January 22, 2009

OK so I’ve been hooked on this TV series called Privileged. Forget Gossip Girl, forget Lipstick Jungle (ok maybe not LJ), this show is the new thing, girls. (well it’s been on for a while, I’m just slow.)

When I watched the pilot, I had a deja vu. I felt like I’ve seen this before, or I’ve pictured this scene before. And then it said “Based on the book “How To Teach Filthy Rich Girls”. That was it!! I read the book a few years back, and man, my memory is still in tact.

The show revolves around this girl, Megan Smith. She reminds me of myself! In the sense that she is an aspiring writer, she’s trying to write a book (but constantly has writer’s block), she’s a morning person, she’s chirpy to the point of being annoying, she talks too much when nervous, she thinks she can fix everything. But the resemblance ends there. Once you see her body, and her tiny waist, you’ll understand.

Anyway, this Megan landed a job as tutor for these 2 girls, Rose and Sage, who are the granddaughters of billionaire Laurel something (who Megan admires and is secretly writing a biography about). And of course, there are love interests and depending on who you want her to be with, you’ll either be hopeful or disappointed or constantly in suspense.

The story line is much more believable. Nothing of the my-mom-is-dating-my-15 times-on-and-off-boyfriend’s-dad-and-they-have-a-kid-together crap.

OK, I don’t wanna give it away – just watch it.

Now let’s talk about the more important stuff – the wardrobe.

Their style is more realistic and sooo much better than GG. I mean OK, we would all love to prance around in Oscar de la Renta and Chanel frocks, but unless you’re Serena, your calendar looks pretty much empty and void of black tie parties. You’ll end up wearing Marchesa to cook nasi goreng at home. Privileged’s costume is not any less expensive (still Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, T-bags, Juicy Couture), but definitely less pretentious and more suitable for the age group they’re trying to portray.

I love Megan’s style – very cute, flirty, easy going, yet sophisticated and elegant. I have lots of favourite outfits from the various episodes, which I have mentally taken note of. My absolute favourite is from Episode 5 or 6; she wore a very low cut, black body-fitting halter top, with a leopard print sarong (it was for a pool party). Her hair was done up, with a huge white flower on the side. Very sweet! Oh, and the simple black tank top with high-waisted print skirts.

Sigh, I need to go shopping. Or the gym. Whatever.

Oh, and if you’re still not impressed, then this might reel you in; the guys in it are HO-OT.