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Oh don’t mind me, I’m just chilling in my new apartment. Feet up and all.

I couldn’t believe that there was a property this nice in Shah Alam that costs RM 399,000. Still so reasonable considering its location and how spacious it actually is. Just a minimum downpayment of RM 5000, and you can own the roof over your head. Instead of spending on a new designer handbag…..  hehe *setting priorities right*


I went to the KEN RIMBA sales gallery to check out their latest property project that hasn’t even launched but already almost sold out; the Ken Rimba Condominium 1. Shah Alam peeps are FAST.

The property is a freehold property so that’s one point already. And there is a covered walkway to the nearest KTM station which is the Padang Jawa KTM station – 2 points! There are 109 units of commercial centre nearby which is the Ken Rimba Commercial Centre so convenience is all around you – 3 points!


KEN RIMBA is the first multiple award-winning green township in Malaysia located in Section 16 Shah Alam, so if you’re into eco-friendly things (actually we all should be…) then this will catch your eye. They even won the green awards, one of it being BCA Green Mark Gold Plus (Provisional) – not sure what that is but that sounds good guys. All materials used are environmentally friendly and details like  louvered windows, cavity blocks and water efficient fittings are used. There are also compost bins where horticulture waste will be turned into compost to fertilise pants in the premises. Very very cool, guys.

Facilities include an Olympic-sized swimming pool with cabanas, Jacuzzi, sunken Jacuzzi and lounge, gym (what’s that?), reading lounge, playground, multipurpose hall and badminton courts covered by a green cage. There’s 24-hr security and of course, CCTV and access card features.


There are 3 apartment blocks; A, B and C. And in each block, there are 3 lifts for residents (2 + 1 bomba lift). There are 4 penthouses for block A & C and 8 penthouses for Block B.


For residents there is an all-covered carpark right next to the apartment blocks. There is a sky bridge connecting the car park and condo block so you don’t have to worry about getting wet with your groceries if it rains!

20140819_152919 20140819_153159 20140819_153213

The Green Cage there is an awesome green feature, and kids can also play in the children’s playground and avoid direct sunlight. No need SPF!


I went to visit the Condominium showroom unit. Details are:

-       1076 to 1183 sqf

-       1 carpark bay (minimum)

-       3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

-       From RM 399,000

Top floors consist of penthouses (from RM 722,000) and there are also pool villas available for purchase (from RM 800,000). There are 26 units of pool villas which are built almost something like a 2.5 storey terrace house. For the pool villas, you can park your cars at the covered car park right in front of your own unit’s lower floor. And you’ll also have direct acess to facilities floor. Balcony overlooking the pool, anyone? Who needs a beach holiday if you have this!

Here are the pictures I took for you. Come inside and see, walk with me!


The entrance


The view from the dining and living area.


View of the hallway to bedrooms


Bedroom 3; first bedroom on the left.


Bedroom 2: second bedroom on the left.


Master bedroom; room at the end.





Where I would be heating up the Nando’s takeaway….

Completion date will be in 2018, so that’s plenty of time for you to sort out your finances! Might want to check out these units as they are selling very fast.

Ok back to reading my magazine in my new apartment.


If you’d like to find out more, visit the KEN RIMBA Sales Gallery! They are open daily including weekends and public holidays from 9 am to 6 pm. Details:

Sales enquiries1300-22-9933
Sales gallery: Jalan Sungai Rasau, Seksyen 16, 40200 Shah Alam, Selangor
GPS:  3.057961,101.484768

Drive with Waze:

loved ones yummy tummy



Toots, Asma’ and I had big plans to go out tonight and celebrate the fact that Toots is going for Hajj this weekend. But somehow we ended up with takeaway bags and lots of plastic food containers at my place. We all had tiring days so we were like Let’s just hang out at home, I’m too lazy to bump into people. Lucky for me, these two best friends of mine are the types who will fight to buy the food so I just sit back and relax.

“I’ll get the food!” 

“No no, I’ll get the food!”

“No, I said it first. I want the pahala, chop!”

“Dang it.”

And there I chipped in, “You guys fight among yourselves. Just don’t forget my pasta,” as I put my feet up, change the TV channel and wait for them. Ahhhh….

So few hours later, there we were chomping on chicken wings with our bare hands, hands all messy, one leg up on the chair and chatting till the cows come home. About Toots going, about people’s hajj experiences we’ve heard about, about work, about future travels, all sorts of things. And dare I say, it was one of the best dinners we’ve ever had. You guys should try it! Ditch the usual go out and be seen outings and just have more takeaways.

We finished at about midnight and after getting messages that they were both home safely, I wrote “Guys we don’t like to go out anymore… Are we getting old?”

being pregnant

at the gynae’s


Trips to the gynae are always exciting because

(a) you’ll get to see the development of your baby

(b) and you get candy from the doctor’s room!

