family matters

December 14, 2008

People say when you marry someone, you marry their family too.

You can tell a man’s personality by his relationship with his family. If he loves his mom (not too obsessive though), keep him close. If he respects his dad (not to be confused with fear), chances are he’ll be a good father in the future. If he loves spending time with his siblings, it shows his priority in family. I may speak for myself here, but I need a guy who would do anything for his family, because more often than not, he’s a keeper.

Never come in between your man and his mom. Never make him choose. In fact, be close to her. The way to a man’s heart is not his stomach, but his mother. My momma taught me that.

Sometimes you love a man, but his family doesn’t know you exist. Give the guy a chance to explain, but if it’s more than a year, dump the jerk. Sometimes you love a man, but you can never get along with his family. Either you try harder or you guys have to live in another country. Sometimes, you like his family so much, but there’s no more spark between you and the guy. Which is a real shame.

But when you find yourself loving a man so much, and you love his family like your own, and get along so well with them, you’ve just hit a jackpot.