shake me

October 30, 2008

My trainer (who btw, is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met in my life) demanded a food diary from me a few days ago, so I had to write exactly what I ate, at what time, and why. It’s horrible!! Of course I cheated and “accidentally” omitted a few Pringles here and there. But even so, he was like “This is appaulling, your diet is BAD”.. I couldn’t believe it. OK, so maybe I have 2 or 3 biscuits a day everyday, and a brownie or 4 when I’m watching TV, and fried chicken (which I fry in olive oil, so doesn’t count right?), and pasta, white rice, and Nescafe with 5 cubes of sugar, no vegetables at all. But surely, it’s not bad?! Either way, he’s drawing a food plan for me which I have to follow. Hah, we’ll see.

I have good news and bad news for myself.

Bad news: My body fat has increased. I expected it anyway, after a whole summer of cupcakes and fried kuey teow. But I was so shocked to see it increase by 2% (that’s massive in body fat world). And upset too. I realised that when I gain weight, my mood gets worse too. I feel sluggish and lazy all the time. So, I’m taking gym more seriously now. And will actually go without my trainer having to harrass me.

Good news: He introduced me to my new BFF today at the gym. Her name is Power Plates. Have you heard about the machine that you step on or just lay there, and it just vibrates?

I want to marry the Power Plate

It’s probably the best workout for lazy people like me. Today, we did all kinds of techniques on it. I had to sit on it, and let it shake my bum, glutes, thighs, abs (i.e. tummy). I stood on it, and it worked on my legs. I had to lie on the plates so it’ll work my lovehandles, abs and lower back (i feel an osteostilosis coming, people). It was amazzzzinnnggg!!! He just turned it on and it makes me feel so good. It really lifts up your spirit, and makes you smile. Apparently also improves your health, bloodflow, sex life, metabolism and just life, in general. But that happiness comes with a price tag; a whopping $10,000.