(YOU DON’T?!! What kind of a gynae…)

But the not so exciting part is when you have to wait a gazillion years before your turn. This period of boredom kills you slowly and you’ll have no choice but to check out other mothers. I mean, seriously guys. Pregnant women are funny to watch; some of them are slouching and snoring due to lack of sleep the night before, some of them are rubbing their tummy probably hungry, some of them are talking to their tummy (I steer clear of these ones, super awkward), some of them look very worried probably because it’s blood test day for them (I totes get it). Some behaviors are so interesting you just have to point out stuff to your other half. Who is also by the way, really really bored.

Like this one lady I saw who sat on the chair, legs crossed on the seat (like bersila style) and arms crossed up above, hands resting on the top of her head. She was all terkangkang and armpits out and everything. Like whoa lady, how’s your pregnancy going?

It was pretty awkward but hey, an unspoken rule in the gynae’s clinic is that no one judges anyone. We might talk about you, but we never judge because we all understand. One leg up on the chair? You must be having leg cramp, you poor dear. Sleeping with mouth open? You’ve never looked more beautiful, Mommy. Scolding your husband for playing game instead of rubbing your back? He should’ve done that sooner, girlfriend.

That last one was me.

I saw a husband rubbing his wife’s neck and turned to Dean unsatisfied. “You see, look at that man. He’s so sweet massaging his wife!”

Dean looked at him. “Baby, his one hand is on the phone and the other hand is just lazily scratching his wife. That’s barely a massage! He’s not even looking at her!” 

Ok fine, true. “But still… so sweet of him to try.”

“Ok fine fine, come I do to you what he’s doing,” and with his one index finger, he scratches my neck lazily which annoyed me more than anything.

“Stop it.”

“See, at least I tried,” and goes back to his game.


I looked at the other husband. His hands are both on the phone now concentrating fully on his game. Three other husbands in the room, including my lovely one, are doing the same thing. But hope is still there because there will be one husband in the room that is attentive and constantly checking up on his wife. Dean would tell me that’s definitely their first child. Why do we bother bringing husbands along to the checkups? Pftttt.

But yeah seriously, next time you go to a gynae, look around and tell me the scene is pretty much the same.

fashion and shopping living in KL love pd daily

morning walk

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Dean and I had a date in town superrrrr early in the morning when shops were just opening and we were struggling to find a restaurant for breakfast. It was pretty nice just enjoying the morning sun and having a walk by the KLCC lake thingy. Gonna wake up early on weekends from now on and have more of this with my husband. *love*

Wearing top from ShopAtVelvet, necklace from Cucito, wedges from ShoesShoesShoes and scarf from dUCk, all FashionValet. Pants from Zara, bag from Louis Vuitton.

growing up loved ones

the youngest


Which one are you?

I’m the charming one, guysssss. *bats eyelashes* *ignores rest of the text and focus on the last one*

Being the youngest, I’ve never known how it feels like to have a younger sibling. I’ve always been the baby of the family and that is the most fun position in a family, isn’t it?! My sister always had to give in to my every whim and her toys were pretty much mine. Barbie doll heads would be scattered on the floor while I would grin in glee holding the Barbie bodies. Apparently I thought decapitating Barbies were h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s, my parents should’ve gotten me checked.

Ok fine the youngest is always generalized as the most spoiled ones, and I won’t dispute that. *reminiscing times on the shop floor showing tantrums when Mom said no to a new toy* But will you agree that the youngest is always the glue that holds the family together. Ahem. *picks up basket to praise self*. No but seriously, the youngest being the manja one is always the one calling for family dinners or suggesting family trips or asking Mom to cook to that everyone has to eat at home tonight or being the peacemaker when someone fights etc etc. Is it the same in your family?

I’m definitely like that. But now that I am married and I can observe another family besides mine, I realise this is true for Dean’s family too. His youngest brother is always the one asking why we haven’t come in a while, or what are we having for dinner etc etc. So my theory is proven correct, guys! The youngest ones are always the most awesome ones! *pats self*


I’m still the baby of my own family, but in Dean’s family, that spot is already taken by his youngest brother, the baby of the family. Because I always see his face at home, we’ve gotten really close over the years that I feel like we’ve been siblings all our lives. Although he has his annoying times, he’s made me appreciate having a younger sibling to love and care for and having a brother is so much fun too. A different kind of fun, not the usual decapitating Barbie fun, but the whats-this-useless-lightsaber-thing-you-have-it-is-so-lame kind of fun. Today, he leaves to further his studies abroad and mannnn I’m going to miss him dearly. We had his khatam quran and doa session this morning and I just can’t imagine not seeing his face in the house for a long time! When the youngest goes away, their absence is always felt. *I speak from experience here, guys, Ahem!… my parents and sister were devastated when I left for the UK, I just know it*

Boo to growing up and leaving the nest.

But yay to being the youngest and most awesome child!


the slowest ferrari ever

Oh you know… just fixing my sunnies in my new Ferrari.


