daniel’s birthday walk

July 26, 2016 • 136 views • 12 comments

Remember those times when you had birthdays in school and your mom sends a cake and a clown and a whole hoopla?


Who does that?! I never had birthdays in school when I was younger… or maybe I just can’t remember.

But mann… birthdays nowadays are no joke. When they turn 1, they obviously have to have a party of 200 people in a ballroom somewhere. When they turn 10, you obviously need to get ponies and helicopter rides… Hahah. No but seriously, I was sending Daniel to school and the teacher pulled me aside, “So Puan Vivy, when will you be doing Daniel’s birthday walk?”


3 days in paris

July 23, 2016 • 222 views • 12 comments • 16 shares

Suddenly there was the news about the mass killing in France. Dean looked at me and we instantly had the same worried look. We were going to Paris in 2 days time to shoot dUCk’s latest Limited Edition piece that was inspired from a place there, should we cancel our trip??

We were both worried if they were going to have a heightened anti-Muslim movement and with me wearing the headscarf, it would be scary. Postponing this trip could mean another 2 months time because it was hard enough to squeeze in 3 days to travel with our work commitments. At the end of it, we decided to just go, God will protect us. And protect us, He did! I totally understand why people would lose their headscarf when they travel overseas because we would normally be minorities in the west and some even look at us differently (I definitely felt a bit left out in San Francisco because not a lot of women wear the headscarf), so I won’t judge if they do. But I’m telling you, the more you keep it on, the more God would protect you. I was treated sooooo well in Paris, people gave me salam and opened doors for me, the hotel butlers kept sending us snacks, people on the streets smiled at me, I was given priority at shops… it was crazy! THANK GOD we went with our guts and didn’t cancel. Because we wouldn’t have had an amazing break that we needed.


mariam’s first word

July 17, 2016 • 310 views • 20 comments • 12 shares

Mariam’s first word was Daddy.

Well, it was more like didi.


Let’s not talk about this.

Today, for the first time ever she said Mi. Short for Mommy obviously, so I was sooooo excited. She says Mamamamama all the time, but I’ve been teaching her to say Mommy. Every time I see her, I’m like Ma-Mi-Ma-Mi-Ma-Mi. She just looks at me and laughs. But tonight… ahhh tonight, the stars are aligned, the moon is shining bright, smiling down at me.


i don’t like it either

July 13, 2016 • 314 views • 25 comments

Potty-traning is really frustrating sometimes. It’s not a 3-day thing like all the articles tell you (LIES, ALL LIESSSS), it takes much longer than that. The other day, a close friend had her 6-year old accidentally pee in public, I think I also had accidents as a child (one involved me wetting my mom’s friend’s bed that I was napping on… they never let me forget). Daniel wet Toots’ bed the other day, so I guess it runs in the family. Haha.

Anyway, Daniel’s much better now but we still put on the diaper at night when he sleeps because every single morning, he will pee immediately when he wakes up. We tried to YOLO it up and train him to sleep without the diaper and when he wakes up, we have to wrestle him to the toilet immediately which is such a bad way for him to start his day. Poor child. So it’s back to diaper at night now. But till how long?? I even tell him no more peeing in his diaper, diapers are only for emergency cases and he still has to tell when he needs to go to the toilet.


have you seen my passport?

July 10, 2016 • 348 views • 20 comments • 28 shares

Ok so let me fill you in on my family holiday that didn’t happen this week.

We were all set, did our packing list, set aside all the kids’ jackets and shoes and clothes and medicine (this is our first real family trip with both kids so I was very nervous and kiasu – brought whole medicine cabinet). I slept at 2 am planning my outfits (I was going for comfortable but stylish mom – like oh look I’m wiping my kids’ snot but don’t you like my jacket? – it’s hard planning this because mom=flats, winter=thick clothes, with tudung on top plus being short, if I do it wrong I’ll look like a puffy walking marshmallow -___-“). Dean also packed – took him like 15 minutes, I wonder how it’s like to be a guy. Living life so carefree-ly.