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112 months

“Dinner reservation is at 6pm. Be ready at 5.30pm ok, baby?”

I knew it.

This has last minute written all over it.

It was our monthlyversary today and you guys know how we celebrate those haha. 112 months today woohoo! What sucks is that today is also Valentine’s Day so restaurants would be fully booked (hence why we had to have early dinner) and prices would be hiked like mad (well, sucks for Dean, doesn’t make a difference to me haha).

We went to a restaurant that overlooked the KL skyline, and literally everyone else there was a couple. If I was one of the waiters and I just had a bad break up, I would really spill something on them just for fun. Love was in the air tonight.

“So these are the faces of other last minute guys?”

“Nooooo. These are the faces of guys who love their wives but want to watch the Arsenal football match at 8,” before adding, “Eat fast fast ok?”

Courses came one by one and Dean and I had very intelligent discussions as usual; what will happen to those couples outside if it rained tonight, why our food portions were so tiny, why do they need such big plates for mini food, how come that couple there aren’t talking to each other, what do you think they’re fighting about. Really kepoh people, we were. We had so much fun guessing which couples were married and which weren’t; one guy pulled out the chair for the girl, and we assumed they were not married yet. And we both laughed because there was one time when I asked Dean to be a gentleman and open the door for me and he asked, “Why, your hands broken ah?” Confirm married already like that.

20160214_184612 20160214_185702 20160214_190545_001 20160214_192509

We also concluded that fine dining restaurants save so much money on ingredients. Like seriously, the “cucumber salad” was as big as my thumb and I really think they only needed ONE whole cucumber to make dishes for everyone in the room tonight. And when our main courses came (wagyu tenderloin and roasted cod), Dean and I burst out laughing because sorry guys not that we’re not grateful, but they were so small that when the waiter left, Dean turned to me and said “Come on sayang, eat your fish nugget while I enjoy my beef nugget.” BAHAHAHAAH. Ok but jokes aside, food was delicious though. And the night went on with more laughter between us and more stories and dreams shared. We were probably the loudest in the restaurant, and as usual, the most embarrassing ones.

20160214_183524 20160214_183936 20160214_183531 20160214_194038

The waiter did not care for me or clear pictures. -__-“

At the end of the night, I just felt so much gratitude. It doesn’t matter if we were in fine dining restaurants surrounded by the poshest things, or we chilling in McDonald’s wearing sneakers, no matter where and when, I am always myself with Dean. And he is always himself with me. There is never a dull or pretentious moment and sometimes I feel like I’m living in a dream with him. I looked around the room and I was sad to realise that some of the couples there were sitting up straight, having the best food etiquette but I didn’t see them laugh (or speak to each other) at all. Some guys looked forced to be there and the girls were busy selfie-ing, and that made me a bit sad (also told myself to never take selfies of myself in public anymore, doesn’t look good guys hahahaha). Love should always be sparked in marriages and your spouse should be your bestest friend you tell everything to and laugh about everything with. Of course it’s easier said than done because every couple’s dynamics is different, but one thing we should strive to maintain; Never stop communicating with each other. Nobody’s got it perfect, we all gotta work on keeping the love alive.

In the car, I turned to Dean and said, “Hey, thank you for marrying me.”

He squeezed my hand and smiled at me, “Thank you for marrying me.”

The sweetness ended there though. It’s 8pm now and Arsenal is playing therefore Dean can’t remember my name anymore. But I’m here next to him on the couch and honestly…. I’m right where I want to be.

Thank you, God.

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brunch with FashionValet Indonesia

I just got back from an intimate session (wow that sounds wrong..) in Jakarta for FV Indonesia with fashion bloggers, some fashion designers and editors of magazines here. I was practically cringing when I saw the guest list the team sent me and immediately went on Instagram to stalk all of them to memorise their faces and find out a bit more about what they do. Homework!

When I arrived and guests started filling in, I was more relaxed and started to feel at ease. It doesn’t matter how many of these events I’ve hosted or how many times I’ve spoken to cameras, but this was a big deal because it was our first ever gathering for FV Indo. I didn’t know anyone there nor am I known there, so I gotta work extra hard to establish FV in Indo.

When everyone was seated, Dean looked at me, “Go and say a few words.’ WHATDOYOUMEANSAYAFEWWORDSPLEASEDONTMAKEMEGIVEASPEECH.

1 minute later, I was standing in front of everyone trying hard to look like I do this all the time. Haha. I survived my speech (everyone survived too phew) and then, we did what all girls did; talk, eat and take photos. Indonesian fashion bloggers, I gotta say, they take fashion on another level. Everyone had a camera there, pictures of phones just won’t do! And they know all the editing apps slimming apps smoothing face apps, I learned so much! Girlllll my Instagram pics now are gonna blow yo mandddd….

Some pics to share:

Fashion Valet ID -60 DSCF2120
Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.11.11 AM Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.11.49 AM Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.11.38 AM DSCF2189 Fashion Valet ID -75 Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.11.56 AM Fashion Valet ID -2

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.10.45 AM

Wearing a loose kebaya top worn as a cardigan from Studio 133 Biyan at FashionValet.

