girls will be girls

April 28, 2009

Do you know the joke they make about men and women shopping?

When a man shops, he knows what he needs, and he goes straight to the shop and out.

When a woman shops, she knows what she needs, and comes out of the shop with 10 things she doesn’t need.

It’s like making a list. Guys will get everything on their list, and get the job done before they go home. Girls, on the other hand will end up in some other shop (because it was on the way) and come out with nothing on the list. By that time, it’s already dark and we’ll just get it tomorrow or something.

Lightbulbs, facial wipes, a law book. Those were the things on my list last week. I have been out almost everyday, andI’m still living in the dark at home during the nights. Living in the dark with all the new clothes and accessories that I bought. If only I could see them. If only I bought my lightbulb! Tomorow! Promise!

On another occasion, Stella and I were on the way to uni for a revision lecture.

We ended up on Oxford Street, spent 2 hours in Topshop, and only then Stella realised she missed her lecture. 5 seconds of guilt hit her, and then she saw the cutest flower ring ever. Ah, problem solved. Exams, what?

I was so embarrassed being there. We picked out some stuff, tried them on, had a mini debate about them, and then straight to the till to pay.

On the way out, Stella heard a turqoise beaded necklace call out her name. We turned back, picked up the necklace and its other friends, and continued our mini debates -> straight to the till to pay for the second time. The salesgirl laughed at us. We just smiled sheepishly.

We attempted to leave the 2nd time. My eyes caught hold of a 1/2 price necklace that looked pretty decent. Turned back, saw it, held it, held my head up high and braved myself to the till. Bumped into Stella, who obviously couldn’t be left alone for 2 seconds in an accessories store, with 3 different things in her hands. We went to the till for the 3rd time, looked down the whole time, avoiding eye contact with the salesgirl.

We practically ran out of the store, all the time closing our eyes. That was the only way, I swear.

OK, so now to the library to study!

We ended up having jacket potato and chatting in a cafe next to the library. That’s close enough. Maybe tomorrow, we’ll actually be inside it. Baby steps.