Poll 1: Results

February 20, 2009

To all those who voted, I thank you for voting. 🙂


  1. Chanel – 34%
  2. Hermes – 20%
  3. Marc Jacobs – 16%
  4. Gucci – 15%
  5. Prada – 8%
  6. Louis Vuitton – 7%
  7. Other – 1%

As I expected, Chanel is dear to all of us, keeping us awake, tossing and turning at night.

Why are we so obsessed with it?

The woven leather chain has created a phenomenon leading to many imitations and inspirations to many other designers and high street chains.

The double Cs? Be still my heart.

So when is this quilted bag bubble going to burst?

Personally, seeing many teenagers arming Chanels or Chanel-likes have dampened my obsession (I said dampen, not extinguish). And they’re so proud, nose in the air, showing them off, taking pictures of their side profiles so no one overlooks the Chanel by their side. I mean, come on… I saw the same bag on another person 2 minutes ago.

I mean, Chanel or not, everyone has it. In blue, in pink, in black, in white, in turquoise. There’s not much you can do with it, except buying another exact same one in another colour or pattern. They just don’t feel very…goddess-like anymore. Having said that, don’t expect me to throw my Chanels away or never wear them anymore. I’m not crazy.

I think 2.55s are getting boring now. Yes, they have fulfilled our handbag blackholes all these times, and we owe it all to Coco Chanel. But thank god for Karl Lagerfeld who came up with the Reissue exactly 50 years after Coco came up with 2.55. Because of him, we now have a selection of chains, handles, locks, and leather to choose from for our bag. Variety! Hoorah!

I was surprised to see Louis Vuitton at the bottom of the list though. All their hard work and investments of building their infamously giant stores worldwide have failed to capture your hearts.

Now on to Poll 2: WHAT IS ZERO DIVIDED BY ZERO? –>