But wait, you should read my story.

Ok so remember I told you I got Dean a Ferrari for his birthday back in April? Man, you guys don’t remember anything I say! Well, I did. And what I conveniently omitted was that it was a car rental. Hehe. Dean is in love with supercars so I rented Dean a Ferrari. On the website, it wrote Ferrari Thrill Driving Experience so I knew Dean would love it. He will get to drive a Ferrari to its limits and just get it out of his system. And best of all, he has to give it back after 5 hours so I don’t have to worry about a loud Ferrari living in our carpark.

Dean was so excited he planned the 5 hours well. He wanted to take me first in it to breakfast, have a lovely relaxing breakfast together and then pick up his brother and drive around Putrajaya. He tackily wore red and everything.

I was getting dressed, pretty stressed to think what to wear actually. An all-white outfit would be pretty chic right? All the hot Datins in Ferraris seem to be wearing that, I needed to look like I belong. So as I was steaming my white top, Dean walked into my wardrobe.

“You won’t believe what text I just got.”

“What what??”

“The owner of the Ferrari’s PA just texted me asking me for a favour.”

“What favour?”

“To not drive so fast.”

We both laughed thinking that was a joke. I mean… you rent a Ferrari…. the first thought usually isn’t a slow drive.

What Dean and I both didn’t know, and the website did not mention was that…

Bad: The model they sent was a different (older) model than the website showed.

Worse: The owner of the Ferarri will be following behind us the whole 5 hours.

A little funny: In a Myvi car.

Ohhhh you should’ve seen Dean’s face when they sent the Ferrari. What a buzzkill!! The whole time you would be worried about what the owner is thinking, not to mention how awkward it is to have someone follow you around like a bodyguard. And can you imagine the owner? He’d be like DON’T DRIVE MY CAR LIKE THAT THAT’S MY BABY. If I were him, my eyeballs would fall off from their sockets everytime the Ferrari makes a turn. Who can blame him for being scared haha. But at least the website should actually state the fact someone is following you. It’s like driving with your parents following closely behind you. Weeeee fun!

And during the drive, the owner and his staff kept calling us telling us to slow down because they can’t catch up. A Myvi couldn’t catch up with a Ferrari. No way. They asked us to drive slower because they needed to catch up with us, and although they were sweet to apologise for being annoying, it was already killing Dean’s mood. Everytime we went a bit fast, we had to stop. After a while, it gave us a headache. And to be honest, I was annoyed because this wasn’t the Ferrari thrill I paid for. Poor Dean! They should’ve just said you get to sit in a Ferrari, but please drive it like a Kancil. At 80km/h, we already had to slow down everytime we couldn’t see the Myvi behind us.

“Oh look, sayang, a Proton is overtaking us and the driver is laughing.” *Giggles*

Was that smoke I see coming out of Dean’s ears….?

Needless to say, we handed over the car in less than the allocated 5 hours because driving our own car would be faster.

So in conclusion, get your own Ferarri.

Happy birthday anyway, Sayang! Haha.

being a mom


Today was a tiring day for Mommy Vivy.

Daniel is a bit under the weather and it’s been pretty much a snotfest where I am right now. *looks at T-shirt with wet patches* And babies, when they’re sick I realise, become even bigger babies. -___-” But I get it obviously; they’re feeling annoyed and uncomfortable and it must be even worse that they can’t say it to you, so they just cry and whine and cry some more. So moms with sick babies; patience level goes ding ding ding to the highest maximum number.

I tried putting him to sleep so he can rest but he would cry everytime I left his side. He would want me there with him the entire time today and when I had to go to the toilet, he cried so much his whole face turned red I got scared. I couldn’t really go to work (I did run off for an hour though because I had some interviews I couldn’t reschedule) so I kept getting messages from my colleagues. Some were quite urgent that needed my reply asap, but everytime I held my phone, Daniel would wake up and cry. HOW DO YOU JUST KNOW?!

In the car, he would smush his face into my headscarf leaving me with patches here and there. My plain scarf is now a printed one with abstract detailing. Dark blotches are the new thing right? Anyway, he just wanted me to sing to him and tap him to sleep that when I stopped doing so, he would toss and turn and cry. I had to carry him a lot today and being pregnant, it totally took a toll on my back. And oh don’t get me started on how difficult it was to give him his medicine. Oh my goodness, seriously, I was so tired today I wanted to cry.

Then tonight, I looked at him sleep peacefully. I couldn’t help but kiss him and stroke his hair while whispering to him “Good night, my love. Get well soon, ok? I love you so much.” And I actually missed cuddling him that I considered waking him up to do so. Just 10 minutes ago, I was so frustrated with him for throwing tantrums today. And now, I have butterflies of joy just looking at him and resting my head underneath his armpit while listening to him sleep. Is it crazy that I miss him??

Motherhood is so so so weird.