karl lagerfeld says it straight up

March 25, 2009

After reading Harper’s Bazaar’s Style Solutions “Dr Karl” section (where Karl Lagerfeld answers fashion questions from people), I have mixed feelings about him.

He tells it like it is, unafraid of the image he might portray to others, and oblivious to the risk of hurting other people’s feelings. He sounds like someone you wouldn’t want as your enemy, and if you’re on his black list, you might as well just die.


Here’s a few extracts from the magazine:

1) With white T-shirts and acid-washed jeans all the rage, I’m paranoid that my friends will think I’ve gone to the poorhouse. What impression will I make?

…The body has to be impeccable as well. If not, buy small sizes and less food…….what kind of friends do you have? Women dressing to impress other women – forget about that. A very bad way of thinking.

2) …Am I a shopaholic? What should I be buying anyway?

…Buy only because something excites you, not just for the simple act of shopping. That’s a little childish. Going from shop to shop is considered a form of cultural anxiety. There are more constructive ways to spend your time.

3) I’d love to sport a pair of extra-high sandals to a party, but will I be able to walk in them after a couple of drinks?

Please, your question is childish. Don’t drink when you wear stilettos.

4) I get depressed thinking I can’t pull off the bondage trend that was all over the catwalk.

You should forget about that look if you question it.

5) Bright red lipsticks, major chandelier earrings: I’m constantly searching for fashion pick-me-ups. What do you think are the newest mood boosters?

I’m not sure the new “mood boosters” are in fashion! This is perhaps the moment you think things over. Is your life that flat that you need a new lift all the time? Some people would call you superficial….Look at yourself honestly, and don’t ask me to tell you what you want to hear. I am not here only to please you.

6) In the ’80s I could pull off a micro-miniskirt, sheer hose and shoulder pads without a worry. Now that the silhouette is back, I’m compulsive about getting my flawless figure back. Is this look a fleeting trend or is it here to stay?

This look isn’t back for people who wore it when it was new. And why did you let your “flawless figure” go? Good excuse, but it explains your need to hide behind shopping trophies. Get that famous figure back, but forget about looks from 25 years ago. Don’t touch them- there are enough new and different looks in fashion for your “flawless figure” when it returns, and I hope it’s soon.

One lesson I learn from this: Never ask him anything.

I think that it’s important to keep your weight in check. My dad always says that women shouldn’t let themselves go and should always look immaculate and groomed to fulfill the definition of being feminine. So, I’ve grown up understanding the importance of a woman’s silhouette, especially before they start having children. And I strive (struggle) to lose weight when I feel like I’ve gained weight and start feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. Not to be skinny (let’s face it, if it’s in your genes to have thunder thighs, you put your chin up high and start blaming mommy), but to be well-proportioned and healthy.

But I certainly don’t have anything against meat-ier people, like Mr Lagerfeld here does.

I found this article so interesting.

Maybe he’s just hungry. Someone give this guy a cheeseburger.