We also did a flower art activity that the team planned and I found my hidden talent.

DSCF2153 DSCF2201 Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.11.21 AM

Say Hi to Clara, guys.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.11.30 AM

After the event, I just felt so grateful. Was so touched that people actually came to show support and how much confidence I had in the team. Because the team is far away from me, I only really get updates but they do all the work so I really gotta hand it to them for keeping it together so well without me.

Got back to the hotel, packed, and now I’m on the plane back to KL. As I write this, Dean is next to me and I just feel so much love for him.


We’ve been together for so long and ups and downs, growing our family, growing FV, we’ve never left each other’s sides. And no matter how long he stared adoringly at those gorgeous fashion bloggers just now (was pretty embarrassing, I had to pull him away), I know that I’m the luckiest woman to be with him.

You know when you look at your husband sometimes and you think Mannnn, I love him. I’m feeling that right now.

So I poked him. His eyes were closed but they were open just a few seconds ago, so I know he’s not asleep yet.

He opened one eye. “Mmmm?”

Oh so he was asleep. Ooopss. Well now I’m just gonna sound stupid saying what I want to say.

“Hey… let’s grow old together.” I said randomly.

“Yeah, sure.”

So much love, I can’t handle it sometimes. -____-“

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missing the kids

I seriously don’t know how I managed to do the States for 10 days (which I still haven’t blogged about teehee, now it’s basi already) because I’m really missing the kids :(((((

I’m in Jakarta now and the whole night last night, I was scrolling through videos of them and thinking about cuddling them so tight. Even this big hotel room with the super plush pillows and duvet can’t distract me. Maybe a sale at Chanel might help… but no wait, focus. I MISS MY CHILDREN.

I’ve been bugging Kak Siti to send me photos of them every few hours.


So camera-ready. #not

Did I mention this is only a one-night work trip?

Hehe. #drama

No matter how much you enjoy working, being on work trips is never easy for a parent. Just gotta be strong, focus on being productive here and looking forward to go home to the kids.

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wet pants

I try to blog about the small small everyday things that happen with the kids so that when they grow up, they have a life journal here. It’s getting difficult to find the time, but I always preach that we can make time, so I’m going to do as I preach!

So Daniel’s all potty-trained now, and some kids take potty training very easily, but Daniel took months! Maybe because we weren’t consistent and still cheated with diapers when we go out so he got confused. But it’s not like we had a choice because he ummm had some accidents in public places including one fine dining restaurant where I can never show my face at again. Oh Daniel.

But he’s gotten so good now after I retrained him a month ago (bribed him with M&M’s after each successful potty session – why didn’t I just do this from the start -___-“). No accidents yet! Until today.

It was just one of those days where everything was delayed and everytime we were ready to go out or do something, something came up.  Forgot something at home, someone came as soon as we were going out, people not picking up the phone, ada je something! I was getting pretty annoyed but told myself to be patient. One last stop before going home – needed to buy milk and diaper at the supermarket.

On the way there with a full car of people, Daniel looked at me.

“Mommy, I want to peepee.”

“Oh no no, wait Daniel! We find a toilet at the supermarket k? Wait a few minutes please baby?”

“Ok, Mommy,” he said clutching me tight.


We were just turning into the supermarket area when Daniel looked at me again, “Mommy, I want to peepee please.”

“Ok ok wait, Daniel. Just a few —“

And there it happened… a warm gross yet familiar feeling on my lap (he was sitting on me). NOOOOOOO! I don’t know why but my reflex just basically cupped his crotch hahahahaha maybe I thought I could catch his pee in my hands? -__-” So I was drenched, my hands were wet and his pants were wet. Ew ew ew ew ew ewwwwww! It was so so gross that I immediately wanted to scold him.

I opened my mouth to say something to Daniel, but I just didn’t have the heart to. He looked at me looking so so guilty and with a soft voice looking down… “I’m sorry, Mommy.”


My heart just melted to the ground. How can you scold a child who was trying so hard to hold it in but just cannot anymore? This is every Mom’s dilemma; trying to discipline vs feeling bad scolding them.

And so we rushed home, no milk, no diapers, just two people with wet pants.


Wearing Mauve Jersey dUCk, FV BASICS pants and Nelissa Hilman flats, all from FashionValet.

I’m keeping this blogpost for when I want things from Daniel in the future. “Hey, remember that time you peed on Mommy?”…..

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toots is a mom

I haven’t written here for a week! Sorry for the silence (pretty long for me!), I just had such a crazy week; both babies had the flu, and then I got the flu, I went on work trips, I had the biggest fight with my sister (we love each other again now)… and I’m doing something I’m not very good at; babysitting!


On the 15th last month, a beautiful baby boy cried his first tears (very loudly) in a delivery room in KL. His name is Musa and he happened to be a huge baby at 3.6kg (I dieeeee). With his existence, he gave Toots the title of Ibu.

