last flight

April 13, 2009

I’m back in London now.

On the flight back, I just sat there speechless. I looked around and suddenly it dawned upon me.

This is my last flight to London!

I felt a bit sad so I just made the most of the flight. I demanded more food, more drinks, more pillows, more everything! Haha. I tried to minimise the sleeping time, and just seized every moment of the flight.


Lobster thermidor with saffron rice. I realllyyy have to learn how to make this.

l1030138Rice kandar style with fish curry and fried chicken

l1030146Mee rebus. Half of it was just oil.

I also managed to squeeze in some work. (Exams in a few weeks womahgawd FINALS)


The 12 hours of eating, napping, watching movies, and studying seemed to pass by so fast.

And when I touched down, that was it.

5 years of being in UK and countless flights back home and back again. A quarter of my life was spent here; my home away from home. How do you let something like that go?

My last flight to London…for now.. for a long time, anyway.