all things hair-y

January 16, 2009

This one’s for the girls. Seriously guys, go away.

One thing absolutely devastating about being a girl –> hair removal.

I can’t bear pain, and the idea of waxing seems as much fun as cutting my arm off.

I would rather shave or epilate, which is arguably more painful than waxing. But at least you can pause to swear and scream, and then start again as and when you like. With waxing, once the wax strip is on and the lady has that evil smile on her face, you’re basically screwed.

I had my eyebrows done just now and I look like I’ve been beaten up there. My skin is so sensitive, it gets red with just a pinch. Can you imagine if I waxed anywhere else. I’ll look like I’m permanently blushing in certain areas.

The lady and I talked about waxing, and she was basically trying to build up my courage to go into the waxing room. Haha isn’t she cute. She asked me “So, when shall I book you for waxing?”…I hope she didn’t hear the laughters in my head.

But I did learn a few stuff from her.

  • Bikini wax = just the sides
  • Brazilian = everything but one strip in the middle (like, yeah thanks for that one thin strip of mercy)
  • Hollywood = everything. Completely bald. (why do I get the feeling that Hollywood isn’t as glamorous as it sounds? And why on earth would you want to look like a 5-year old down there???)
  • It helps to take some pain-killers before the “elimination” process

I would probably need some GA too. Or some laughing gas. Oh heck, just put me to sleep.