lucky girl

April 12, 2009








Dean is the type that wouldn’t invest in a girl that isn’t his girlfriend. When we first dated, he wasn’t overly sweet or charming. No flowers, no paying for dinner, no sweet texts (OK, this sounded a lot better in my head)

In some ways, I think that made me fall for him. I think that was one of his moves – not to show anything.

But it feels so good that now I’m his girlfriend, he treats me like a real princess. It makes me realise that guys who charm you with flowers at the beginning aren’t doing it for love or anything close, but just so you’ll go out with him. That means that the gesture of giving flowers or presents is so easy to do for these guys, and there’s nothing special about it; they probably do that for every girl they’re trying to woo.

Maybe that’s why I never fall for guys who showered me with romantic gestures even before anything is solid.

How do you even know if a girl is worthy enough before knowing her personality? Surely, you’re only looking at what’s on the outside and solely basing your future actions on that. Lucky if she’s a good one. If she isn’t, then the guy will just call the florist to send flowers to another girl who caught his eye, no? Be careful with these kind of guys.

That’s why Dean is different. Only months into the relationship, I started seeing flowers and diamonds. And by that time, it actually means something to us.

It feels so much better feeling all these tingly feelings after you’ve fallen in love. Dean really spoils me, I swear. Always buying me things I don’t need, but he knows I want. Almost 3 years together, I’m really lucky we’re still totally into each other, and he still loves to leave me surprises such as this.

What I learned--> Don’t be so blinded with sweet gestures. I think relationships are much more than that. Don’t make fuss about what he doesn’t do, but give him credit for what he does do. And most importantly, be patient and don’t rush anything. Good things come to those who wait.