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the sofina 3

photo 4a

Peek-a-boo! Is that a new Sofina you see?

Why, yes it is!

I have always been a bit choosy with collaborations, but one that I’m so so glad I did was the Sofina bag collaboration with Sometime. I only did it because (1) being their stockist, I am impressed by their quality control and meticulousness in perfection, so I know the products from their factory will be good which is amazing and yet still affordable for all (RM179 for a long lasting bag?!), (2) I respect the people behind Sometime, such a hard-working bunch and (3) they sold me the story of how we should create a versatile bag that every woman would want.

So Sofina 1 was born and sold out within the first hour. Sofina 2 was born and sold out within the first hour. Sofina 2.1 was born and sold out within the first hour which prompted us to do a pre-order to see what is the actual maximum number of Sofina bags that can be sold. Both FashionValet and Sometime were just amazed at the result and we felt sooooo thankful that women out there loved this bag as much as I did!


Sofina 3 was a 50/50 chance because I thought this was enough. But I felt that the Sofina 2.1 could be improved and I itched to make some changes to it. I wanted it to be slightly more structured than the Sofina 2.1. And I wanted a sturdier zipper so Sometime sourced for better zippers that even big international designer brands use! (I’m so pleased with the new zipper). And I wanted even better quality material. We improved the studs as well for a more expensive one, and as usual the studded strap is detachable for non-stud-lovers.

So…. I am proud to announce that the Sofina 3 is coming out in six colours… this WEDNESDAY 28 JAN on FashionValet!

We had a shoot recently for this release and I’m happy to share some BTS with you:

1a 2 3 3b 4 5 6 7 8 9 9a 9b 9c 9d 9e 9f 9g

Wearing inner and scarf from dUCk and Bianca cape blazer from Samantha Sherina by Thian, both from FashionValet.

Make up by Teyn.

I hope you will like the release on Wednesday!!! I’m super excited to see the Sofina 3 on the website soon.

Oh, and if you’re lucky, you might get ALL SIX…. FOR FREE.

Here’s how:

sofina fbig 1

being a mom lifestyle

a good son

So we had dinner at Shook! tonight and guess who walked past?


Dean and I adore him and after going to his concert, we would marry him. Not only does he have amazing talent, but he’s also such an awesome entertainer. I originally wanted him to sing at our wedding but my dad told me to fly kite.

Anyway, we were trying to act cool and whatnot, pretending not to care that we were breathing the same air… you know, whatever. But Daniel was just plain rude.

He looked like this.

photo 1

Sit up straight, dude! My goodness, how can you be more interested in your fries?!

Anyway, I realised since I gave birth to Daniel, I could actually use him as I please. How cool would it be if Daniel walks to their table, and a few seconds later, his mom (with freshly applied lipstick) comes to get him and goes “Oh my goodness, I’m soooo sorry my son disturbed your dinner.” And Michael would say “Oh no, it’s ok! Come let’s take a photo.” And we would have a family portrait; me, Michael, Daniel and Dean (if he must be included).

So I kept telling Daniel to go walk around. He was more interested in his dinner, but after we stopped giving him food, I think he got the hint.

photo 5

Good boy, Daniel.

Now turn left. Turn left!

being pregnant

latest craving – ice cubes


Lunch, anyone?

The other night, I couldn’t sleep so I went to the fridge to see what Baby M (or me) would like to chomp on as a midnight snack. Baby M (or me, I can’t tell anymore) reached for a tray of ice cubes in my freezer. Out of all the delicious food we had, the tray of ice cubes seemed to emit the most beautiful kind of shine that attracted us instantly.

10 minutes later, you would have found me sitting on the sofa in front of the TV. One hand holding the TV remote and the other hand feeding ice cubes into my mouth.

Even now as I write this, I have a small bowl of crushed ice cubes next to me. Absolutely delicious-looking to me. And when we go to restaurants I ask for a glass of ice. “Iced water, Miss?”… No dude, ice cubes. I want ice cubes. Going out with my friends, I wait for them to finish slurping their drinks. When it’s just those glistening ice cubes left, I shamelessly interrupt, ignoring what they were saying. “Hey, you still want those ice cubes?” 

It’s crazy! I wanted iced drinks when I was pregnant with Daniel too, but never raw ice cubes!

So you know the drill. To find out if you’re normal or completely bonkers, you Google it. Typed “Ice cubes and pregnant”, and half a million search results appeared. Phew, I still have my marbles then. Either that, or half a million pregnant women have lost it.

Crunch, crunch, crunch. 

loved ones my opah

old photo

I was going through some old photos to clear and delete, and I came across this.

Kuala Lumpur-20120405-0208 copy

Oh, Opah!

*cries a river*

Missing both my grandmas tremendously, only God knows how they impacted my life in only positive ways teaching me respect, gratitude and love all at the same time. Funny how life works in a cycle because now I see my mom and mil treating Daniel the same way as my grandmas treated me.

