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monochrome yet again

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Monochrome. Is always my fall back plan when I have no idea what to wear, or just simply not inspired to dress up. It’s very tempting to add in a pop of colour (I almost left the house with red bag instead), but try to not give in to that temptation and keep the black-and-white-dont-care look.

I wanted to wear the sequin pants to work because it’s just so different and will definitely wake all my colleagues up (haha!) so I dressed it down with a loose white shirt. And my KL dUCk scarf, I thought, was the perfect ending to this look. We had an amazing 2-day preorder for the KL dUCks that ended yesterday, and if you were one of the ones purchasing, thank you for the support and hope you’ll love yours!

Wearing sequin pants from aere (available in black, gold and white, XS to XXL) from FashionValet. Shirt from Zara.

what women agree on

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We all might disagree on things… but there is one thing that everyone likes.

EVERYONE will like this.

Can you guess?

No, not ice cream, sillyyyyy!

Guess some more…

Yes exactly!!


Every woman will agree that they all want the best deal possible.

So Tesco is having their “Lebih Jimat” campaign now till end of May and I just had to go and stock up for my home. Every smart wife/mom/woman knows the best deals in town for grocery and here I want to share one that I found.

If you’ve been to Tesco and you don’t know about this…. Then ummm, get your eyes checked. Cos look! So big and bright they inform you at the entrance early on.


If you already know about this, then you can give me a big yawn. Hehe. Sorry la, I’ve been busy at work. We’ve just been eating whatever we find in the fridge that hasn’t expired.






Let’s go!


I was so excited to see the essential things in the kitchen going on the lowest price ever compared to anywhere else in Malaysia. My laundry stuff, diapers, pads, milo packets, even my kicap is on sale ok! I kept going Thank you Tesco, Thank you Tesco the whole time. Haha.




Nutella was on sale too guys!! One for me… one for Dean… one for Daniel…


The best grocery shopping spree ever.

One thing I can cross off from my To-Do list.

Now gotta go back to the office in peace!

being a mom

mariam is three months old

Can I please go on gushing mom mode for a while, guys?

I just literally had a 5 minute conversation with Mariam. Like for real, guys. I really think she understood me. I basically told her about my day and I think she was trying to tell me about hers. She was just going Gooo and Gaaa the whole time, but I get you, Mariam, I totally get you. Now she can hold eye contact for long and she smiles when you play with her. She’s such a smiley baby I can’t even.

She’s exactly three months today. I can’t believe it’s only been three months! I feel like I’ve had her forever!

mariam collage

I love you, baby girl. Wish I could bring you in my pocket all day.


Sorry, who’s this Daniel you’re talking about?

Hahahaha. I’m joking.

Daniel’s totally fine! And every morning he’ll kiss Mariam and when Mariam cries, he’ll go to her and say “Uh-oh….” It’s so so cute. I’m at the happiest point of my life right now and I thank the Almighty for all the blessings in life He is giving to Dean and I. Alhamdulillah for our two greatest treasures; Daniel and Mariam. Until they become teenagers and give us headaches (*hides in closet all day*), I’m going to enjoy every bit of this journey.

being a mrs working girl

bringing work home

Everyone says you need a balance in your life; balance between work, family, love life, friends and you time. But really, 24 hours a day is just not enough to fit all of that. That’s why in interviews when I’m asked if women can have it all, I say no. There’s no need to sugarcoat it, we don’t live in la la land. As wives we need to make sure our husband’s life is sorted, as working women we need to make sure deadlines are met and tasks are completed, as friends we need to make sure we are up to date with our friends’ lives, and the biggest role of all; as moms we need to be the ultimate go-to person for all of our children’s needs. When do we even have time to shower?

For me, I’m really lucky that my work and family lives are intertwined. I have a business with my husband and so, all the boxes are checked there. I’m with my family all the time. But of course, this is always risky and it’s not something I recommend for all couples because if you’re not on the same page, not only will you lose a business but you will also lose your life companion too. Alhamdulillah, Dean and I seem to complement each other in every aspect of our lives, and I pray it will stay this way forever.

I always wonder and sometimes I ask Dean, “Can you imagine if we work in different fields? We’re both workaholics who love our jobs like mad, and we are always thinking about FashionValet. If one of us weren’t in it, how would we understand what the other is going through?” 

I’d be constantly on my phone with the different department group chats, and Dean would be constantly on excel sheets analyzing finance and whatnot… It’s ok for us because we understand how important it is to finish up those tasks. Not only is fashion a fast-paced business, but combine that up with e-commerce, an industry that can change and flip in minutes! If neither of us are in it, we wouldn’t understand why we are glued to our gadgets. After the kids go to bed at night, we patiently wait for the other to finish up, and even give suggestions and ideas in between… then we stay up on the couch together and share ice cream straight from the tub. And we are both totally happy with this arrangement because that is how it has always been even from the start of our marriage. That’s the only arrangement we know!

Healthy or not, that is the reality. We are so passionate about our jobs and we take it as our responsibility to make sure FV grows and grows to make it profitable and to work towards being able to give bonuses to our employees to better everyone’s lives. It’s crazy sometimes that at dinner, we are actually just discussing work issues and working out best strategies. We never get a break from work, and weirdly, we don’t actually mind because we love it.

