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happy holidays, everyone!

I panicked when I saw 9.59am this morning as I woke up. HOLY MOLY I OVERSLEPT. LET’S GET TO WORK. Then I turn over and looked at Dean, peacefully sleeping too. The sun was shining beautifully, the birds were chirping, and the trees outside my window were swaying left and right softly.

This feels like a Saturday, actually. Is it really Saturday??

I checked my phone and rubbed my eyes because I couldn’t believe it.



Such a beautiful word, Masyaallah.

I close my eyes again and pat myself to continue sleeping, telling myself softly “You deserve a few more minutes of snooze time, go on…” After what seemed like the craziest period of FV ever, I really have been waiting for this break. Today marks the beginning of a lonngggg holiday for the whole team and I’m already looking forward to rest, rest and more rest! Ahhh, Saturday, thank you for being here.

I snuggled my pillow closer since I haven’t felt the proper bond with my pillow this whole month. Slowlyyyyy my thoughts clear up and fade as I fall asleep again –

“Ba.. Ga… Ge… Ba… BAAAAA!!!” 

I get smacked in the face with Daniel’s toothbrush.

I squint my eye and before me was my beautiful son, smiling with his dimples showing. “Baaaaaa???”

Ok, I’m up, I’m up..

*Happy holiday to everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims. Note to single people without children, sleep in as much as you can now.

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greedy me

“Can I takeaway the Tomato & Herb Linguine, please?” I smiled at the nice guy behind the Coffee & Bean counter.

“We have sold out on that. Would you like anything else?” He answers.

“Aww man, I really wanted that… I don’t really feel like anything else. But ok, I’ll have the Chicken & Mushroom Fusilli, please.”

I walked out happily with my pasta in one hand and a Mudpie ice blended in the other. Yummm.

In the car, I thought about what happened there. I always have this problem. I want something, it’s not available, I’ll buy something else just because. It’s really bad, guys! So I opened this topic with Dean in the car.

“Hey sayang, do you notice something about me?”

“I notice everything about you! You look awesome today, is that a new tudung?”


“Ish, no. Do you notice this behavior of mine… like if I really want something, and they don’t have it, I’ll get something else just because. Even if I don’t really want it.”

“Oh that! Yeah of course! And also even if they do have the thing you want and you get it, and then you realise you might’ve missed out on the other thing, so you get that other thing too.”


“And also with food! When we’re at a restaurant, you can’t decide which dish you want to eat, so you’ll order one. Then you realise you feel itchy because you feel like you should’ve ordered the second item. So then you do. And then you realise it’s not that amazing. So you don’t end up finishing your food. Both your food.”


“Oh! And this doesn’t just happen during your first dish. Sometimes, even at the start of the meal, you order two dishes because you can’t decide which one you want. And you realise –”

“Ok I get it!!”

Sheesh, before this, he had nothing to say. Now it’s like he has verbal diarrhea.

But I have a problem guys. A greed / indecisive problem. Help.

*looks at the chicken mushroom fusilli on table*

You know what.. I’m going to eat that right now just to prove Dean wrong. Hmppphh.

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final stretch

Here I am lying on my couch while typing on my laptop awkwardly placed up on my knees.

Too tired to even care to move position. Haha.

So what’s up guys? What have I missed? I miss blogging so much. Work has been crazy but we are at our final stretch so I should be back to normal by Wednesday when courier services stop taking Raya orders. Dean says I’m so sexy these days when I sleep with my mouth open and hands flung in the air and everything. A sight for sore eyes, I’m sure. Haha. #thanksfornotleavingmedearhusband

I’ve been worrying about customers’ parcels and getting everything to get shipped on time and thank God we seem to be on track now. The team has been working around the clock, including me, to rush our beloved customers orders in time. But what’s funny is that I haven’t even had time to think about my own family’s Raya clothes!

Daniel passed Dean and I in the living room, obviously walking wobbling around the table going Ba and Ga and chewing on my phone.

Dean and I laughed looking at him and in a split second we both looked at each other. Both kind of knowing what the other was thinking. Which was, “OMG WE FORGOT ABOUT HIS BAJU MELAYU. OUR SON HAS NOTHING TO WEAR ON RAYA DAY. WE’VE BECOME THOSE HORRIBLE PARENTS WHO WORK ALL THE TIME AND HAVE NO TIME FOR THEIR KIDS.” You know, something along those lines. We both rushed to kiss Daniel out of guilt, which pissed him off because he smacked our faces away. He was having an important call with someone on my phone.

So finally, yesterday night, we drove to our tailor at Jakel and rushed to buy material and make outfits for Daniel and Dean. Totally ignored the only-now-you-want-to-do?-why-don’t-you-just-come-ON-raya-day-itself-to-make-baju-melayu looks from the tailor.

So everything is sorted now phewwww. For me, I’ll just find something on FashionValet to match the boys, obviously.

Hope you guys have sorted your Raya clothes better than we did! For now, happy last 10 days of Ramadhan, may we get to enjoy the goodness that this period offers.

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alphabetsaurus vs transformers

Dean and I have completely different ideas for Daniel’s toys.

Me: Straight to the educational toys. Anything that has ABC or 123. Or anything that has the phrase “Stimulate your child’s brain”.

Dean: Straight to the X-Men Spiderman dinosaur whatnot. You know, the not-so-smart section.

“Come on, Daniel, follow Mommy,” I hold out my hand for Daniel to come with me to my fun section.

“No, Daniel, follow Daddy. Let’s go find the superheroes!” Dean will hold out his hand to lead Daniel to the violent section.

