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Oh how my fingers have missed typing on these black keys, seeing words fill up this familiar white box on my screen. Love love love that I am finally united with my blog, my beautiful escape.

This week I have just been ridiculously busy in the office with the operations team. Dean and I put everything on hold for a while because we can’t leave the office and the warehouse. As usual, Raya period is the craziest and most stressful for any online store, especially ours. We will be cutting all Raya orders on the 20th, so I would advise everyone to make their last minute Raya orders NOW. After the 21st, all orders on FV we cannot guarantee will arrive in time for Raya. Up to the 20th, we will make it happen Insyaallah! *roll up sleeves, flex biceps*

I’ve been wearing warehouse clothes (big top, no makeup) and I’ve been using the same handbag for a week (a sign of work fatigue, my loved ones will know.. haha). So ootds are not as frequent. But I’ve missed it too much, so I tucked in my oversized shirt and made Dean take these photos today.

Wearing scarf from dUCk from FashionValet. Shirt from Zara, pants from Peter Pilotto for Target, belt from Hermes, shoes from Aldo, bag from Louis Vuitton, sunnies from Tom Ford. 

being a mom loved ones

happy 1st birthday, Daniel

Am feeling super emotional right now. Daniel is turning one year old in about 2 hours and exactly a year ago, I was packing up my stuff right now to go to the hospital with Dean, our moms and my sister. I was so nervous to embark into motherhood, but more nervous about having to push a whole baby out of me. I didn’t know what to expect and I just thought of God the whole time and praying to Him that everything will go well.

I still remember the moment the doctor said, Ok you’re ready to push, my whole face went pale and I felt like I was going to faint. Like this is it. In a few seconds, I was going to be a mom. (Few seconds bahahahaha I was so cute.. try almost an hour -___-”) Anyway, I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t sure if I’d make it. But as soon as he came out and I said “Ewww clean him up first please!” and they put him on my chest, all my fears went away. Ok I lie. That only happens in movies guys. I was freaking out even until I was discharged and when we got home and realised we didn’t own a single diaper in the house and I’d have to wrap your bum up in tissue, I confirmed I would be a horrible mom.

Oh, Daniel! I remember the first night in the hospital you were with us. Your dad was asleep because he was so tired not-giving-birth-but-whatever, and I was so worried to fall asleep in case both of us didn’t hear you if you cried. I kept walking to you every few minutes to check if you were breathing because you were such a quiet baby! (How times have changed, now you won’t stop yakking).

You’re no longer zero now, you’re going to be ONE. And then you’re going to be two, three and then twenty eight and bringing home some girl I won’t like and telling me you want to marry her. *wails* Clingy mom jokes aside, I pray you are always protected in safety, happiness, success and iman. I know there are so many more adventures to look forward to, and I know we’ll have challenging times with you, but we’ll get through it together. Daddy and I love you so much, and when you read this, however old you are at that moment, I hope you know that!

This will be your first ever birthday, the first ever birthday of our child. You have no idea how pressured Daddy and I feel to make it special. We were talking just now about whether we want to start a tradition, like maybe buy you something special from Hermes every year so by the time you’re 18, you’ll have 18 of it. Or bank in special birthday money to your account every year so you have a lot of savings by the time you’re 18. Or make you a scrap page every year of your birthday celebration. Or get fireworks every year.

In the end, we decided we didn’t want to spoil you. Being with the two of us is present enough for you, you’re welcome. *grins*

So you should just be thankful and enjoy your store-bought cake tomorrow with us and your grandparents.

Happy birthday, our little sunshine.

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easy sunday

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(This last picture had a little bug near my face. Nature and I = not so close friends…)

It was one of those days. Sunny, beautiful, easy and free. Ahh Sunday, why can’t there be 4 of you in a week?

It was a day of running around catching after Daniel with Dean, so that only meant one thing; casual. Flats, jeans, and a huge cardigan for ultimate comfort. Hope you guys had a wonderful Sunday. I know I did with Dean and Daniel. Happiness with our little bub.

Wearing cardigan from Lawa-Lawa, inner top from FV BASICS and scarf from dUCk‘s new collection (launching end of this week), all FashionValet. Jeans from Zara, flats from Chanel and bag from Celine.

everyday things

cold sore

One thing I like to do throughout the day is drink loads of water. I feel weak when I can’t drink water and I get so dehydrated that I have to reapply my lip balm every few minutes to hide my dry lips. And worst of all, I get cold sores. Red mosquito bite-like thingies on my face (they always just attack the face don’t they, why oh why).

