stay on the ground.

September 15, 2008

I don’t like reading sad, tragic stories. Or worse, write about them. But I thought we could learn a thing or two about what happened in Jakarta today.

A rich family had good intentions of helping the poor and donating to the needy during the holy month of Ramadhan. Each of them were meant to get IDR 30,000 (about 1.80 pounds / 3.20 dollars). People rushed to get the money as it was on a first come, first served basis. 11 people were injured in the stampede. 21 were killed.

Can you imagine how that wealthy family must feel right now? Their good intentions have killed 21 lives. I assume these 21 people were breadwinners of their families, fighting for their lives to bring home $3. What will happen to the families and crying babies they left behind?

This event has humbled me to the ground. I’m out there shopping my credit cards off, and people out there are desperate to get $3. We all need to think about how lucky we are and count our blessings. Like the saying, “I was complaining about how ugly my legs were, until I saw a man with no legs.”

That doesn’t mean we have to change our ways, but we should think of ways to give back and keep ourselves grounded. Never ever think we’re better than anybody, just because we wear Gucci bags and they don’t. It was just plain luck that God put us in a comfortable family. Poor people never chose to be born into a hard life. We should never ever scoff at poor people, or not want to befriend them because we think they’re no good for networking. Always be grounded. And always be grateful to God. Life is a cycle, karma will bite you back in the *&^.