Anyway, I’m just curious because I have never experienced the other side. In families that the husband and wife don’t work together (majority of people!), how do you guys support each other’s work? Is work talk off-limits at home?

Do share!

events fashion and shopping working girl


Our Raya Fashion Show is tonight!!!!

We have 2 slots;

6pm – various brands on FashionValet. We could only insert 40 brands but even that’s a lot for a fashion show hehe.

9 pm – our 9 exclusive collaborations

Today is so special to me and I wish I can invite all of you to be there with me. Especially because most of you have been supporting me since the beginning of this blog! (Not even the beginning of FV!)

Since that is obviously not possible, I have instructed for a live stream to be shown on our website of the 2 shows tonight.

Hope you can tune in so I can feel you there in spirit cheering FV on! If I’m in the camera’s way because I’m being naughty touching and feeling the models’ clothes as they pass by me, please excuse me. Hehe.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.13.10 AM

It’s a date, you and me! Tonight at 6 pm and 9 pm.

childhood snack sticks

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I recently got a bunch of these, one of my favourite snacks even from my childhood.


Remember Rocky? They changed their name back to the original one which is Pocky. (Just in case you thought they were different brands. Nope they’re the same!)

So anyway, you guys know how obsessed I am with flatlays right. I haven’t had the time to chill and do much, but it was a weekend and the kids were asleep. So this happened. Hehe.

IMG_6127IMG_6133 IMG_6139

I wanted to do more with this, but guess who woke up from his nap!


Sigh, just like Mommy. *insert that apple falling from tree not very far something something quote*

So I left him to it to work on my pink-themed flatlay.



He got them covered too.

Safely in his belly. Hehe.

I guess adults or kids, big or small, female or male, everyone loves this Japanese snack and I can see why. A generous portion in a compact packet that fits nicely in our handbags. And the fun pok-pok sound when you bite into them (did you know that’s why they named it Pocky in the first place?!), it’s pretty addictive.  And there are a lot of fun ways to eat them; some peel off the sweet layer first, some with some self-control bite bit by bit , while those without any self-control like my son here… shoves everything inside the mouth.

But the worst thing for us is….

….choosing which flavor to get! They have so many, it’s ridiculous trying to make decision at the supermarket. Chocolate, double chocolate, strawberry, green tea, milk, banana… and let’s not even start with their savoury snack sticks (pizza, original, gahhhh!). You might just end up getting all.


Hehe. Your friend here sure did.

But seriously, aptly taglined “Share Happiness! Share Pocky!” these snack sticks make awesome ice-breakers. I was in the cinema once waiting for the movie and beside me, the person didn’t have anything to eat (how do you watch a movie without snacking, I will never understand…). So I turned to him and offered, “Want one?”

He said no, but he kept eyeing me eat each stick until the whole thing finished. Bet he regretted saying no.  Don’t eksyen when someone offers you Pocky.

being a mom

negotiating with mariam


The kids went to sleep (finally!) so I opened my laptop. Ok work mode. Went to get a drink from the kitchen. Came back and sat down to really focus and dig in. I had so many emails starred that I was planning to settle all of them tonight.

Suddenly I saw movements from Mariam’s cot.


Go back to sleep, go back to sleep, go back to sleep… I was sending telepathic messages to my daughter. I mean, as a mom, I must have some sort of psychic bond with my child no?

Ekk…ekkk… Mariam started making soft sounds.

Go back to sleep, go back to sleep, go back to sleep… I thought faster and harder. This telepathy thing isn’t working!!

And there she went… all out with the crying. Waaaaaa… waaaaa!

Sigh. I walked over to her cot, determined not to pick her up and give in. I need to start training this one early that she can’t expect to be picked up at every sound she makes. I read it somewhere, I swear I am not making this up like a mean mom.

“Hi Mariam,” I started talking to her. “Mariam, look at Mommy. Here, here, Mommy is over here.” 

Finally she opened her eyes, looked at me and started to make a crying face.

“Ah ah no no Mariam. Don’t make that face. Hey Mariam, Mommy wants to finish up a bit more of my work. Would you mind going to sleep, baby girl? Before I go to sleep, we can have another feed and then we can both go to sleep again together ok? Can you do this for Mommy, baby girl? You go back to sleep for now, ok?”

I felt like it was a big negotiation, but I was very tired so I’ll do anything. If offering to buy her nice shoes can help her fall back to sleep, heck, I’d do it!

Mariam stared at me with her eyes big and round.

“Mariam good girl, right? Mariam let Mommy do some work, ok? After this, Mommy will hug you to sleep yeah, baby?” I smiled at her.

And guess what!

Like a miracle just happening before me, she smiled back.

And closed her eyes.


Just like that!!!

I stood there, in disbelief.

Did that just happen?

Omg I knew it. I have magical powers. I can talk to babies.

I was so excited I couldn’t wait to tell Dean, but he was in the shower. I looked around to see who else I could brag and gloat to, but everyone else was asleep. Dangg!!! Why is no one here to witness the awesomeness that just happened? I literally talked Mariam into going back to sleep. That’s pretty news worthy, guys.

Dean came out shortly after.

“Baby!!! Mariam was crying and I talked her into going back to sleep. And she did.”

Dean looked at me and laughed, “Yeah right. Good one, baby.”

What the….

Ugh, whyyyy… Whyyyy didn’t I install cameras in my living room.