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oh well :)

I woke up today smiling and feeling sooooo well-rested.

I glanced at Mariam’s cot a few metres away and felt so much love from her.

Next to me was Dean sleeping and looking soooo tired. He was slowly starting to wake up.

In such a good mood, I lazily but happily stretched on the bed, “Ahhhh. Morning baby!” I looked at Dean. “It’s so amazing. Mariam didn’t wake up at all last night.”

Dean struggled to open one of his eyes but he did. He gave me a really annoyed look.

“She did. She woke up twice. Guess who woke up for her.”



Oh well.

Thanks, dear husband.


the best ice cream

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So how’s your Ramadhan going so far, guys?

I just watched Daniel eat this.


Every sound of the Belgian chocolate honeycomb crackling, I had to hear.

Every drop of melted ice cream coming down his chin, I had to wipe.

Every moment of it, I had to watch while fasting.

And I think I actually drooled.

It’s so weird that now I’m a mom. My usual days in Ramadhan would consist of me sleeping the hunger off haha. (So wrong, I know) But now as a mom, there’s no such thing. You gotta feed your children! And watch them savour each bite and finish the whole dish. I don’t mind feeding Daniel his usual meals, but this Magnum… oh man… it was actually painful to watch and not have any.


It’s no surprise I’m an ice cream, or anything cold really, lover. I mean, during Mariam’s pregnancy I told you guys I basically spent my time sticking my head in the freezer chomping ice cubes. So it’s also no surprise that my fridge always has Magnum in it. Gym or no gym, mannnn, those Magnum babies I can never resist.

I do some talent work for brands that I believe in, and I did one for Magnum a longgg time ago (pre-hijab days).

And this is the only shoot in my life that I didn’t mind taking a lot of repeat shots. You see me biting into that ice cream… yeah I had 20 of those for that few seconds shot. And I loved it! Hahaha.. was so happy and giddy after the shoot. It’s not everyday you can bite into as many premium ice cream as you want, in fact, I wished I did more bad takes. Haha.

To me, eating Magnum has to be a reward. It’s the designer kind of ice cream that you should treat yourself with… every bite is kind of like eating an LV handbag. Haha. Pleasure seekers, Magnum calls people like me (and maybe you). Basically people should pursue pleasures in life everyday, and a day without pleasure is a day lost! And an example of a pleasure for me, is enjoying my Magnum in peace!

So there is no dessert more apt during Ramadhan than Magnum, to me. After a successful day of fasting, to be able to sit on the couch, put your feet up, and bite into that delicious mouth-watering premium ice cream… oh man…


For the first day of Ramadhan, I decided to share! So I brought loadssssss of Magnum ice cream to the office. And they were gone in 60 seconds, basically. Everyone took a piece or two to reward themselves for a hard day’s work. Seeing them so happy made me want to do this more often! Maybe I should serve Magnum for my Raya open house this year. It will be my first, Insyaallah, so I want to do it right! I hope to be able to invite my readers as well, so I will share details here if the open house is confirmed!

For now, get your own Magnum tonight for buka! Happy treating yourself!

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fv’s first pop-up store

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Wearing FV staff jumper paired with Blue Icicle Georgette scarf from dUCk (new colours launching this Thursday!) and pants from VenaiseKL, both available at FashionValet. Sunnies from Rayban, bag from Anya Hindmarsh and shoes from Manolo Blahnik.

FV’s pop-up store opened yesterday in Bangsar Village mall!


It was sooooo exciting and the whole team were all in positive spirits. Our first store ever of many more, Insyaallah. We kept messaging each other “How’s it going?” “Are you guys ok?” “What has sold?” like every few minutes. It really felt like the first day FV website opened for business. The nerves omggg. We opened on a Monday which is a workday so obviously the mall was pretty quiet. We were like “Why is no one coming?!! CRYYYYYY!” but Alhamdulillah traffic picked up and it was a blessing that there was no rush because we could manage the crowd a bit better. And Alhamdulillah, we surpassed our sales target for the day, so phewwwww. I even met customers from Brunei and Singapore who came down for us and ahhhh the feeling of gratitude just overwhelmed me.

To keep things exciting, we will be changing brands and products in the store every week. So there will be a rotation of featured brands! Do let me know which brands you’d like to see so we can slot them in asap.

I felt so much pride wearing this jumper I didn’t want to take it off even in public. I even had to fight with this lil one because he wouldn’t take it off either!

IMG_2505 blog

Our youngest employee ever.

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third wedding anniversary

For our 3rd wedding anniversary, we went for dinner out just the 2 of us. Dean asked me before that, “Do you want to bring the kids?”. My answer was “Huh, what kids?” 

Guess I was pretty clear. Haha.


We had so much fun dinner out. We went somewhere where we didn’t know anyone and no one knew us either. So it was like it was just us two in our own little world. Surrounded by tall buildings and looking down at roads and cars, Dean starting laughing, “Wow this looks like my SimCity. Oh you know baby, I’m at a stage now where I can set earthquakes and meteors down.”

“What?! Why would you do that to your own city?”

“Oh, because when you rebuild it again, you get points and stuff,” he said laughing, I’m guessing (hoping) he realised how stupid that sounded.


Other than that, we talked about everything under the sun. A little bit of work, a little bit of our kids, a little bit about us, a little bit about our future. But through it all, with so much laughter and positivity. I realised how lucky I was to have married my best friend, a man so rare to find and truly is an amazing one in a million. I love you, Dean. Always and forever.

Thank you Allah swt for uniting us as husband and wife, and may You always bless us and make us the calm and coolness in each other’s eyes.

