dressing up with the oracle

March 9, 2009

This is the most unique and fun fashion website ever.

I wished they had more stuff to choose from, but I love this idea!

Growing up, I’ve always wanted to have the “Oracle” shown in Clueless and recently in Privileged. For those who don’t know, the Oracle is a computer programme that has pictures of all your clothes and accessories and every morning you can browse through them on screen to choose what you will eventually wear that day. You can mix and match and put the clothes on your own virtual body on screen, so it’s not some skinny mannequin to skew your judgment.

You’ll also never forget what clothes you have and don’t have to dig up from the back of the closet to find them.

Of course, it’s all made up. I’m just waiting for a genius to come up with this programme in real life. I will kiss him with gratitude. It’s just the coolest thing ever.

It’s something like this, but much more professional and waaayyy cooler! Sigh, someone make it for me!!!!