Matthew Williamson for H&M

April 23, 2009



No, I didn’t camp outside H&M. Partly because I couldn’t find a tent anywhere. And partly because Dean wouldn’t let me (partypooper)

But I did go today to see the launch. And silly old me arrived at H&M at 10.30 am. (H&M opens at 9 – I didn’t know *cries*)

By that time, there was no line.

And when I went inside, there was no Matthew Williamson stuff left either.

There was only ONE rack of MW stuff left, and only the big sizes were available.



There was even a notice that said each customer is limited to only 2 pieces of the same style, and can’t buy more than that.

I was so lucky to find a couple of small sizes (they were the only ones left), so of course I grabbed them and dashed to the till. The store was so empty by then, there was no queue to pay.


GBP 34.99

I was only too happy to get my hands on this. So lucky cos there was only 1 size left. I love the colour and the design; not too OTT, still feminine and the colour is just gorgeous and flattering for any skin tone.


GBP 34.99

This one I bought only because there’s only one left in my size, and it was destiny. I’m sure I’ll find some use for it.


GBP 34.99

This one I bought for my sister, because I love her.

My personal verdict on his line:

He used a lot of butterfly designs for this line, in line with his more affordable “Butterfly by Matthew Williamson” line, available in Debenhams.

Unfortunately, I only liked a couple of items in his line; the pink and lime sleeveless tops that I bought, and a blue cardigan with feathers that was already sold out.

H&M has had a lot of celebrities design for them (Madonna and Kylie being amongst them), but most of them were not fashion designers so we didn’t have much of an expectation. Because we already know what Matthew Williamson can produce (amazing clothes), nothing less can do.

Of course, this is for an affordable clothing store, so he had no choice but to cut costs and not put too much beading or sequin or embroidery. But that is what he’s known for! His feminine, colourful, beautifully-detailed clothes. When he tries to incorporate too much graphics, “edgy-ness” and less femininity to appeal to a larger crowd, it’s no longer authentic Matthew Williamson for me.

I’m just going to stick to his normal line for now. I’m just waiting for my money tree to bloom. Any day now….any day now….sigh.