January 12, 2009

Sheila Majid launched her skincare line recently. Asked why she named it Jerneh, she said she likes Malay words, and jerneh symbolises all things pure and clean, very fitting for facial products. She will be promoting it overseas and jokingly said, “Imagine how the French will pronounce Jerneh. So sexy.”

I like Sheila Majid. She’s simple, sweet and fun. I imagine her product to be somewhere along those lines.

Jerneh by Sheila Majid can be found on her website, and in her spa. She explains that the reason her products are not on the shelves of big departmental store is because she wants to keep the price low and controlled. Which is pretty cool of her.




A friend was raving about Sheila Majid’s Jentayu Spa in Damansara Heights. So, we all went for a scrub and massage and it was so much fun!

When we arrived, they cleaned our feet in a big bucket of water and flowers. Then they put us in a sauna, where my friends and I had the chance to catch up and laugh about things. We couldn’t see each other with all the steam, so it was like talking to yourself. Haha.

After that, was the scrub. Omg I felt so clean, and I smelt so good after that. She scrubbed my chest too, that was pretty awkward. But she meant well! Haha. They had a shower in the massage room itself, which was pretty convenient.

Then came the best part; the 60-minute massage. I would write about it, but I fell asleep pretty quickly. I remember it as being realllyyy good, though.


My skin felt so soft for the next few days.

And all that for just RM136.

It’s best if you come with friends. The partitions between the rooms don’t go all the way up to the ceiling, so you and your friends can blabber away while being pampered. For 2 hours, we talked about everything! From our holidays to Lipstick Jungle to roti canai.

It was a really good bonding time. =)