March 16, 2009

I’m sick. Cough, runny nose, blocked nose, phlegm. I seem to be allergic to everything in my house now, because I’m sneezing so much. I look so glamorous right now. Like Rudolph.

This is the time when I miss my family the most. When I get sick back home, I’ll get hot porridge, hot water, and Panadols served to me in bed. And my sister will come in to read magazines with me and tell me all the latest goss about Britney Spears and laugh our butts off about nothing. Hours will pass until we both fall asleep on my bed.

My dad will come in and say, “Hey, I thought only one daughter was sick!” He doesn’t like hanging around sick people because he catches the bug so easily, so he’ll just give me a flying kiss from far, and communicate via phone calls, and send love medicines via all the postmen in the house. He’s so funny.

But my mom will sit there with us sisters, and we’ll have to repeat the whole Britney story all over again. To our surprise, she’ll go “No, that’s not the story! It’s K-Fed that left her!” and we’ll just look at her in awe. “What do you think I do with all your Us Weekly’s lying around the house?” and then start lecturing us about wasting our money on all these magazines with naked celebrities in them.

BIG SIGH. I miss my family.

Well, I’m not in KL, so I had to cook my own porridge and make my own hot water. And since my sister isn’t here with me, I phoned her and as soon as I heard her go “Awwww my poor sister!” I felt much better. She updated me with things happening back home, my maids fighting with each other and calling each other mean stuff in Indonesian, the office politics, the sale, her kids. It felt like she was here with me! We ended up talking for almost an hour, thank god for international phone cards!! (I like to get mine here)

I can’t wait to go back in less than a week. Weeeee!