The end of my night:


All three of them were completely conked out, but this to me, is the most beautiful picture in my phone.

get your special dress


It’s been 3 years since this! Today is our 3 years wedding anniversary and that means 3 amazing years of my life being a wife to this amazing man. People think my life is “perfect” and quite honestly with him, it really is. He makes me laugh every single day and even after more than 8 years of being in love, we love nothing more than to sit on the couch, watch some funny series and eat ice cream straight from the tub (one each, of course. We don’t share.). I thank God for giving me a husband who really is like my soulmate.

Over the years he has done so many things for me, big and small. After marriage, the ummmm big gestures have reduced pftttt. But he totally surprised me this year by secretly designing a dress for me with designer Ashraff Zainal via the Downy Timeless campaign.

I literally had no idea he was doing this and now everytime I look at the dress, I am reminded that he really does love me. (Husbands, start your engines and please go design a dress for your wife now. Hehe.).

Washing the dress is an important thing for me because since it’s such a special one, I’m not just going to treat it like any other garment of mine. For this dress, I chose none other than the Downy Timeless fabric conditioner. I’m completely in love with it that I started using it for everything I have to wash.


You can find Downy Timeless in any major supermarket.

Unlike any other of its peers, Downy Timeless has this classic scent that just reminds me of timeless elegance. From its white packaging to the way it makes you feel when you wear the clothes, it just oozes elegance. Diamonds, pearls, silky softness, poise… all things associated to elegance, Downy just fits right in there. With its understated floral scent, I think anyone who tries it will see that it can transform them to appreciate elegance and beauty a bit more. It really is a special one, that’s why I was more than happy to be a part of this campaign.

To make other women out there feel beautiful and elegant, they are also giving a prize of a FREE DRESS designed by Ashraff Zainal. So you too can get a dress like mine here!

The Downy Timeless contest has been running and will end ON TUESDAY! So if you haven’t submitted your entry, you just have to asap! Any white outfit of yours? Just post it up, define elegance in your own words and tag #DownyTimeless and #Clozette.

I was browsing through the entries and found these as some standout ones!

Screenshot_2015-06-29-05-34-35 Screenshot_2015-06-29-05-35-06 Screenshot_2015-06-29-05-35-14 Screenshot_2015-06-29-05-35-31 Screenshot_2015-06-29-05-35-48

Hope to see your entry soon as contest ends 30 June (TOMORROW)!

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diana’s coco

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When Diana Rikasari agreed to collaborate with FashionValet for a Raya collection, I was literally jumping up and down and messaging the team “SHE SAID YESSSS!”. It was as if I proposed and the girl said yes, teehee. You have no idea how much I admire her sense of style, her quirkiness, her boldness and her full-of-life aura. I just loveeee her.

When she came up with the 88LoveLife book, I think she hit home with a lot of girls out there including myself. Her inspirational and positive quotes became motivation for so many of us, it’s no wonder how this book is always top of the chart in bookstores in Indonesia and Malaysia.


For her interpretation of Raya, she wanted something fun yet classy. Her inspiration was Chanel hence the classiness and even the colours she chose were colours I’ve seen on Chanel, but infused with Diana Rikasari’s quirkiness. There are 5 designs to choose from, named after things related to Chanel, in 2 colours each from XS to XXL so I’m sure you’ll find one (or even five!) that you might like. Working with her was tough only because she is in another country, so a lot of whatsapps back and forth and tweaking designs until we got the right one! So I really hope you’ll like the final 10 from Diana Rikasari for FashionValet.

I’m wearing the Coco, which is Diana’s favourite.

fashion and shopping working girl


I can’t contain it any longer guys. I tried to be all cool and like Mmm yeah next step whatever… but no ok. It’s a HUGE DEAL TO ME.

FV’s first ever popup store!!!!!! 

Like a proper physical store, guys. We will be having this popup store in Bangsar Village (Ground Floor baby!!!) and after that our permanent store will be a much bigger space upstairs. It’s so freaking exciting I don’t even know where to begin!!

So basically, these past 5 years everyone is talking about e-commerce and how it’s the next new thing and all. We believe that fully and we still think Malaysia online shopping hasn’t reached its peak. BUT over the years, we still get a LOT of requests to come to our office to touch and feel the items etc (which we unfortunately can’t allow because all the items are packed in the warehouse). People still need to touch and feel, they say, and I guess that’s fair. I personally am a big believer of online shopping and I’d choose online over offline. I can already see the comparison between dUCk when we sell online at FV and when we sell offline at bazaars. The numbers don’t even come close because online can accommodate limitless transactions worldwide in one minute, whereas a store will have limitations geographically for potential customers and physically for more store space.

But this isn’t about me. Now that we have a bit more cash pumped into FV via our recent funding, we can afford to have a physical store which runs together with our online store. Online will still be our main cashcow but it’s also good to have offline points. Even though I love online more, this isn’t just about what I love. This is about FV as a business and what’s good for the business right now is for us to open a physical store to (a) accommodate customers’ requests (b) get more sales, of course but also (c) to have our stamp of branding physically because not everyone shops online.

The team has been working on this for a while and finally, INSYAALLAH, we will open TOMORROW as our first day. I’ve gotta say… the thrill of seeing your company logo printed on something that big… Masyaallah, only God knows how I felt.



IMG_2075 IMG_2095 IMG_2098 IMG-20150625-WA0076 IMG-20150626-WA0080

IMG-20150626-WA0081 IMG-20150627-WA0001 IMG-20150627-WA0017

IMG_2111 IMG-20150626-WA0082


Nervous, excited, scared, can’t-freaking-wait… all!

I expect glitches tomorrow as it will be our first day running the store, so if you happen to be there, please bear with us amateurs! See you tomorrow in Bangsar Village, hopefully. I’ll be at the cashier…. #dreamcometrue