We can go about our lives chasing all sorts of goals and aims, but always take a moment to remember those who have left us. And pray for them. May Allah grant them peace, forgiveness, mercy and the ultimate Jannah.

gadgets and gizmos loved ones

moms and the new era

Moms are hilarious when they try to understand tech stuff.

Only recently we got my mom a smartphone which she actually uses and not keep in the drawer. So now I like to video call her to show her what Daniel’s doing and all. But guess what. She picks up the phone and puts it to her ear.



“Ma, this is a video call. You can actually see me. Right now I can only see a closeup of your ear.”

“What do you mean? I can’t see you.”

“Yes you can. You need to put the phone in front of you so you can see the screen.”


*Insert a long 5-minute conversation to explain the video call concept. *

“Ehhhh. Macam mana V buat ni?” And she giggles at this whole technology. “Ehhhh boleh tengok dah sekarang. Ish Mommy tak pakai tudung ni, nanti orang tengok. Tunggu sat Mommy pergi pakai tudung.”

“Noooo, no need. No one can see this except for us.”

“Ish Mommy tak faham la video call ni. V call back like normal.”

Hangs up.


On another occasion, Daniel was about to leave my parent’s house. And as usual, we make him salam and kiss everyone in the house.

“Daniel, salam Kakak.” He goes and salams the maid.

“Daniel, kiss Mak Long, go!” He goes and kisses my sister.

My mom, from the other side of the kitchen, shouts to him. “Daniel, wait!! Come here and Frenchkiss Opah please?” while she does a bit of an innocent dance with her arms for him. She obviously doesn’t know what she just said. But we were all standing there red cheeks and all.

It was absolutely hilarious. Even Daniel just stood and look at his grandma, half stunned and probably half scared.

“Ma, I think you meant flying kiss.”


My mil is slightly cooler, thank God. She has instagram and all that jazz. And she actually replies her whatsapps unlike my mom who will reply you after you have called her to ask her to check it. My mil is soooo good with her smartphone that she has more tech acronyms and shortcuts than i can even understand. But man… her hashtags. I need to work on her hashtags…




Your daughter. 

being pregnant

eyes on the prize

As I write this, I am on my back on the floor because this seems to be the only comfortable spot.

I have peed 8 times in the past hour and my heartburn has made me want to puke like mad tonight (should not have had curry for dinner). And the worst thing about acid reflux is that once you puke, more puke will want to come out throughout the night. So I have been in and out of the toilet puking bit by bit, and my poor throat is very tired of it all. I might as well sleep on the toilet floor tonight.

I would gladly vent at Dean right now since he did this to me, but he’s had such a long day at work I will just let him rest tonight. And Daniel has been a good listener so far but even he is fast asleep now. So I will just turn to you, my very kind and patient blog reader who has to read my whines and pains.

The whole pregnancy journey this second time round has been pretty easy, actually. But just like Daniel’s time, the last couple of months are the worst for me. Backache, heartburn, hot flushes, praying on the chair, puking… I can’t even sleep anymore without changing spots from the bed to the sofa to the armchair to the floor. I’m lucky if I can sleep 4 hours a night these days. If you recorded me and fast-forwarded me moving from one spot to another, I seriously could pass off as a comedy scene. Workwise, I’ve been taking it slow like I said I would in my previous blogpost. But I do come into the office for a while everyday and I would sigh in exhaustion and waddle my way around the office. One of my colleagues just got pregnant and I’m like “So you signed up for this??”, hands supporting my back and panting like mad. Haha totally scared the crap out of her.

Oh well. Every pregnant woman goes through this and the only thing we can comfort ourselves with is that at the end of this all, we will be blessed with a beautiful child, Insyaallah. And it will all be worth it. Eyes on the prize!

And plus, when you’re in pain, your sins are being cleansed.

I must have a lot of sins. *cries a river*

being a mrs love

99 months

It was our 99-month anniversary yesterday!

As usual, we planned nice things… a movie, dinner at Nobu, romantic exchanging of presents…

The reality… ordered Chili’s at home while we watched Daniel stuff his face with fries and laughed. We glanced at each other both having that same knowing look – that we’re the luckiest two people in the world, having such a blessed life full of love and a beautiful son (who we should actually shower now because he has fries bits all over him….).

If previously, exchanging of presents meant the opening of beautiful boxes with ribbons… exchanging presents now meant him giving his pregnant wife a back and foot massage until I fell asleep.

Life… is simply wonderful with my man.

Happy 99-months of being in love, Dean!


No we weren’t actually holding hands. I needed a sweet picture of us and Dean was asleep on the couch. So I slid my hand there and snapped this picture. He still has no idea. 

“Whoa baby, we’re going to be 100 months next month!”

“No more 2-digits! We’re entering 3 digits now!”

“Whoa… are we ready for this? Are we moving too fast?”