pulling an audrey

December 10, 2008

I lost 2 kg and 2% in body fat as well!! Yayyyyy. I’m so pleased, and my trainer was so pleased too cos he’s been invading my inbox with messages to eat healthily and to do my cardio on my own. I feel so much better with myself now, and it’s as if I want to work out and eat better. Weird, I know. Haha. Just be happy for me, I might change my mind in a couple of hours.

Another reason why I feel so liberated these days is because I’ve started wearing flats. I feel terrible when I look at my heels, looking so sad and unused. But it’s just so much easier to slip on some ballet flats and walk out the door. And with all the walking I have to do in London, it’s a whole new experience with flats. I walk better, and Dean’s happier because I don’t whine about my feet hurting anymore. I swear, the first time I wore them out, I think I heard my feet sigh of relief, thanking me! But don’t worry, you guys haven’t lost me completely. I still wear my heels, duh. Just less.

I never noticed ballet flats because well, I run straight to the highest heels in the shop. But I was walking around one day with Dean and Als, and while Als was looking around for some flats, I selfishly picked up a pair of really sweet Ferragamo flats and tried them on. And it was as if there was an epiphany! After reassurance from my trusted companions, I just had to get them. I love them so much I’m collecting them in every colour.


I’m a flats lover now. It’s so easy to wear with leggings or skinnies or skirts. I don’t think I’m brave enough to wear them with dresses though, but I’ll get there someday. I actually enjoy walking now, and I think I’m less snobbish when in flats. If that makes any sense.

p/s: I just realised how bimbotic this post sounds, but whatever. *flips hair*