December 17, 2008

Have you been hit by the credit crunch?

Let’s be honest. Probably not. Credit whaaatt??

A survey revealed that students say they are not affected by the crisis. Why would we anyway? I mean, our allowances haven’t changed, we still buy whatever we want. No one gets hurt. In fact, we’re helping the economy go back in full swing by injecting more money into Gucci.

Think again.

Are we helping the most beloved of all people; our parents? You know, the 2 people who made you happen? They’d never tell us that money’s tight, or the recession is affecting them, or “No honey, you cannot have another bag” (gasp, the agony!).

Don’t be worried or anything, everything’s probably fine. Our parents are not stupid, they probably have everything under control. But as sons and daughters, we can always do our bit to help. And that means, more time in the library and less time in the shops.
HAHAHA just kidding. Scared you, didn’t I?

But maybe it’s time to rearrange the closet. Dig the back of your closet and hopefully you’ll find some hideous clothes that normal people would wear as a dare. Sell them on eBay to get some extra moolah. And don’t try to be clever and tell yourself you’ll wear it soon. Cos if you haven’t worn it in months, it’s as good as gone. You didn’t even know you had it, did you? And don’t be weak and hold on to a super-ugly, mixed-colour, ruffles and feather sweater just because your friend bought it for you. Because honey, she ain’t your friend.

I would never tell people to stop shopping cos that’s major. Everybody needs to update their wardrobe every now and then; this makes you less boring. Just try to change the venue of your shopping trips. Instead of the 2nd floor of Selfridges, position yourself on the ground floor. Instead of designers stores, check out the high street stuff. You get my drift. If you see a designer piece you like, just wait a few days and you’re sure to find a cheap knock-off somewhere else. For example, I saw a pair of leopard print flats from D&G that cost 250 pounds. A few further steps later, I found an even nicer leopard print flats from KG for just 90 pounds! Patience is virtue.

Recession does not equal depression. You don’t have to eat ramen noodles every night, or wear a blindfold when you pass Harrods. Turn it around instead. Invite your friends over for a game of SingStar and potluck (eating in is way cheaper). Sell your old stuff. Buy cheaper things. Cheap is chic. One time, (…in band camp…HAHAH i’m sorry I just had to do that) I was trying on a top in a designer store and a snooty I’ll-only-look-at-you-if-you-look-rich salesperson was like “Oh your top is so classy, dah-ling” with the whole hand gesture and everything. I looked at her and smiled, “Thanks. It’s from asos” and made sure I emphasised asos. She wasn’t very nice to me after that, but whatever, at least I knew she wanted my top.

So stock up on cheaper things. But whatever you do, don’t look cheap. You’ll give cheap a bad name.