proud duck

April 12, 2009

I haven’t formally explained the Duck obsession.

Well, this is why.


From high school right until now, the bond between us 6 women is unbreakable. My high school friends turned out to be my friends for life.

Why are we called Ducks? Well, Sofia was drawing a duck eating a watermelon. And history was made. No more questions asked.

Many chuckle at the idea of having a name attached to a group of friends. But it’s proven that when there’s a name, the chances are it will stick, and so will your friendship. (But only do it in school please. Don’t start in uni. That’s a bit sad)

So many problems shared, opinions exchanged, memories carved, and pictures painted.

These women are my daily newspaper. Thanks to Facebook, we update each other everyday on our whereabouts and whatabouts. There’s so much oversharing, we basically know each other’s toilet schedules and the last name of the roommate’s girlfriend’s best friend’s sister’s boyfriend.

I love the effort we all make to keep the friendship alive.

All of us are miles apart but when holiday comes, Duck reunion follows.

My loves.


Pictures courtesy of Sara. Clearly the free-est among us all. Who says Medic is hard?