20 pounds

October 27, 2008

This post might require some maths, patience and imagination.

Dean and I had an interesting morning today. We went for a jog around Hyde Park (I’m not proud of this. Things I do for love). After 5 minutes of jogging, 10 minutes of walking, and 15 minutes of me whining, we found ourselves at Bayswater. Dean wanted to take me out for breakfast so he had brought 20 pounds with him.

We had a hearty breakfast (him: a gross cheese panini, me: fruit salad, but of course). It cost 14 pounds. We walked out, and it was….raining (hello, London). We were planning on jogging back home, but since it was raining, we had to think of options. With only 6 pounds left, we could either:

  1. Buy an umbrella. Next to the breakfast place, there was a sign “Umbrella for 3 pounds”. We could’ve bought 2, and walked home!
  2. Take a cab. But it would cost more than that, so Dean said no. I suggested me running up to my apartment to get more money, as the cab driver waited. Dean said no. Tyrant.
  3. Take a tube back. We ran (in the rain) to the tube station to get us 2 tickets. As we lined up to buy tickets, we realised it was 4 pounds each. We were 2 pounds short. A good day to forget our travel passes, really. At this point, we were nodding at beggars on the street, thinking “Yeah, I feel you, man”.
  4. Take a bus back. But then the bus station was a bit further, so we had to run (again, in the rain). I wasn’t happy about this. Lucky for Dean, a bus came shortly and it was 2 pounds each! We can afford it, woohoo!! But the bus driver was being a pain and studied hard Dean’s 5 pound note which was torn a bit and had holes in them. I wanted to hand him a magnifying glass. He finally let us in, and Dean and I sat in the bus, looked at each other and thought how nice it is to have money at this point.

So we got off the bus stop where we lived. And realised there was another problem. We had to run home, but it was raining, and we didn’t want to get sick (or wet, in my case). With only 2 pounds in hand, we couldn’t take a cab home. So we ran to the nearest coffee shop.

We had to buy something. We looked at the drinks menu, and there was nothing less than 2 pounds!! We remembered that a pastry was 1 pound, so Dean ordered one. He asked me to order something for 1 pound too, but I thought it was best if we still kept 1 pound, for a rainy day (pfftttt). As the rain subsided, we paid for the pastry. Guess what. It was 1.30 pounds! Thank god I didn’t order anything. We had 70p left now. Being the kind people we were, we left it as a tip. 50% tip! Acting so rich when we had literally no money left.

So we ran home, in the drizzling rain, hand in hand, laughing. It was a great bonding time with Dean, being broke. But really, it made us appreciate money like no other.

I learned an important lesson today: Never go jogging again.