hello, world

April 7, 2009

A couple of months ago, my niece was officially welcomed into the world. We had her cukur jambul, a Malay tradition that after a baby is born, you’re supposed to say some prayers and cut his or her hair a little bit, tell the mother how cute the baby is and eat lots after that.


My niece’s ‘throne’



After the prayers, my sister had to carry her daughter around so the guests can cut a bit of her hair if they wish. And sprinkle some flowers and water on the poor child. This is in hope that she will grow up to become a good person. Like that makes a difference! Pftt… I didn’t have this ceremony when I was born (I wasn’t as loved), but look how I turned out (ahem)



Pieces of my niece’s hair in a coconut


During the prayer reading, I had to wear a headscarf as a sign of respect. But when it’s over, the headscarf slowly slipped away and the fun started.







I love Malay traditions like this. Half of the time I have no idea why we do this and that, but who cares anyway. The important thing is that it’s a time for families to bond with relatives and close friends, and share joyous and happy moments.