Ohhh we were so excited. Toots was in so much pain that she could not even hold her phone so I got her updates from her hubs, sister and mom. They sent me pictures of her and I just teared. Can’t believe my best friend was in labour at that very moment. I wanted to be there so badly, but I had a magazine shoot that I committed to and couldn’t get out of. After we got our shots, I zoomed in an Uber straight to the hospital. By that time, Musa was out and Toots looked as radiant as ever, despite having pushed a huge watermelon-size baby out (respectttt!).

Three weeks later, here I am shuttling back and forth her place while she’s on pantang (confinement)… I may or may not have snuck in with me some sinful non-pantang food for her to eat quietly in her room. Today, our hubs have things to do so it’s just me and her in the home with our kids. Feels so nice, just like old times when we’d watch movies in her living room and eat maggi on individual trays. Well, if you minus these screaming kids around us right now. Haha.

I’m watching her getting her urut and tungku now, with some chick flick on TV and a sleeping Musa by my side.

18 years of friendship, watching each other evolve into women, wife, and now mom. This feels so surreal, but so beautiful. Well… as beautiful as watching a sleep-deprived new mom can get. Muahaha.

While Mommy rests, let’s welcome Musa into this world!

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home alone

I haven’t been home alone in the longest time! The kids are at the grandma’s, Dean’s at the gym and I’m here chomping on cut jambu and watching the Kardashians. I had a rough week with lots of issues at work so it’s nice to let loose and put my feet up for an hour or so. Cleaned my wardrobe a bit, had my makeup done for an event tonight, took a bunch of selfies, had some biscuits in peace.


Very productive, as you can see.

Was fun for the first half hour, and now I keep looking around because it’s so quiet! Where’s Mariam whining to ask us to walk her around? Where’s Daniel fighting me for my phone so he can watch videos? Where’s Dean cuddling me on the couch?

Just this morning, I was sighing that they keep me up all night (Mariam and Daniel still wake up at least once every night). And now, I really miss them! Women, we’re confusing aren’t we?

Hope you’re having a nice long weekend, everyone!

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reviving wilted hydrangeas

Buy meee… Vivy, buy me…. stop avoiding eye contact…. buy meeeee. 

Those darn hydrangeas.

Sitting in the cold room looking out at me from the transparent glass. I hate them, they always die on me. But gosh, they’re so beautiful. Imagine that blue one in my living room. Ahhh, no no stop looking. They’re expensive and they die like on the way home. They’re the most diva flowers I’ve ever met. I’d rather intern at a vegetarian restaurant than take care of hydrangeas.

“Can you get me those orchids, and maybe a couple of those roses…” I speak to the florist, one eye still lingering at the hydrangeas. STOP LOOKING BACK AT ME.

“Is that all?” The florist asked after preparing the flower pots for me.


And there you see me walking back to my car, hugging orchids in one arm, roses on the other… and hydrangeas too.


But they really are gorgeous. I got 4 stalks. 2 balls of the dreamy blue ones and 2 balls of the gorgeous pastel pink ones. On the way home, I’m already imagining the flatlays I’m going to take with these babies. Hmmm, what do I have to flatlay today? Any products from FV? Hmm, maybe those pink ones I can put in that vase that Mom gave me — WAIT A MINUTE, ARE THEY WILTING RIGHT NOW?!! That blue one was straight just now, now it’s bent a bit. Omg the nerve of this flower. I just spent so much on them and it hasn’t even been 2 minutes! DON’T YOU DARE DIE ON ME, YOU BALL OF GORGEOUSNESS YOU.

The whole ride home, I kept staring at them and silently kicking myself in the butt for believing that florist who told me that this hydrangeas batch would last for a week. You never learn, Vivy, you never learn.

Zero flatlays done, the next day, they have wilted. Ugh. But luckily, I was told about the magic solution to revive hydrangeas. Kinda like Hydrangeas CPR. I read on Google that you can put them in hot water and in a few hours, the bloom again. My maid thought I was mental, but whatever, they’re so expensive that my sanity can come second this time.


Wrap the flowers with paper towels to protect them from the hot water steam.


Fill up a vase with boiling hot water


Cut the stalk a little bit, diagonally.


Put them in the vase and leave them.

“You should talk to them. No joke, flowers have feelings,” Asma’ told me that night. I would normally laugh but I was desperate to save them.

I looked at them. They looked back at me, all wilted. “Ok… so umm.. I have faith in you, dear hydrangeas. You’re so expensive and I need to show my husband that you’re worth it. Please live….”

I gave them a flying kiss goodnight and went to bed. Pretty sure my maid saw that from the kitchen and is questioning her employment here.

This morning, I was so excited to see if it worked. According to the article, they will bloom again like normal.

And the results this morning…










Ish. I expected a full bloom of 4 beautiful balls, but instead of being 80% dead, they’re probably like 60% dead. Still dead to me.

“You just stay away from hydrangeas k,” Asma’ told me this morning.


But yeah, you should try this. Maybe your hydrangeas are less stubborn than mine. Or you’re a better sweet talker… sigh.