March 30, 2009

I had to take care of 3 whiny babies yesterday. One of them was 28 years old.

My sister and her babies were sick, it was a snot-house in her house yesterday. I went to offer help, which I later wanted to slap myself for doing.

She opened the door, with puppy eyes, “Shut up, don’t say a word.

She was still in her pyjamas, hair all messy in what I think was supposed to be a bun, house vomiting colourful toys everywhere. “Hey, where’s your floor?” I’ve never seen it like that.

Her babies were crying and didn’t want to let go off her. When one spills something on the carpet, the other one will be climbing tables. When one cries, the other one will demand attention. When one sleeps, the other one will make noise. When one is busy getting fed, the other one will be eating toys and licking whatever’s in sight (including my laptop).

Of course, it wasn’t always like that. There were moments when they were quiet, usually with the aid of TV cartoons, and bribery.

I put my helper cap on and bravely took my nephew to the hospital alone, while my sister sorts out her baby girl (and herself). People kept looking at me, and look back at him, and then me again. I just gave them the I’m-not-his-mom look.

It turned out he had the flu (wow, doctors are geniuses…). So they gave him the nebuliser thingy, something like the oxygen mask to help to break up the phlegm in his lungs. Poor guy was so scared of it covering his face, and kept screaming bloody murder. He single-handedly scared the crap out of the other kids and might have cost the doctor a few patients.

After 20 mins, he was done with the nebuliser. That was also the duration of his non-stop crying and screaming. That’s right, he doesn’t stop. A determined kid, that one.

He cheekily got up and said, “Finish!!” and clapped his hands, looking all happy. I was thinking Hellooooo were you there 20 mins ago?!! I held his hands and pulled him out of the doctor’s room to leave. Suddenly, he turned back and looked at everyone and said, “I’m shorry” with the hand gestures and crunching shoulders, I’m guessing to apologise for his diva-queen behaviour earlier. Everyone laughed.

I guess moms no longer care about being embarrassed in public. Your baby will cry and scream and say embarrassing things out loud, and roll on the floor in public, until you’ll be so immune to those what-is-wrong-with-him looks. You’ll probably just roll your eyes when people come up to you to say how cute your baby is. Or snort when they say what an angelic looking kid he is.

In the car, I looked at him and said “Don’t blame me if you don’t have any cousins from your mom’s side.

He just looked back at me, with those big cute eyes, and then back at his giraffe, couldn’t have cared less.

When he got back home, he was yapping away again. But this time, things have calmed down. He went to his baby sister and just sat and played with her, and hugged her at times. He held up his stuffed lion and said “This is a lion.” and did the same thing with his stuffed hippo, “This is a lion.”

His sister just looked back at him, adoringly, obviously believing everything he says.

It was all really cute. My sister’s kids are adorable and such loving and somewhat responsible creatures, even if they’ll grow up thinking every animal is a lion.

After seeing what I saw today, I realised we should all enjoy our single lives and the early days of marriage. Once the kids comes, the fun will still be there, but a totally different kind of fun. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.