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When I shop for perfume, I always get drawn to something fruity. Pear, watermelon, grapes… I think I’m just always hungry, guys!

So when I found out about this limited edition apple scent perfume, I immediately wanted both. I’m a big fan of DKNY’s clothing range, so I thought I’d give their perfumes a try as well. Also helped that the packaging is so delicious, in the shape of an apple with an artistic “dent” at the top. And the box is full sequin print! Sold.

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Christmas is coming soon so everyone is in the spirit of giving. What better gift could you give your loved one, and these babies are already green and pink (the new red, come on guys…)!

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Hehe I couldn’t help but go into flatlay mode with some apples.

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The pink one is the DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Sparkling Apple, which has lush accents of crisp apple, tangerine and succulent pear.

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Whereas the green one is the DKNY Be Delicious Sparkling Apple that mixes the scent of green apple, red currants and watermelon! Yummmm.

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Make them a part of your everday essentials!

Now… the question is… which one are you going to choose?

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I’ve made my choice pretty clear. Hehe.

Now while you go to a Sa Sa outlet (they’re only available there), please excuse me while I eat my apples.

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man of every year

Dean’s on a business trip and being the clingy wife I am, I’m missing him terribly. Like terriblyyyyy. Like I haven’t washed one of his sleeping tees so that I can have his smell around. Yes, that terribly sad. Hehe.

So this reminded me of something I wanted to blog about; his award of Men of The Year 2014 from Augustman Malaysia magazine. Ten Malaysian men were chosen to be Men of The Year in different categories and Dean won the one in Style category. I can’t help but think I have something to do about that, I mean, come on guys, I choose his clothes and shoes everyday. *flips tudung, dusts shoulder* #itsalwaysaboutmeok?!

He didn’t want to do it, him being media shy and not into all these fashion things. But the girls in the office and I forced him and told him we’d buy him lunch if he did this. He’s that easy, guys.

So we went to the Men of The Year event and I just felt soooooo proud seeing him on stage. Of course the other guys were all sultry and almost-pouting looking cool and suave while the photographers from media kept on clicking their cameras away. And there my husband was… the one grinning from ear to ear with pride. The one who would probably be waving at his mommy from the stage.

You know, the least cool one.

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4 photo 2 photo 6 photo 5

But that least cool man… sigh, he was the only one that I couldn’t take my eyes off from. He just makes my heart skip a beat each time. When he’s not around, my world gets a bit dimmer and I miss him so very much. And when I  hear his footsteps coming home from work late, I jump to the door excitedly. That’s how much I love being around him and he is just so special to me, that husband of mine.

After he came down from the stage and said hello to familiar faces, he turned to me, “Ok let’s go home. I can’t wait to show this to Daniel. I hope he’s not asleep yet!” as he excitedly walked out of the ballroom leaving the glitz and glamour behind.

photo 9 photo 9a

At home, as Daniel kissed his framed picture and pointed saying “Di! Di!”, I could see such real happiness in Dean’s eyes.


I’m proud of the man you are yesterday, today and I’m sure tomorrow too. You’re my Man of The Year every year, baby!

photo 7

Thank you Augustman for honoring Dean with this! He’s totally going to put that frame on his assistant’s desk as a prank. Hahahaha.

This is such a sappy blogpost I’m going to go puke now. It must be the pregnancy hormones, guys. I’m usually cool.

I’ll leave you with a flatlay I made for this post.

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(I wore a Mimpikita Knot Dress that will be restocked on FashionValet in several colours tomorrow!)

being pregnant yummy tummy

stacking up


What is up with this Boat Noodle business?!

I’m sooo addicted I’m there almost every other day, guys! It’s getting embarrassing when the guys working there wave at me. I wave back, head down and all. Just don’t make eye contact, go straight to the table and scribble your order on the provided orders sheet.

I think it’s just the fun of stacking of those RM1.90 bowls and see how high your “tower” will get. And even if you’re not hungry, this place is nice to just hang out with your friends while you eat just 1 or 2 bowls. (The bowls are TINYYYY, like literally two spoonfuls of noodles for your mouth.) The food is not bad, but oh man the MSG for sureeee…

Baby M seems to love this place and it’s really bugging Dean who is really sick of it by now. Haha. #sacrifices #sorrydaddy #pregnancycravings #justbehappyimnotcravinglobsters

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two meaningful dresses

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When you see a loved one doing well in life, your first reaction must be a smile and you should always continue to make doa for her happiness in this life and hereafter. That’s what I love about having my close group of friends; AVA, the ducks, and a few other close girlfriends. I just always feel the love and sincerity, and we’re all always rooting for one another.

For today, please allow me to gush over my bff Asma’.

She’s one of those people who will pray for you and not feel the need to flaunt it all over town. She’s one of those who has crazy talents, but thinks nothing of herself and credits it all to God. She’s one of those who consoles you on a hard day, without you knowing that she’s had an even worse day than you. She doesn’t need to tell you her woes, that she will usually keep for her time with God. I could go on and on, but I might barf soon so let’s keep it short. Hehe.

