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housewife for the week

The 4 words you never want your maid/nanny to say.

“Saya mau balik cuti.”


“Oh, bisa, bisa….” you will have to say when they tell you a family member is sick. I mean, what kind of human would you be if you didn’t allow them to go back for a while. This maid is I feel a bit more trustworthy than my previous one (remember the one who I lent my suitcase to?), but we shall see if she comes back in a week’s time.

So I’ve been taking care of the kids full-time, working from home. (There is no such thing btw, for mothers. “Working from home” is a lie we all tell our bosses.) I am not very used to staying home the whole day, but that’s what I did on Monday! I was admittedly a little bored (conversations about giraffes and elephants all day guys…), but having said that, I never had a free moment; there was always something to do, some drool to wipe, some food to make, some toys to keep. And seriously, I spent so much time with the kids that now they are so clingy to me. I walk in the room and they run/crawl to me. I feel so needed I love it! I mean, Kakak got competition when she comes back, mannnn.

Dean came back at midnight last night after a meeting and found me on the bed, clutching my phone in case he called. Not kidding, arms and legs were spread open, I was face down. When he came in, the only word that came out of me was “Massaaageeeeee.”

And so my loving and understanding husband, did just that.

“How was your day, baby?” he asked innocently.

I was soooooo tired I could only mumble, “Housewives… deserve….. all….. good…. things….”

What I meant was “Do you freaking know how much stuff a housewife without a maid has to do? She ain’t no tai-tai, she is legit busy busier than any working woman. It is never about her, always about someone else or an area in the house she has to scrub, like seriously why do we need so many walls in the house. And how many times do you all need to change clothes in a day, isn’t one outfit good enough to last you through the day, why are people so selfish? Also you can’t tell me you want to eat 10 minutes before you want to eat, do you know what defrosting is, it takes at least a couple of hours. Is that my baby crying, I just put her to sleep like 10 seconds ago, that is some kind of a power nap. Oh great, now my first child wants me to feed his toy giraffe, like I don’t have loads of laundry to do. Haven’t showered, haven’t eaten, haven’t seen the outside world, don’t know where my phone is, couldn’t get any office work done, and you ask me, “How was your day, baby?” How can you be so rude?”

Fuhhhh, housewives, you guys are the real deal.

Pat yourself on the back.

And then please tell me, what number do you call to sort all this out?


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mariam’s cukur jambul

It was as if she knew that I was about to blog about her. As I was compiling the photos oh her akikah here, Mariam made a little cry from her cot. Have just spent some time putting her back to sleep and it made me think of how much love I have for her.

She’s 6 months now but I’ve known her even 9 months before anyone else did. She is that same kind of character; never giving me any problems, independent, always minding her own business. Daniel is extremely clingy (think clutching on to neck, legs wrapped around waist kind of clingy. That’s my manly son there.) but Mariam is the complete opposite. She is not very manja, just needs you when she needs you to bring that colourful toy closer to her… or else, please get out of her view, she’s busy analysing how the fan is moving. Haha. Despite her independence, she lights up the room because she is so generous with her smiles. As soon as you look at her and call her name, she will smile and all your worries just melt away.

It’s super overdue these pictures I’ve promised to share. Mariam, if you’re reading this one day, your day was an eventful one filled with love. You were 40 days old then. So many people came to celebrate you and you got so many kisses that day from people you don’t know that Daddy got a bit upset. Haha. A lady came up to me randomly the other day and told me, “Your daughter is going to be very intelligent.” I immediately went Duhhhhh but I whispered to you that day that nothing else matters most than your heart. Let it be pure, let it be filled with goodness and let it shine you through with honour. Mommy and Daddy love you very much, our little princess!