Anyway, so during Ramadhan, I’ve been getting red dots on my face due to dehydration. I chug down my throat bottles of water at night of course and drink until my tummy looks 3 months pregnant, but still I get the occasional cold sores. Can’t be helped, I guess, especially the combination of air conditioning blasting indoors and our scorching hot Malaysian weather outdoors.

Today, a big one on my upper lip.


Can’t really see how bad it is because of the sunlight and the phone resolution, but there’s a super red bump right there I swear.

I was conscious about it all day and would check the mirror every few minutes to see if it has gone down. Of course I keep thinking it has gotten even bigger each time.

Guess who’s having a field day about my cold sore? Oh, my husband, of course. Love of my life.

“Do you notice it?” I looked at Dean and asked.

“Notice what? The super huge thing on your lip? Oh, it’s hardly noticeable,” followed by an evil chuckle.

And more of these kinds of remarks…

“Whoaaa baby, what is that? I can’t look directly at it.”

“Push it back in, baby. Push it back in.”

“Hey baby, I think your lipstick ran… Oh wait…”

And when I look at him, he goes, “WHOAAA, that’s scary!” 


Anyone know what to do to get rid of cold sores?

hokkaido goodness

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img12 Spring-Flowers-on-Hillside-Hokkaido-Japan-3-e1386145803995 W020130819617139629790 7346613320_568396bcdc_z index_imgslider02

What’s up, guys?

I’m in Hokkaido, Japan and here I am sharing the photos I took from my afternoon walk just now. Fresh air, clean water, beautiful nature.

Ok fine. I’m in my living room and these photos I knicked from Google Images. But mannnnn how I wish I could be walking along those pink flowers. I’m sure you do too!! But fret not, guys. We can’t be there, but we can have a piece of Hokkaido in our tummies.

Here. Come sit down with me on the floor and have some Royce’ chocolate.


I just had some Royce’ chocolate so I’m feeling all serene and calm and zen like how I would be if I were in Hokkaido. Let’s pretend I’m whispering calmly throughout this whole post ok?

I’m just so amazed with Royce’ chocolate after I learned more of their origins. All the products are made in this beautiful place, the agricultural heart of Japan. The ingredients must be super fresh and knowing Japanese people, everything is done systematically, hygienically and with utter perfection. I love that every piece of Royce’ is carefully packaged and presented. They have absolutely NO PRESERVATIVES which also means they have a shorter shelflife… well, 1 to 3 months, but let’s face it, I finished my Royce’ in 1 hour.

They are not certified Halal because some of their chocolate contains liquor so you just need to ask which ones don’t. I had the pleasure of choosing for you (I ate them for you, too. I’m sweet like that)

First, let’s try this Nama chocolate since it’s their signature chocolate. Nama means pure and fresh, btw.


Ah ah!!! Don’t use your fingers. Please girl, we’re not peasants! Here, have a spatula to scoop it up.

Yep, all Nama chocolate come with a spatula because it should not be exposed to the heat from our fingers. They’re made so specially that they become very sensitive to warmth and pressure (they come with their own cooling bags, how cool is that!). They are invented and conceived by the Royce’ founder himself, Mr. Yasuhiro Yamazaki, Nama chocolates are a soft ganache chocolate made with fresh Hokkaido cream and gently dusted in fine cocoa powder. This special one is super soft and creamy, and just smooooothhhh. *bows Japanese-style*

Comes in Mild Cacao, Ghana Bitter and Ecuador Sweet. Nama Mild White that you see above is the first liquor-free seasonal Nama white chocolate and is only available in July.

Now, the Chocolate Bar.


This one I dowan share with you because it’s my personal favourite. I kept eating one piece while doing work and every page flip deserved one little cube. I loveee milk chocolate and this one did not disappoint. Full rich creaminess that just melted in my mouth.

Still not sharing.

Comes in Milk, Almond and Black. (Rum and Raisin contain alcohol)

Ok, this next one I can share. Have a piece of Amande Chocolat Black.


For nutty lovers, these are chocolate-coated almonds. Each Californian almond is first roasted to bring out their fragrance and crunchiness, then wrapped with rich, dark chocolate before being coated with fine powder sugar and cocoa powder. This one… you’ll just go crunch crunch and realize half finished already….

