Dean’s four birthday stories

April 24, 2009

Dean had 4 birthday parties this year.

The first was on his birthday eve with my family. My mom made roast beef and we all had a big feast at home. It was yummers!! I bought the birthday cake last minute from San Terri in Bangsar Village. It was really cheap (RM30), but my god, it was GOOD!!! We let Dean take the leftovers home, but we took a big chunk first before that!


His second and real birthday dinner was with his family. We had Chinese food, and for the first time, I had duck and venison. I’m not an adventurous person when it comes to food, so you should’ve seen me almost barfing next to Dean’s mom. Not good. Dean and his brothers just watched and laughed at their entertainment of the night. Pfftt


When we got back to UK, I planned him a really nice surprise dinner at Richard Branson’s Kensington Rooftop Gardens. I created a FB event to let everyone know and told them not to tell him. It was all going well, until one day I received a text from a friend saying she couldn’t come for Dean’s bday. I was studying at the time, so I told Dean to check it for me. So, cutting a long story short; he found out there was going to be a surprise for him.

Haha. It was nobody’s fault except mine, of course! I’ve learned my lesson to always check my phone myself!

Disappointed, I just sat there after that. If I ask him to go for dinner to a nice place somewhere, of course he’ll know that there is going to be a surprise that night. No matter how I turn it around, he’ll still suspect it, and it won’t be the nice surprise I imagined.

So I thought of something; I planned him another surprise, a smaller scale one, so that he’ll think that that was it. And he won’t suspect another surprise after that when we all go to Kensington Rooftop Gardens.

His third party: It was a very short-noticed, impromptu party that I planned on the next day itself. I had to call Stella for help. We met up for lunch and planned it all over curry mee. The guest list was drafted on a napkin, the invites were sent through SMS, the decorations were bought minutes before the party, and the cake was bought from Sainsburys.

I had to take Dean for dinner while Stella set up his house and let guests in. A lot of them were late, so I had to delay and delay dinner; we ordered dessert, and I ate really slowly even though I was full. I pretended to have stomachache and just lingered in the toilet, all the while BBM-ing Stella. Finally everyone arrived and we made our way back.

When Dean opened the door, we all shouted “SURPRISE!!!!!” He was so shocked and so happy that he never suspected any more surprises after that.


Stella got him a Disney princess cake; payback for his Spiderman cake for her during her birthday.

His fourth birthday party: Then the day of the real surprise dinner arrived. I told Dean it was going to be a romantic dinner for just the 2 of us, kind of like me celebrating his birthday with him alone. He totally bought it.

When we arrived, all our friends were behind a curtain. The waitress showed us to our table, and when she drew the curtain, everyone shouted SURPRISE for the second time.

The food was alright, but the restaurant was beautiful! The view on the balcony was amazing, but as night drew on, we couldn’t see anything but light anymore. The staff were so nice and accommodating.



The cake was super cool! It was HUGE, bigger than our heads. The details were paid attention to, and it was just so well done, we were all so impressed. None of the pickles or the tomatoes fell off either! And the fries were just spot on.

But for the price they charge, Dean and I expect nothing less from The Cake Store anyway. We always order our cake (for our birthdays and gifts for our friends) from them because they’re just so reliable and they’ll do just about any design you want! And usually, cakes that look nice don’t taste so nice, but their cakes are not bad! They’ve done all sorts of cakes for celebrities; Prince Charles, the Beckhams, Elton John.

Dean’s burger cake was 3 tiers and we only finished 1 and a half layers, so we just gave the rest to the restaurant staff for being so nice.




It was exactly the surprise I imagined! I was so happy that all my planning paid off and made Dean so happy, and lucky him, he had 2 surprise parties which wasn’t in the original plan (Who does that anyway?! So much work!)

I’m so grateful to all our best friends who came; especially for the emergency surprise party. Some of them even have exams in just a few days, so their presence for Dean really touched him (and me!). Hopefully it was a good break from studying for all of us! And now, no more excuse not to study! Haha.

I really have to give a lot of credit to Stella. She helped me greatly from the start, planning both parties and was at Dean’s house, setting up for the party, blowing like 20 balloons herself until her mouth got sore. I had to deliver the burger cake to her house, so she was the one who carried the super-heavy thing all the way to the restaurant! Couldn’t have done it without you! =)

After the dinner I just looked at Dean; “Don’t expect any more surprise parties, please.