If you think it's too big, you don't deserve it.

June 23, 2008

My sister gave birth to a baby girl, and chose to have her confinement in her own home. Confinement in traditional Malay term means she can’t go out of her house (at all!), she can’t eat certain food (anything that can trigger itchiness like seafood, fatty oily stuff bla bla) and basically just has to bond with her baby, recuperate and let the body (all those stitches *shivers*) heal fully. But this is the hard part: FOR 44 DAYS. FOURTY. FOUR. DAYS. That’s like 24 X 44 hours!! ermm….hold on… (why don’t i have a calculator at this crucial moment! oh the computer has one right?)…1056 HOURS!! 63360 MINUTES! ALMOST 4,000,000 SECONDS… and I can’t even stay at home for one whole day without my legs magically moving inside my car.

My sister complains this and that. But she gets a relaxing massage everyday. And with a house that nice, with a beatiful view, a huge ass plasma TV (With ps3!), a maid, a chauffeur to answer her every beck and call, someone should tape her mouth.

I visit her everyday. I think driving back and forth, sneaking in chocolates for her is more tiring. I should get paid.

Currently reading: Chasing Harry Winston by the same person who wrote Devil Wears Prada. DO NOT spoil it for me, if you’ve read it. Can you believe I just found out Harry Winston is a famous jeweller. I’ve never been more ashamed of myself. I thought they were writing about a guy. After drooling through his website, I am in fact, in love.

if you think it's too big, you don't deserve it.