30 months and 22 years

March 15, 2009

I’m usually good at remembering dates, but I’ve been so cooped up with essays and work that I completely forgot my 30th month anny with Dean. (Yes, if you haven’t noticed, we celebrate monthly annys. Yes, yes, we’re cheesy. Leave us alone! haha)

He was so happy I forgot, because now if he ever forgets he can just bring up “Month No. 30”.

He surprised me with lunch at a really nice restaurant in South Kensington with 1 Michelin Star. Food was great, waiters were really friendly. The restaurant had a clean white and purple theme, but atmosphere was so quiet that if you sneezed, 4 waiters will come to you to see if everything’s ok. My phone rang and I almost jumped trying to silence it.


Crispy Vegetable thingy


Scallops and quail eggs


Creamy scallop soup


Lobster with butternut ravioli in thai sauce


Salmon and dover sole in curry sauce


Cod with herb risotto


Chocolate tart with nougatine ice-cream


Then, nighttime was filled with fun and friends. We celebrated Hanaa’s birthday with loaddsss of food, Singstar, Street Fighter and poker. Everyone brought all kinds of food! There were pizzas, chicken wings, Lou’s salad that I didn’t touch, Dean’s lamb chops, Mazzy’s yummiest potato, my pasta bakes, Sofia’s vegetarian lasagna for Amish that no one else touched, Stella’s booze, Lou’s 3 cakes (a whole one specially for me, I love you Lou!).Thank god I wore stretchy leggings!


Pasta bake


Only half of the food there


Dean’s infamous lamb chops


Happy Birthday Darling!!


The girls (and half of Matt) trying to do a teeth ad


I love this picture of them. Sofia obviously ate the most that night.

So, Saturday was a busy foody day, cooking and eating, on top of celebrating our 30th month.

On Sunday, we went to Dean’s brother and his girlfriend’s house to visit their new cat, Kit Kat Nonsense (don’t ask!). It was meant to be a short visit, but we ended up staying there almost all day, just chilling and chatting. And now I want a cat!!!!


Sigh, I just love weekends when I get to spend alone time with Dean and also quality time with friends. And of course, phone calls to my parents and constant BBMs to my sister, back at home. I want all weekends to be like this.

I know this post is more about me and my life, which must bore some of you who don’t know me, but the point of this post is…..

–> Make the most of your weekends. Spend it with loved ones, and forget work for a while. Just chill and recharge.