In the end, Daniel will be somewhere in the middle playing with something he found on the floor, and Dean and I will be carrying an armload of toys for us. I mean, for Daniel. For today’s Toys’R'us trip, I chose for Daniel an Alphabetsaurus, which is a super cute and super fun dinosaur that has alphabets on it that when you click say out A for Apple and G for Giggle followed by an adorable giggle sound. Too cute!! We got home and I was so excited to open it with Daniel. I was struggling trying to tear the packaging apart and called Dean for help. “Sayang, help me open the dinosaur!” I wailed.

Dean was on the couch playing with his pick of the day; a toy car that can change into a robot. Some Transformers thingy he said.

“Sayang!” I called him again followed by a distracted Dean going “This is so cool…” at the car/robot/can’t decide what it wants to be.

Finally my dinosaur was opened and I kept pressing on the alphabets happily.

It took us a few minutes to realise Daniel wasn’t even in the room. He had already walked to the kitchen and is now playing with teabags and laughing as he dangles them in the air.

I guess Toys’R'us is really just a trip for the parents.


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The stress of managing your own company with growing staff and growing demands has been exhausting me during this Ramadhan period. But they’re all good problems, though! Alhamdulillah, gives me such jolt of satisfaction when I step in the office or the warehouse. But because I’ve been so busy dealing with things, I haven’t had time to even smile much. So it feels good to crack a smile today. I just can’t wait to sleep next week!! Haha.

Wearing part of Kemboja from the Nora Danish for FashionValet collection. Love the simplicity of the lace, definitely for the sweet and simple girl in you.

This is the full kurung:

FV-232 FV-248 FV-266

The skirt is designed to look like a pario skirt, but I made sure there was no slit. It’s just a normal skirt with a flowy flap at the front, perfect for hijabis!

Wearing Kemboja (top only) from Nora Danish for FashionValet and the new dUCk colour launching on Thursday, at FashionValet. Bag from Balenciaga, jeans from Forever 21, shoes from Chanel.

fashion and shopping pd daily working girl

warehouse mode

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Oh how my fingers have missed typing on these black keys, seeing words fill up this familiar white box on my screen. Love love love that I am finally united with my blog, my beautiful escape.

This week I have just been ridiculously busy in the office with the operations team. Dean and I put everything on hold for a while because we can’t leave the office and the warehouse. As usual, Raya period is the craziest and most stressful for any online store, especially ours. We will be cutting all Raya orders on the 20th, so I would advise everyone to make their last minute Raya orders NOW. After the 21st, all orders on FV we cannot guarantee will arrive in time for Raya. Up to the 20th, we will make it happen Insyaallah! *roll up sleeves, flex biceps*

I’ve been wearing warehouse clothes (big top, no makeup) and I’ve been using the same handbag for a week (a sign of work fatigue, my loved ones will know.. haha). So ootds are not as frequent. But I’ve missed it too much, so I tucked in my oversized shirt and made Dean take these photos today.

Wearing scarf from dUCk from FashionValet. Shirt from Zara, pants from Peter Pilotto for Target, belt from Hermes, shoes from Aldo, bag from Louis Vuitton, sunnies from Tom Ford. 

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happy 1st birthday, Daniel

Am feeling super emotional right now. Daniel is turning one year old in about 2 hours and exactly a year ago, I was packing up my stuff right now to go to the hospital with Dean, our moms and my sister. I was so nervous to embark into motherhood, but more nervous about having to push a whole baby out of me. I didn’t know what to expect and I just thought of God the whole time and praying to Him that everything will go well.

I still remember the moment the doctor said, Ok you’re ready to push, my whole face went pale and I felt like I was going to faint. Like this is it. In a few seconds, I was going to be a mom. (Few seconds bahahahaha I was so cute.. try almost an hour -___-”) Anyway, I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t sure if I’d make it. But as soon as he came out and I said “Ewww clean him up first please!” and they put him on my chest, all my fears went away. Ok I lie. That only happens in movies guys. I was freaking out even until I was discharged and when we got home and realised we didn’t own a single diaper in the house and I’d have to wrap your bum up in tissue, I confirmed I would be a horrible mom.

Oh, Daniel! I remember the first night in the hospital you were with us. Your dad was asleep because he was so tired not-giving-birth-but-whatever, and I was so worried to fall asleep in case both of us didn’t hear you if you cried. I kept walking to you every few minutes to check if you were breathing because you were such a quiet baby! (How times have changed, now you won’t stop yakking).

You’re no longer zero now, you’re going to be ONE. And then you’re going to be two, three and then twenty eight and bringing home some girl I won’t like and telling me you want to marry her. *wails* Clingy mom jokes aside, I pray you are always protected in safety, happiness, success and iman. I know there are so many more adventures to look forward to, and I know we’ll have challenging times with you, but we’ll get through it together. Daddy and I love you so much, and when you read this, however old you are at that moment, I hope you know that!

This will be your first ever birthday, the first ever birthday of our child. You have no idea how pressured Daddy and I feel to make it special. We were talking just now about whether we want to start a tradition, like maybe buy you something special from Hermes every year so by the time you’re 18, you’ll have 18 of it. Or bank in special birthday money to your account every year so you have a lot of savings by the time you’re 18. Or make you a scrap page every year of your birthday celebration. Or get fireworks every year.

In the end, we decided we didn’t want to spoil you. Being with the two of us is present enough for you, you’re welcome. *grins*

So you should just be thankful and enjoy your store-bought cake tomorrow with us and your grandparents.

Happy birthday, our little sunshine.