up up and away

October 19, 2008

Weddings are getting crazier by the day. I thought my dream wedding of being a mermaid in a big seashell is a bit cuckoo, but this couple takes the cake!

A couple got married 50 feet above the ground. And the 2 of them wouldn’t be a party up there, so they strapped all their family and friends up in the air as well. I have no idea how I could ever convince my grandmother to step on that crane.

After they said “I Do”s, they….jumped. They bungee-jumped all the way down! Like isn’t that a bad omen to start a marriage? Like floating in the air and then you come plunging down, bringing your marriage down as well. Guess they’re not superstitious!

I would never do that though. Not because of the bad omen thing (I wanted to get married in the middle of a swimming pool once), but can you imagine what it would do to my hair and make up! If anything, you’d want to look the most amazing during your wedding! After hours of hair and make up, I’d be pissed off at the wind for blowing it all away. And plus, parading my underwear up in the air to my inlaws would not be a good start. Lace, or not.

Well, whatever turns them on. The pictures of that wedding would be amazing though. The bride’s dress – not so much.