Whine, it always works.

July 9, 2008

I’m in the process of begging my dad to let me go to Melbourne. Ajjie’s graduating at the end of this year, and I won’t have anyone to play my-tour-guide anymore after that. I have have have to see her!!

Let’s see what I have to include in my proposal.

  1. Address of accommodation
  2. Phone number of accomodation (HOUSE phone number, so he can check that I’m home before midnight…or 8pm)
  3. Name of friends I will stay with
  4. Phone number of each friend
  5. Itinerary
  6. Duration of stay
  7. Expenses sheet
  8. Include PUPPY EYES!!

Sigh. There is no room for hanky-panky when it comes to my dad. I can’t go gallavanting outside KL whenever I want for no good reason. And no, “Relaxing and spending time with friends” is not a good reason. Gasp! Not easy being his daughter, is it??

Nahhhh….surprisingly, I love him more for this. It makes me think whether or not I deserve a holiday (being just a student and all), encourages me fill my holiday time to the maximum, and most of all, reassures me that I mean the world to him.  =)

OK, so just let me go alreadyyyyyy…I used the but-i-got-good-results card, and he’s like a 2:1-is-not-good-enough-why-didn’t-you-get-a-1st-class-like-me…..psccchhttt… cos university was sooo much easier last century! Duh!


Dad: Give me 10 good reasons why I should let you go?

Me: Because you looooveeee me and you want to see me happy….

Dad: That’s not an intelligent thing to say.

Me: Because I think this will be a good opportunity to explore Melbourne, and having someone there would make things much easier. After this year, Ajjie won’t be there anymore. I would like to see the culture there, and seek some business opportunities there, and consider if some technology there is unknown to Malaysians, we could bring it back. Also, I’d like to go to factories and sites and learn a thing or two. I’d like to go to museums to appreciate the umm…art? My main purpose is not to have fun, relax or shop, instead, I am going to Melbourne solely to research. Who knows, we might find business opportunities there. These are not 10 reasons, but I feel that they are substantive enough for your allowance. Thank you, Sir. (*puts down piece of paper and looks up at him with puppy eyes*)

Dad: Didn’t you say the exact same words when you went to Melbourne 2 years ago?



Just say yes. I feel it already. And plus, I’ve already picked out my outfits. You cannot say no now. You just can’t!!