Nick and Nobu

March 12, 2009

It was Dean’s best friend’s birthday last month, but we only celebrated it yesterday with him.

As a present to him, his parents gave him a first class ticket back home to celebrate and get drunk with his Malaysian friends for a week. I know, right?! His parents are too cool. I’m not envying the getting drunk bit, but the first class ticket was too much! Haha. I bet he wished the flight lasted longer than 12 hours.

We went to Nobu Berkeley yesterday, and it was sooo much nicer than Nobu Parklane. It’s a lot bigger, and more formal, and the decor was a lot nicer. Because it was grander, the staff were a bit snooty and didn’t seem to realise that we were the paying customers. We were quite put off by them, but the food more than made up for it.

I never understood the whole raw thing, so I refuse to eat sushi and sashimi and all those weird seaweed rolls. But I love the fried tempuras, and teriyaki and Japanese curry soups, so I’m always up for Japanese. That’s why I like Nobu because it’s more fusion than real authentic Japanese food. And for the price, the food is expected to be amazing all the time.




Nick’s squid that tasted like rubber, apparently.






Happy birthday NICK!! Hope your ‘key’ opens something else, other than freedom! A safe, perhaps? 😉