victoria hepburn

February 26, 2009

I just couldn’t believe it.

I received an email update from Net-A-Porter saying that the Victoria Beckham line is out. When I clicked to browse, everything was sold out!! Every size and every design just magically disappeared.

I don’t know if this is a publicity stunt by Vicky herself, or some bulk buyers thought her dresses would be good investments.

I just don’t get it.

Don’s get me wrong. I adore her, but I’m just not impressed by her line.

Her jeans are extremely tight (I’m a 24, but I have to wear 26/27 for her dVb line which is so off-putting!), and those huge purple stars at the back are just “Hello, look at my ass.”

Her dresses are extremely expensive for what you get; plain, boring, too simple, and definitely targeted at the 40s and above.


Pictures from net-a-porter

Asked where she gets her inspirations from, she answers, “From David and my boys.How the hell did she get this from them?

If there’s anyone she copied was “inspired” from, 2 names spring to my mind; Audrey Hepburn and Roland Mouret

Waists are defined by ribbon-y belts, but it crushes the loose fabric together so the outfit can look messy.

Her trademark pencil skirts are translated in her dresses. As sophisticated as it is, not everyone can pull it off.

When I look at her dresses (and even her dVb denim line), I can only imagine it on her. Someone tall and freakishly thin. I definitely can cross her label out of my list.

One thing I definitely agree with Victoria Beckham is that clothes should define a woman’s silhouette. I think waist and hips should be accentuated, therefore, empire tops are a no-no for me. Unless it’s one of our many fat days, there’s no excuse for them.