IMG_8476 3

A12O8644 A12O8648 A12O8494 A12O8490 A12O8448 A12O8427

IMG_1767 IMG_7808 3 ROM_0419

ROM_0456 ROM_0560


A12O8786 A12O9239 IMG_8943


IMG_8558 3

Photos: Qippy Photography

Decoration: Pak Abu

Mariam’s outfit: Baby Dior, Mimpikita and Sereni & Shentel

Mommy’s outfit: dUCk and Mimpikita

Mommy’s makeup: Teyn

couch potato

jejak warriors

When I first heard that Toot’s sister Azzwaa was going to be co-producing a film, I got ready. She’s going to ask me to be an extra for sure. I mean I was sure of it. She saw me grow up, she knows I have superstar acting abilities for sure.

I waited but no such call.


I mean whatever, I was going to say I was busy anyway.

Haha #bitter

But after attending the media screening and watching the film in the cinema with so many people from the media, I was just in awe. I couldn’t believe how much I underestimated her because the movie was so well done. The cast was all the A-list stars with appearances from some of our favourite veteran actors, and although I know nothing about football, I was so engrossed with the storyline because it is also about family and friendship.

I couldn’t stay till the end and I left at the best part where the girl loses the boy… ok no spoiler alert. But yes, just like you (hopefully), I will be buying my tickets to watch it properly. And I’m dragging Dean with me too!

Make sure you drag your families and support a local production! The movie is out todayyyyyy! Both in GSC and TGV cinemas nationwide.

Oh one more thing…. The movie’s in Kelantanese.

Ambo boleh kecek kelate doh. Guano demo?

*blows nails*

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updates from the potty seat

So…. I’ve been telling people Daniel has been successfully potty trained.

And I’m going to tell you why bragging is never good.

So we were at a restaurant enjoying our yummy Japanese BBQ lunch. This was maybe the 2nd time I brought Daniel out without diapers. I was so close to putting diapers on him before we left, but thought no no, I need to be brave and he needs to get used to a naked butt. My son’s clever, he’s not going to pee or poo in public, I reasurred myself while hypocritically stuffing an extra pair of Daniel’s pants into my handbag before we left the house.

As usual, I’d ask him every few minutes if he wanted to pee or poo. As usual, he said no. So we ate happily, me with my delicious beef dipped with their special sauce, and Daniel with his fried rice insisting that he feeds himself.

One last time, I thought. “Daniel, do you need to go to the toilet?”

“Nope,” he shakes his head smiling cheekily.

Never trusting that cheeky smile ever again.

In a few minutes… pssssssstttttttttt a puddle formed on the floor.

No…. no…… this can’t be happening. This. Cannot. Be. Happening.

Dean panicked, I panicked, Daniel panicked, the staff panicked, I think even Mariam wanted to put a bag over her head out of embarrassment for her brother.

Oh. My. God.

“That’s his watermelon juice right? Please tell me that’s his watermelon juice,” I asked God, half expecting a Yes.

Nope, that is your motherhood calling. Teehee, enjoy!

You have no idea how many times I said sorry to the staff in the restaurant and even Daniel said sorry before he started singing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes happily. “Umm inside, inside. Inside, he’s really really sorry,” I assured the staff who was mopping the floor. I tipped them like I have never tipped before. Adding that to the “Daniel Has To Pay Me Back When He’s Older” list of items.

Daniel, Daniel….

More potty updates:

1) He has peed at least 3 times on each grandmother’s floors in their homes. He keeps saying OK to when I say you must tell me before you want to go to the toilet, not during. To which he always says Ok Mommy and gives me a kiss. Lies, they are all lies.

2) He does not wear diapers to sleep. We thought we’d YOLO it up and not put any on him, but we lined his bed with Dean’s very worried kain pelekat. So far so good, all dry. But taking a lot of your advice, every morning, straight to the toilet and watch him pee with all glory. Highlight of my day.

3) We save so much money on not buying diaper anymore.

4) Laundry activity has increased.

