home sweet home

December 24, 2008

Airport talk

  • I love the window seat.
  • I have to go to the toilet so often, it WILL annoy the aisle seat person
  • But I still love the window seat
  • When traveling alone, I have little voices telling me to take advantage of the duty free, and buy as many things as I want from Chanel. Note to self: Never travel alone anymore
  • I’m a snob on the plane. I do the occasional smiles and “Where are you from, What are you studying” talk, but that’s as far as it goes. Simply because plane rides are my getaways and it’s just Me time. Don’t burst my window seat bubble.
  • This is the itinerary. Mark territory – change into Tshirt and leggings – watch a movie while eating – sleep – wake up and dab face with hot towel – have teh tarik – watch comedies while eating – wash face, reapply make up, change into decent clothes – smile apologetically at next person waiting for the toilet. Land.
  • The cabin crew can never pronounce my name right.
  • I drink a lot of apple juice since apples are believed to be good at hydration.
  • I never carry a hand luggage. They slow me down when airport-shopping. God created big beautiful handbags for a reason.
  • I never dress sloppy when traveling. I get annoyed when people wear pyjama-like clothes when they travel. You’re going to another country for god’s sake, show some respect. And plus, hundreds of people traveling your local airline; you’re bound to know one of them.
  • One time, I had to go to the toilet and the person next to me was sleeping. With good intentions of not wanting to wake him up, I had to step over him quietly. The problem was that he spread out his legs so wide, so I almost had to do a split in the air (could not have been graceful). My jeans rippeeddddd. Right at the crotch. A good 6 inches tear. I was horrified and spent10 minutes in the toilet trying to sew it up. I was so conscious I spent most of the time in Heathrow covering my bum with my hands. Can you imagine trying to push the trolley with one hand, and the other hand glued to my behind, my face bright red. (Those jeans were Rock & Republic btw. I NEVER wear them on planes anymore. Just a friendly warning for all of you R&R fans)
  • I say prayers like crazy before taking off and landing.
  • The best maggi is the maggi they make on the plane. Sometimes I skip the meals and just have that.
  • Did you know the stewards can send you personal msgs on your screen? It’s very disturbing. And very wrong.
  • I carry on a law book everytime I fly, but I never read it. I’m starting to think it’s a useless habit.
  • The first people I call as soon as I land are my parents. Always.

Sigh, I’m jetlagged. Did you know there’s nothing good on TV at 5am?