my two important women

March 22, 2017 • 2,647 views • 8 comments •  shares

A huge part on why my life is so blessed is because I’m loved by my mom and mil, constantly having them make doa for Dean and I, and all their kids. I’m very lucky to have a mil who I’m very close to, and even luckier to have a mom who loves me unconditionally.

Everyday when I come home to pick up the kids from their houses, they’ll always look at me and say “You need to rest, please don’t work yourself too hard” with concerned looks on their faces. And then they’ll feed me dinner and realise all along that I just made that face so I could steal their food and not have to cook. *strategy* Bahahaha. Ok but no, jokes aside, I feel very loved at the end of every day because of them and I seriously cannot imagine life without them.


spring cleaning

March 11, 2017 • 3,851 views • 31 comments •  shares

I know I have a lot of clothes and shoes and bags. I’m not going to dispute that, and I could show my husband a lot of other girls who have even more than me and he doesn’t accept such excuses… so I won’t try that with you either. Haha. But really, no one needs this much stuff, let’s just clarify that. But I guess I do it because it’s one of my favourite things in the world. And plus, I work in fashion, I need to be updated always. Consider them research (This also doesn’t work with Dean btw…).


dUCk in London!

March 10, 2017 • 3,398 views • 13 comments •  shares

Ducks (and swans) were in London!

But not just those ducks….

These dUCks too! 

Weeeeeee, we went for a trade show in London. We were invited to Pure London trade show and we were debating whether we should go. In pure business sense, we were not ready to enter the London market. We are already there on a small scale (dUCkies in London woot woot!!) but to actually distribute there and to open a store there, we would have to know A LOT MORE about the market. It’s not just about short-lived fame and shortcuts doing a stockist channel there, dUCk as you know is never like that. But if I want to enter a new market, I would have a lot of things to consider and think properly where I should channel my focus.


my eyes still light up

March 8, 2017 • 4,277 views • 14 comments •  shares

Dean is away on a business trip and as usual, I’ll be really down. When we are apart, I realise how much I love him and I think sometimes space is really good to rekindle the love especially when you even work together! So I’ll write an emo post about him then hehe.

Nowadays, he gets more recognised in public. As Dean himself, not as Syafiq Yusof baahhaha. Woohooooo #madeitinlife. And we always get stopped for photos now, even him (haha!). More and more people are taking photos of him or with him, and this means more girls too. A lot of these girls are young girls, some even in uni who take him as an inspiration. I sometimes tease him about it and he’ll get really red, since he’s really not used to this limelight (he usually avoids it, in fact!).


mommy guilt

February 28, 2017 • 8,394 views • 27 comments •  shares

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I’m going to talk about Mommy Guilt today.

Hang on, I wrote out a list about the things I feel guilty of as a mom.

*rolls out a long piece of paper cellotaped together across the living room all the way to the kitchen*

There, my list. How much time do you have?


In all seriousness though, Mommy Guilt is a real thing, guys. Whether you’re a working mom, or a stay-at-home mom, or a single mom, or a stepmom or any kind of mom, you’re bound to have forms of guilt towards your children. Social media? Oh, they’re all perfect please. My kids’ photos look like this: