holding, stands on the mat and mutters “Pschhh psschhh pscchhhh pschhh pschhhh” as if he’s reading a surah. He’ll swing his arms by his side before doing a downward dog yoga pose on the prayer mat, which I’m guessing is his version of a rukuk. Then he falls flat on the ground face down for his sujud… and starts biting off the prayer mat. That’s when I come running exclaiming “Ok finish finish! Maghrib finish!”

Another time in the Dean household…

“Aww crap I left my phone!”

 “Cwappp. Cwapppp. CWAPPP!”


 “Ah crapppp. Eh I mean clap. Daniel, clap!! Mommy said clap. If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands…”

 And he clapped his hands and danced around to me singing.

 Phewww, I reassured myself.

 NEVER swear in front of your children. In fact, never say any not-so-nice words at all!

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While waiting for her driver after our brunch session, our wonderful bride-to-be Kim had about half hour to kill. So cheeky me went “Ohhh my god, what is this in my bag?”

“What, what?” Kim asked excitedly.

“My beautiful SLR camera! Oh well, I guess we have time for an ootd session!”

Marissa laughed as this was too predictable. Kim rolled her eyes but quickly got into her photography zone and took these shots. I love having friends with skills! Haha. It’s very hard to find someone you’re comfortable with in front of the camera, and who also knows what to take for fashion photography. I only have a handful of people I trust for this and since Dean and Asma’ are too busy these days (*cries*), I need my Kimmyyyy.

Wearing scarf from dUCk, printed shirt from Dressing Paula (I just love their prices, almost everything is below RM 100) and oversized clutch from KLutched, all from FashionValet. Jeans from Forever 21, shoes from Zara and sunnies from Rayban.