Badminton in Beijing

August 20, 2008

Location: Jakarta airport

I’m waiting for my flight back to KL. Yes, I got dragged here again, heavy-heartedly. The Board dissed my video conferencing idea. Pschhtt. Was supposed to stay here longer, but I’m watching High School Musical on ice back in KL tonight. Priorities first, eh? I don’t even have time to go home! Straight to Stadium Bukit Jalil from the airport!

Speaking of stadiums, did you Malaysians manage to watch the disappointing badminton game between LCW and LinDan($%^^#^$ i have too many names for him that might not be appropriate here)? I’m sure a lot of us expected the loss, but still……I was hoping for a miracle!! I was screaming and shouting at the TV screen, the maids thought I was mental. It’s not like I’m the one getting a million bucks!

But poor LCW!! Having an opponent that arrogant and cocky must’ve been annoying to handle. And those loud and rowdy LinDan supporters in the stadium were so insensitive to LCW’s feelings!! I wished I were amongst them, with my loudspeaker on full blast, shouting LCW’s name instead! I heard in the news that Misbun Sidek’s (LCW’s coach) wife was in the hospital, so that might’ve contributed our team’s poor performance. But oh well, all’s done and dusted. No point dwelling. At least we got silver! Well done! LCW got RM300,000 and also RM3000 pension for life.

Did you guys also hear about the grandson who cycled 2500km to Beijing just so his 97-year-old grandmother could watch her favourite Badminton team play in the Olympics?? What a sweetie! The journey took 5 weeks to complete!! 5 weeks of cycling!! I can’t even last 10 minutes on the exercise bicycle, and that’s Level 1!! The grandson forked out almost USD3000 for the trip, on top of the USD300 to repair his bicycle/trishaw.  When asked why not just take a plane since it might be cheaper, he said he wanted his grandma to enjoy the sceneries along the way. It’s also his way of thanking his grandma for raising him since young. Bless him! I saw the footage on CNN, and his grandma looked so happy! Always smiling along the way, her hands permanently showing the cameras the two-fingered “peace” sign. But when asked what she wants after this trip, she said in Chinese “I want to go home by plane.” Haha.