like father, like daughter

April 19, 2009

If I could blame anyone for my shopping habits, it would be my dad.

He shops SO MUCH. He doesn’t do it very often because of lack of free time, but when he shops, he really shops.

He was in London last week and mannnnnnnn even I got tired!!

I gotta say I’m really proud of his style. I’ll admit he’s a stylish man and knows what looks good on him and what doesn’t. OK sometimes he gets overboard; yellow velvet jacket, see through floral shirts, the horror. But that’s when I come in and guard the front door until he changes into something less extravagant.

His favourite shop made this one pair of trousers, and the only other person that has them in the whole world is Robbie Williams. Upon hearing that, my dad got sucked in and bought them too, and is so proud of it! Haha. Now he thinks he’s Robbie William’s twin brother. I keep telling him he shouldn’t say that to people.

We’re really close like that. He likes to ask for my opinion on what to wear, and I do the same with him. And because we’re family, we can be super honest with each other; “You look fat in that. Chuck it.” “Never wear jeans, dad. You look like a sugardaddy.” “That makes you look so cheap.”

Sometimes, it takes your dad to put some sense into your brain.

  • We went to Moschino and he refused to stay. “Why would you wear a brand called Mosquito?
  • I wore oversized sunglasses. “You look like you’ve been beaten up in the eyes.
  • I wore oversized sunglasses. “You look like a grasshopper.
  • I wore oversized sunglasses. “You look like you have a lot of problems.
  • I wanted to buy some Louboutins. “I can’t believe people buy these just because of the red thing. I can paint that for you for free!!
  • I bought some jeans. “Why do you need so many? For everyday of the year is it?

Anyway, yesterday he wanted to walk on Sloane Street, and we stayed in his favourite shop for 3 HOURS!!!

The salesman brought him 20 shirts, several suits and trousers, some tux. And he tried them ALL on.

Suddenly there was a man who came in, around mid-20s. He was all cocky and loud and seemed to know everyone in there. He was wearing flashy diamonds and gold watch and had a Vertu phone. He was really friendly, but talks so much, it’s ridiculous.

“Yeah I was on TV the other day”, “I bought another yacht yesterday”, “I’m so fat I can’t believe how fat I am”, “I would never ever wear flipflops in my life””Do you take tips on Amex?”….etc etc.. it was quite fun eavesdropping on him.

He took as much time as my dad in the store and finally their eyes met, and they started talking and talking. About cars, about nice cities and restaurants. And when my dad said he’s from Malaysia, the guy was like Oh yeah Formula 1! My dad said yeah we got a couple of free tickets to go. The guy replied, “ONLY TWO?!! My girlfriend’s dad can hook you up, anytime! Anytime, mate. Just call me.” My dad just smiled and said thank you, probably embarrassed! Haha

Then the guy said, “I like you, man! Listen, why don’t you take my number? I’d love to hang out with you, get a couple of drinks etc.” I was so shocked! Did this 20-something year old guy realise that my dad was 60? He wants to “hang out” with a 60-year old man?! My dad doesn’t hang out, mate.

But my dad just obliged, because this guy was being so friendly anyway.

When he told us his name, my dad humoured him and said “Oh, that sounds familiar.” Guess what his reply was. “Oh well, yeah…I’m quite well known.” HAHAHAHAHA we had no idea who he was!

I found out later that this James is a notorious party boy in London, and is currently dating Formula 1 chairman, Bernie Ecclestone’s 18-year old daughter, Petra. I couldn’t believe it! His girlfriend is 4 years younger than me! He used to date Mohamad Al-Fayed’s daughter, Camilla.

Anyway, after I got bored of him, I chatted with the salesman. And he showed me this jacket made out of recycling paper and silk. PAPER?!! Like proper paper.

I’m not a fashion student so I don’t know if that’s normal, but it’s new to me! So cool!