Also comes in Amande Chocolat Milk and Amande Chocolat Assortment.

Ok next is R Chocolat Milk Cocoa.


This is a fun one to have at home or office because they’re individually wrapped, perfect for guests who you feel obliged to feed. Water? Please… take it up a notch and feed them Royce’.

R Chocolat (R as the first letter of Royce’) has 2 distinct shapes inside and 4 different flavours. Creamy milk filled with cookie crunch and milk cocoa cream, this is also a good one for milk chocolate lovers like moi.

For this next one… I am going to be honest and tell you how disappointed I was… that I didn’t even get to try one!!


Their Potatochip Chocolate.

This was the story. I was in a generous mood and I said, here guys, try these new chocolate potatochips I got. Everyone went ooohhh let me have one. (They said ONE). I went for a meeting. Came back. Gone.

For what it’s worth, I’ll take that as an indication that these were “super yummy”. One colleague said “V, you have to try one!!” followed by a look from me that clearly said Then why didn’t you leave me any.

This is their best-seller. Salty and sweet all in one, the crispy ridged potatochip is individually coated with chocolate on one side. It even has a surprise guest appearance by Mr. Cheese to add to the perfectly crunchy potatochip. I need to buy another box of this and HIDE THEM!!!

Ok sorry.. cannot get angry. I’m in zen-mode now, back to whispering.

If you would like Hokkaido in your tummy too, you can get Royce’ from any of their 7 outlets; Isetan KLCC, Bangsar Village, The Gardens Mall, Ben’s Independent Grocer in Publika, Tropicana City Mall, Tropicana Golf & Country Resort, and Empire Shopping Gallery.

If you do everything online like me, head on to this website now. They deliver to selected places.

being a mom

daniel is turning one

Daniel turns one next week and people have been asking what I have planned for him and how excited they are to see a lavish celebration. Well…. I hope a lavish birthday to you means me baking a burnt cake (that will end up to become brownies because I’m that good at baking) and Dean, Daniel and I in one end of the dining table taking selfies. Hehe.

On the AVA group chat today, Toots asked me what I have planned for Daniel. My answer:


Tough love, indeed! My dad, as soft as he is, tries to always discipline us sisters and always try to keep our heads firmly on our shoulders. Yes, birthdays are special, but some people take birthdays too seriously that they’re just not good for anyone! Of course he gives us a huge kiss and birthday presents, but before that he will tell us about life (longgggg monologue here) and even make us answer his questions like “What do you expect to achieve this year?” since it’s a whole new year in our lives. He even writes them down so later on he can throw it back to our faces when we screw up. I used to find it so annoying but now that I’m a parent, I think that’s quite clever to do that to your child! Haha. It might be a small thing, but it’s definitely meaningful because you actually make your child make a vow to herself that she came up with herself, and it keeps her in check throughout the year. (Well, that’s the hope anyway!)

So next week, Daniel, prepare yourself because I’m going to ask you on your first birthday, “What do you expect to achieve this year?”.


Yep that’s right. Think about your answer, my son.

Your answer better be “To do really well in play class.”

I expect nothing less, sweetheart. *nose in air*


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seeing monochrome

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It’s been one of the most hectic weeks in my life, professionally and personally. We had a huge launch which is Nora Danish for FashionValet Eid collection (everything is RM 199, you have to check it out!) and I’ve been answering press left right center for this first ever celebrity collaboration with Nora. The response is pretty amazing, Alhamdulillah. Will post up BTS pics soon.

Personal life, Daniel is just such a delight to be around because he’s starting to talk. He’ll babble words none of us understand yet words that make us tickle with excitement inside. I never knew I’d be so intrigued with “Geh geh” and “Bwa Bwa”. I just know they mean “I love you Mommy” in Daniel language. Now that Ramadhan is here, Dean and I barely have sleep at all because we’ll finish work on our laptops so late and in a couple of hours we wake up for sahur. In between all this, Daniel will wake up for breastfeeding sessions. It’s pretty challenging (and exhausting!) but I love this rush.

Anyway, in spirit of the #nd4fv collection’s monochrome-ness, I present to you today’s monochrome outfit.

Wearing striped shirt from Milktee, shoes from Melissa (all their shoes are on 20% off now at FV!) and scarf from dUCk, all FashionValet. Pants from 7 For All Mankind, bag from Celine.