untied shoelaces

October 4, 2021

My shoelaces were untied last night and Fadza immediately bent down to tie them. On the escalator. In public. Then he gave me a kiss on the head.

I remember the happy butterflies feeling I felt last night, and thought damnnnn I love this guy. When you hear married couples’ love fading after many decades together, you can’t help but get scared – but it seems like with us, our love ages like fine (halal) wine. Like I literally jump up and run happily to the door when he comes home, until today. The older we get, the more it seems our love grows. If that’s even possible.

You can X this page now if you’re already puking.

It’s about to get cheesier.

Everyday I wake up to this view of how our relationship started. From London days, to long distance relationship days, to our graduations and wedding. How not to smile?

On the 14th this month, we will turn 15 years. 15 years together, magadddd. It’s weird that it feels like we’ve been together all our lives, yet it also feels like time just flew by. A gazillion memories together, so many tears and even more laughter, holding hands through every up and down, traveling and seeing the world together, goshhhh what is this gift that God has given me?? Oh right, also kids. We have kids together too. Forgot.

I really do pray that everyone gets a chance to feel what I feel (and even more!) when it comes to love and companionship. It’s one of the many things from God that I’m so grateful for. One that money cannot buy.

UPDATE: Fadza read this entry and after that said, “What should we have for lunch today?”. -_____-”

Moment’s over.

mini versions of us

October 2, 2021

I had a few close friends over today and had an amazing Saturday. It was one of those times when you’re just coming over for breakfast but everyone stayed till evening. We honestly did nothing except talk, laugh, and eat, but it really felt like everything.

I had a moment looking at all the kids playing together. Alia brought Yusuf and Kim brought her girls. Toys were everywhere, noisy TV blasting out the Paw Patrol movie, and the kids were running around everywhere, yet I couldn’t help but smile.

It’s so surreal that years ago when we all met, these kids never even existed. And now it’s the next generation of “us”, and they’re all playing together. Literally mini versions of us in my living room reminding us how far we’ve come in our friendship.

Emma & Sarah

Can’t stop smiling at this photo of Kim’s daughter Emma and my little Sarah. No idea what the conversation was, but they were basically checking out boys swimming in the baby pool.

Who knows if all these kids will still be tight when they grow up, but if they choose to be the best of friends, I hope they’ll have a bond as beautiful as the ones I have with their moms.

baby no 4 is a….

September 18, 2021

…..BOY !!!!!!!!!

Gender reveal video is up on YouTube.

Cannot believe how blessed we are. The kids prayed A LOT for a baby brother. Literally told me to return the baby if it’s a girl. *laughs nervously*

Daniel is ecstatic to have “gang” in the family. Mariam offered to take care of this baby and change diapers. Sarah… is still collecting the blue confetti. #couldnotcareless

Alhamdulillah for everything. A couple months to go now!

found my stroller

September 11, 2021

So there is a silver lining to all this nausea, headache, heartburn, backpain and skin being stretched to fit a watermelon inside.

Shopping for baby stuff!!!!

It’s undoubtedly my favourite part of pregnancy (besides having the actual baby haha) and I’ve been browsing to my heart’s content while lying down on Fadza’s lap as he concentrates on FIFA. You know, priorities to each his own…

It’s always tricky to time your baby shopping – you don’t want to do it too early in case Nauzubillah anything happens (and also you’ll be looking at the stuff for so long you might get annoyed that the baby’s taking its own sweet time), and you don’t want to do it too late because some items take 4-6 weeks if you have to order them like Stokke cots and Cocoonababy. Trust me, it’s my 4th baby. I know these things.

I’m going to start all my purchases end of this month so now is research time.

I found the perfect stroller.

(Even though we’re not going anywhere…)






It’s so pretty omggggg. And since this is the last baby (according to Fadza), I thought we could splurge a little bit on a Dior stroller.

When I told Fadza the price, he laughed so hard it hurt my feelings.

“It’s ok, sayang, I will carry the baby in my arms. We don’t need a stroller.”

Le sigh.

writing a book

August 28, 2021

… is harder than childbirth!

When FashionValet turned 10 years old last Nov, I wanted to pen down the lessons I’ve learned after being an entrepreneur for a decade. Not a success story book at all, but rather a WIP story book. Why should I wait till I’m 70 and successful for me to be able to share the lessons I’ve encountered? I might not live that long so #yolowritingabook.

I’m really excited about it, tbh. After researching entrepreneur books, most are from the west and the only Malaysian ones are so few. We need more Malaysian reps in the entrepreneurial world!

So many ups and downs, yays and nays, hopes and dreams that I want to share – but in my usual Proudduck tone. I love writing, you guys know that, so it’s nice that after a decade I come full circle back to writing a book. Super casual, super candid, in my own world where the army of scary netizens on Twitter don’t exist.

Believe it or not, I wrote 8 chapters in just 2-3 months.

And I keep reading and re-reading them, and tweaking and editing. If this were a typewriter situation, I’d have a mountain of scrunched up paper balls in the dustbin next to me. “It’s just not perfect!!!!” I would exclaim to Fadza numerous times. “Who am I kidding?!!!!” another exclamation when the horrible imposter syndrome kicks in.

It needs more personal stories. Now it’s too personal. Ok less personal. More business. Great, now I’m writing to a bunch of men in suits. Ok it needs to be funnier. Wait, but this is a business book – if I make it too funny, people won’t take me seriously. Heck, it’s my book and I have survived a decade of entrepreneurship – I should write however I want to write. Hmm is this too scandalous? Can I actually reveal this? Should I put codenames instead of people’s real names? What if I get sued?

Is basically the conversations my brain cells have with each other.

Then I get stressed and watch Grace and Frankie.

So yeah, current book title: “Hopefully Can Finish” by Vivy Yusof.

Best-seller material, no?