I know that her passion has always been fashion. On top of juggling her full-time business Gateauxlicious and dealing with crazy gorgeous cakes all day (and bridezillas too!), her love for blogging, bits and pieces of FashionValet’s buying department, traveling, and her own personal life (having clingy bffs like Toots and I probably doesn’t help her stress!), I am so so proud to announce her latest designation. Gahhh so much going in her life, I can’t help to share her happiness and make it my own too.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 7.32.07 AM

She is now also the fashion designer for fast-rising Muslimah label Love To Dress, owned by her also hardworking sister.

And I’m proud to announce that her first designs are readyyyy.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 7.32.14 AM

And I’m even prouder to announce that FashionValet will be stocking these dresses tomorrow! I mean, these dresses… my best friend designed them!!! Months ago, she sketched these exact dresses on a piece of paper only and now they’ve come to life!! And I have them hanging in my closet right now, ready for me to wear after I give birth hehe. This is only the beginning of her, trust me guys. Toots and I really can’t wait to see what else that brain can come up with in the next collections to come.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 7.31.39 AM Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 7.31.54 AM

If having Asma’ designing them isn’t convincing enough for you, you might also want to know that ALL PROCEEDS of these dresses will be given to Viva Palestina to specifically fund the women of Gaza to start their own businesses and rebuild lives for themselves. It’s such a beautiful project, that FV immediately wanted to sign up for. We’re not taking a single cent from the sales, and it makes us so happy knowing that we can help Love To Dress realise this beautiful project. Everytime you wear one of these 2 dresses, always remember the women of Gaza and hopefully it will put a smile on your face knowing that you have helped their lives in one way or another.

Congrats, Love To Dress, for this brilliant project!!

Own a piece of this LTD Gaza Project tomorrow, at FashionValet.


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bantal peluk

1 2 2a 3 4 5

Roughing it out a bit in dark colours. I bought these shoes recently and the colours were perfect for this jacket! Burgundy and black; not usually the colour combo that I’d go for, but I loved this look! Needed a pop of colour to break the dark tones, so I grabbed my white tshirt to wear inside. Seriously, this RM 59 tshirt has been so good to me; my gym partner (you guys read my serious workout post right?) to my nap tshirt to my office wear. Best friend. The bantal peluk in my wardrobe!

What’s the bantal peluk in your wardrobe?

Wearing scarf from dUCk, jacket from KITSCHEN and Noted tshirt from FV BASICS, all from FashionValet. Pants from Uniqlo, shoes by Gianvito Rossi, bag from Chanel, sunnies from Tom Ford. 

being a mom

fountain of love

Sooo… Dean learned an important lesson in parenting.

Never let your child jump on you after milk time.

Nights are the best for us as parents because we get to forget all our work issues and just watch our baby boy entertain us. His bad bad dancing to Disney songs (sorry you got Daddy’s dance moves, DanDan!), his sweet little grin, his babbling of words that even he doesn’t understand, they’re all so entertaining. Dean’s personal favourite is lying down and letting Daniel stand on his chest. They both laugh so much when Daniel falls off to the bed or the couch, and they can repeat it over and over again. It’s really mind-blowing to see how falling can amuse Daniel so much.

Anyway, so that one night was no exception. The 2 boys were laughing so much on the bed. And suddenly Daniel, while standing up on Dean, made a face.

Uh-oh I know that face.

And within a split second, Daniel’s fountain of love came out. Twice.



I tried to console Dean with all sorts of lies; you still look hot, that is abstract art on your shirt, no no you still smell really good don’t worry, they only do it to the ones they really love, no I’m not laughing at youuuuu.

The whole time I was actually thinking….. thank God it wasn’t me.



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what if

My dad never lets us buy greeting cards. To him, it’s more meaningful to make one for your loved ones and I completely agree. It’s not just the effort, but it’s also really fun when you look at your memories and you compose words from the heart. He probably thought it was cheaper to ask your kids to draw you a simple card (Hallmark cards were like 15 bucks back then, still a lot of money!) but little did he know that scrapbooking is soooo expensive. One sheet of stickers is like 40 bucks. What someone should’ve told him was the existence of virtual e-cards. Haha. Free!

Anyway, in all seriousness I really appreciate this value that my dad imposed on my sister and I. I can’t wait till Daniel and Baby M grow up and the cards I’ll be getting from them. I will have to practise my fake “This is the most gorgeous card I have ever seen, you guys are so talented!” expression when they give me cards with scribbles of crayons on them.

I was spring cleaning today and found this.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 10.12.03 AM

A scrapbook I made for Dean for our 3 year anniversary. I had graduated and returned home to Malaysia, while Dean had one more year to complete his Masters. So a combination of long-distance-sappiness, having-too-much-time and Brian McKnight songs on the radio, I produced this 16-page thing, complete with its own metal tin box.

I smile looking at it now, but at the back of my head, a question played.

“What if we didn’t end up getting married?!”

If we didn’t end up together, I would feel soooo stupid if my husband or his wife saw that! It would have been a total waste of effort and time, and like 20 sheets of RM 40 stickers. -___- Sooo phewwww we ended up marrying each other. If we didn’t, I’d be kicking myself in the head for being so foolish as a young girl.

I know a lot of young girls read Proudduck, so if you guys read this, take this advice from me: Give your best effort to your husband, not your boyfriend. Be a little stingy with your love and focus on your parents at this point, because nothing is a sure thing except for them. You’ll have all the time in the world to be sweet and romantic with your husband later on.