who has a bigger brain?

April 25, 2009

The good thing about having a best friend in the same course as you is that your work brings you a lot closer to each other.

OK, I’m lying. The best thing is that you can rely on each other for lecture notes.

Stella and I are hilarious like that. If she suddenly feels “Sick” (another word for “I had a super late night and I didn’t hear my alarm clock”), I know it’s mandatory for me to make sure I attend the lecture for the both of us. If I suddenly feel “Sick” (another word for sale at Harrods), I can rely on her to go for me.

It’s so funny how we plan our sick days way in advance to give notice to each other.

That’s why our notes are super complete and organised! Haha

Exams are drawing near and I appreciate her more than ever now for filling the gaps in my lecture notes. I’m looking at my subject files and there’s so many of “LECTURE so-and-so (STELLA’S)”

But please ok, I do the same for her. Pfft.

It’s final year for the both of us. One more hurdle to cross over, and the pressure is ON.

We’re so stressed, we’ve resorted to this:


See how tanned she is?!! That’s what you get for having so much fun in Florida. Hmph.

My brain is about 22 inches. How big is yours?