nailed it

January 4, 2009

Manicures and pedicures are a must on my list, high up there sharing the limelight with massages. I’ve been raised in a family where grooming is very important. My mother especially doesn’t understand the bedhead look and long acrylic nails.

I tend to automatically size a person’s hygiene up by looking at their nails, especially their toes. If I can see some black stuff inside it, or some chips here and there, I get turned off. Especially with men. Can you imagine those dirty nails stroking your hair, and transferring the dirt onto your clean, fresh-from-the-salon hair?? Oh ew.

2nd on the list is shoes. If it’s torn and has holes in them or looks like it’s fought through World War II, I will judge you. It’s not that I’m snobbish, it’s just that shoes are the most germ-loving item of clothing. If you don’t wipe or clean them, all they do is accumulate dirt, especially if they’re left outdoors. You’d think this is all common sense for people, but you’d be surprised if you really noticed people’s feet when you walk in a mall.

Dean’s favourite hygiene-factor is nose hair. It’s so funny sometimes. He can never take a person seriously when they’re talking to him and has nose hair peeking out. Sometimes, we’re talking to people and they say something interesting. Then later on, I’ll ask “Oh did you hear her talk about this and that?” and he’ll say “I couldn’t hear her with that thing from her nose coming out to get me.”

Where was I? Oh yeah, nails.

So today I went to this one nail spa in Bangsar Village, Chic Nailspa, owned by Malaysian celebrity Soong Ai Ling. I’ve wanted to try it for so long because of the attractive and pretty exterior. It’s soooo pretty!! It had a Parisian theme, very chic. The music was very calming yet fun, even though it was in French so you can’t sing along. The workers were very polite and well-mannered. I get really pissed off when they talk to each other in their native language, probably talking about the customers, and you just sit there and smile because you don’t understand anything. Then they look at you and smile back, and continue talking to each other, this time about you.

In the middle of the manicure, my manicurist gave a menu. I was like oh goody, I’m so thirsty. I saw Mango, Coconut, Orange, and then I saw Vanilla Shimmer. Er ok, that would be a weird drink. Then I realised it’s not a drinks menu, it’s a lotions menu! Haha. But how cool is that, you get to choose the scent of your lotion, rather than being slapped on any lotion they want, even if it stinks.

The manicure was really good too. She was really meticulous, and paid attention to each cuticle, until I started to think I was really filthy. I just wished she would buff more, it wasn’t as shiny as how I wanted it to be.

Soong Ai Ling was there too, and was just how I pictured her to be; friendly and sweet.

I’m definitely coming back, this time for a pedicure.


Isn’t it so pretty?


A cute basket to put your jewellery in. Even their dustbin is so pretty.


The staff’s clothes were made by Khoon Hooi. Impressive. Yes I have good eyes.

A must try.

Just a few things I wish they offered; some magazines and some drinks.