I sit and ponder. When did my happiness depend on whether a boy goes to the toilet or not? Five years ago, the only wiping I was doing was the Pringles crumb on my chin while watching funny series on TV. Now I’m wiping pee, guys. MY YOUTH, WHERE ART THOU, MY YOUTH??

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potty training daniel

“Daniel, before you want to pee or poo, you have to tell Mommy ok? We are going to use the toilet like a big boy ok?”

“Ok, Mommy!” Daniel agreed cheerfully.

Verbal contract made. 

“Promise you will tell me first?”

“Promise, Mommy!” He said again.

Verbal contract sealed. 

Well, DANIEL DOESN’T HONOR CONTRACTS!!! By 4 pm, I have wiped pee on the floor, on the carpet, on my shirt, on our dining chair (never telling our guests which chair…) and a trail of tiny droplets on the way to the toilet. That last one, believe it or not, was us actually making progress. One of those times, Daniel actually bent down with me and helped to wipe and he said “Sowwee Mommy,” sadly. My heart melted but I remembered the article saying you can’t say “It’s ok” or anything because you want to train them that they have to pee in the toilet. So, it’s not ok to pee on the floor.


I’ve decided to potty train him at 2 years old. The articles I read say that you can do it when your child can talk and the closer he is to 3, the harder it becomes. So I bought the potty seat and made sure I cleared 3 days off my week just to train him. Because I can’t stress this enough – you need to watch your child like a hawk. The moment you see his face change, you better RUN to the toilet. I was on my laptop for a while and when I turned around, there was a puddle on the floor. The moment I went to get a drink in the kitchen, my Vitagen and I were greeted by Daniel clutching his thingy and looking very uncomfortable. “Daniel!! Do you need to –?” Psssssssttttttttt, all over your floor. Pooing is easier because you have some time to gauge if he needs to poo, but peeing is instant and comes without warning.

I used this article as a guide and found it so useful. I followed it as closely as I could, and now it’s been 3 days and Daniel has successfully used the toilet regularly. He tells me before he needs to go and we rush together to the toilet, both of us frantically chanting don’tpeeyetdon’tpeeyetdon’tpeeyet along the way. Both of us, it’s hilarious. Then he pees/poo on the seat and we clap our hands happily going YAYYYY! (I’ve never been so happy to see poo in my life). Then I let him flush as a treat and he never misses to wave to the toilet bowl saying “Bye bye Poopoo! See you later!” It’s so cute, guys!

We had such a funny moment when we were trying to get him to use the potty every 15 mins to get him used to it. Of course, most of the time, he doesn’t actually have to go. So, he’d look at me and go “Donch have.” So we’d say “Oh mann! Maybe later…” with much disappointment. Then he gets down and points at me, “Mommy go.”

Umm this wasn’t in the manual.

“No, it’s ok, Mommy doesn’t have to go,” I assure him.

“No, Mommy go,” he points at the toilet adamantly, stomping his feet.

Sigh. So Mommy had to go.

I was feeling so shy to pee but Daniel clapped for me and went “Yay, Mommy!!!”. Felt kind of nice, gotta say. Peeing never felt so delightful!

As daunting as the process is (requires a LOT of patience, I tell you), it was amazing to just be with him and Mariam for the whole 3 days. I still had to work from home which is super difficult with the 2 babies, so I gotta admit, productivity level went down the drain. But I cooked for him (Mariam isn’t on solids yet) and played with them and we coloured chickens together in Daniel’s colouring book. It was the best 3 days of my motherhood journey so far.

IMG_7422 copy

He’s going to kill me when his friends one day see these photos hehe

Now, he only wears diaper to sleep, and ummm… to be honest, I’m not sure how long I should allow that. Advice?

a special gathering

Screenshot_2015-08-11-22-53-33 copy

Dean and I are not the hosting types, we rarely have any friends or family over our house either! So the FV open house was definitely something new to us. We have never had a gathering with all of our vendors and partners and suppliers and all the people who have supported FV behind the scenes, and to be honest I was a bit nervous. There were so many faces to remember and I was praying that I would remember everyone’s names. Vendors alone we have 300+ brands and within the brands, there are several people in the team. I was like pls pls pls do not forget anyone’s face or name.

