economic flu

January 6, 2009

I bumped into my high school chairman whilst having lunch yesterday and we exchanged hellos and small talk. Today, I received a text from her wishing me happy new year, and saying how time just flew by and I’m graduating soon.

Right now I just feel really…sad and nostalgic.

Is it weird that I miss her? An immaculate woman she is, matching suits, hair always in place, giving us words of wisdoms every Monday morning. I miss all that, I miss high school. Not the work or the activities so much, but more of the feeling of being in a comfort zone.

Of course at the time, you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, and no one is more stressed than you are studying for SPM and all. But as you grow older, the previous years start to look easier. The exams you were stressing about, the fights you have with your girlfriends, the excuses you come up with for not handing in a piece of homework. They all just seem petty now.

Reality is due to be knocking on my door in a few months. And I’m..well, scared.

My friends think that since I have my dad’s business served on a plate ready for me to dig in, everything is easy for me. But it’s not. The pressure is immense, the expectations are unbelievable. Being a female in a male-dominated industry doesn’t help either, as most men will only grant you a project in exchange for your…well, non work-related skills.

My dad always says I can do whatever I want, as long as it makes money to survive. I’ve always wanted to start my own magazine, but reading about the industry nowadays is very discouraging. Economy is bad, times are bad. Advertisers and customers are holding on to their money, opening the exit door for magazines.

It’s not just magazines. Unless you’ve been in a cage (but with a laptop for some reason??), you’d know that we’re in a recession. Companies are going bankrupt, factories are closing down by the hour, people are losing jobs. On top of that, people are dying in Palestin, painting a realllyyyy grim political picture, and blurry future for all of us.

Students are complaining that it’s a really bad time for fresh graduates now, struggling to get jobs. But it’s an even worse time for middle-aged people whose fates are on the edge of retrenchment, with mortgages and car loans to pay, and worried about feeding their young children, who are pestering for the latest mobile phones, and money for “books” which is actually slang for cigarettes and booze.

A dark universal cloud is above our heads now. We should all try to spin the economic wheel faster so we can get past this inevitable recession quickly.

*Turns to economists for answers*