swarovski madness

November 15, 2008

I finally blinged my phone!! Been wanting to do it for a year, but never found a good enough company I trust. So I decided to give the honour to the person I trust most; me.

I spent 2 hours doing this (bear in mind, I have 4 esays due next week). After the messy process, my eyes started twitching and my fingers were glued onto the tweezer. But it was sooo worth it. The feeling when everything is done is so exhiliarating, and you just can’t wait for the glue to dry. I was told to leave it to dry for 36 hours, but I thought screw that. I just couldn’t wait that long. And so far, nothing’s come off yet. Fingers crossed!




Have the design and colour set out before you head to the crystal shop. Cos i’m telling you, having so many colours laid out in front of you at the store, is not for the faint-hearted. I had my heart set on light pink, light yellow and clear (I wanted a soft, classy look. Nothing too in-your-face). They didn’t have clear crystals in stock, so they told me they’ll order it and call me when it arrives. They clearly didn’t know me – waiting isn’t my forte. So I settled for silver instead. I love how it turned out!

If you’re lazy, or you’re a really good student, you probably won’t want to spend time doing this. There are many companies offering this service, but I would strongly recommend only this one: http://bling-my-thing.com/ . It’s expensive (the quote I got was 300 pounds), but very worth it since it’s professionally done and all. The only hassle is to actually post your phone to their address, and I didn’t want to risk it for 2 reasons; it might get lost in the post, and I simply can’t live without my Blackberry, even for a few hours.

There’s nothing like making something special for yourself, and working hard at it. And plus, now I can get a pair of shoes with the 300 pounds I saved by doing this! Opportunity cost! (“A Levels” Econs did me some good after all..)