Alhamdulillah, I had nothing to worry about because everything went so smoothly. People were so nice and in such good moods. No one wanted to talk about work, everyone just wanted to eat, take pictures at our photo booth and mingle with each other.


It was really a dream come true, like I said in my instagram post above, and I really hope one day I can afford to extend the invitation to customers and also blog readers. Insyaallah one day and I’ll know I would have made it in life then!!



We did it at KLGCC in the exact banquet hall where Dean and I got married. So obviously it meant a lot. The club has a beautiful green scenery of a big golf course, the sun was shining and birds were chirping. It was a beautiful day.



I wore a kurung from Lana KL from FashionValet 



We chose Raya food but we noticed that people were having more of the lighter food like satay, lemang, noodles. The heavier food like rice and dishes, there were still a lot of at the end of the four-hour event.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


Daniel. Free of charge.


Photo booth

The HR department engaged this super cool photo booth company that not only prints out the pictures but also emails you a 15 second Instagram video of your poses. I had to instagram the video because it was just funny!



MAGNUMMMM!! Lots of Magnum!!!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Had a couple of these fridges at the open house.

Hundreds of Magnum ice cream in all flavours were served at the open house, and people loved it because they said it was “so cool” and “unexpected at an open house”. I just love making people happy and somehow serving ice cream really hits the right spot with even introverts. Especially if it’s Magnum, the designer ice cream. You should try serving your guests these Belgian Chocolate covered beauties, and see if they say no. Hehe. Some of my FV colleagues even snuck out some boxes with huge Ms on them… -___-“


I’ll be forever grateful to Magnum for making my guests happy! I heard Magnum has something exciting coming up so stay tuned everybodyyyy!

As for the overall open house, I am reallyyyy hoping it can be an annual event but we will have to work hard towards this dream of ours. Wish me luck!


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the selfie era

I’m typing as I have my lunch alone in a dimsum place. As I sit here, there are a lot of people around me taking selfies of themselves either alone or with their girlfriends. And seriously…. The first thought I’m having is


The answer is yes.

There really is no cool way to do selfies because this is the usual process:

1)   Hold your arm up and point the phone camera to you.

2)   Fix your hair/scarf, then you notice a little eyegoo and take it out. Ok you look good now.

3)   Pout. Ummm too much… maybe this angle. You tilt your head while still holding that pout. Ummm maybe the other side is nicer… tilt the other side. Ok much better. You realize your friend is still at step (2). “Eh hurry up la,” you say while pouting.

4)   She pouts but needs to do step (3). This is when you realize your arm is starting to hurt and you are still pouting for no good reason. And people on the other table are starting to whisper. “Cepat ah wei, people are looking…” you say as softly as you can. At this time, you’re reflecting  the worthiness of taking a selfie. But you have to do it anyway because you can’t show those tables that you’re affected. Gotta have some self pride, arm out and pouting all.

5)   After what seemed like a year, CLICK.

6)   “Eyerrr not niceeeee! Take again.” Cannot. Back. Down. Must. Show. Self. Pride. Never making eye contact with that table again.

7)   Someone from that table laughs. “They’re just jealous,” is the only comfort you can think of.

At the fashion week, people take selfies allllll the time. And I think it’s fine if it’s with your seating buddies and you don’t want to bother a stranger to take it. But I actually saw a lady taking multiple selfies of just herself. Like multiple guys… She repeated step (3) a few times and she was sitting front row! She even changed her sitting position in case it’s the way she was sitting that was making the picture look bad. Fuhhhh you’ve got to have guts to do that.

But no, none of us look good taking selfies. So I’m going to stop for a while.

Umm, but after this.