public toilets

February 18, 2009

I try not to go to public toilets as much as I can. But I couldn’t help it just now.

What I hate most about UK toilets is that they don’t have a hose thingy to wash. They only provide tissue to wipe, which is so disgusting.

And as I was well, you know, I realised there’s NO TISSUE!!!! I panicked and probably stayed in that position for a few seconds, thinking about what to do.

As I cursed myself for not bringing any tissue or baby wipes with me, I did the most disgusting thing. I almost broke the tissue dispenser open and found some decent tissue leftovers and wiped away.

Flushed, dashed out to the next cubicle. Took a whole roll from it. Dashed to the sink to wet it. Dashed back into my cubicle and wiped away.Finished half the roll.

I don’t care who saw me, what they thought of me.

I was in desperate need of some hygiene.

Now I’m back in the cinema shifting uncomfortably, waiting for the movie to start, furiously typing to you.

A couple a seat away from me is eating down each other’s throats.

I feel sick to my stomach.