save topshop

April 9, 2009

I never understood this hype about Kate Moss. She looks like a druggie, dresses like a druggie and is a druggie. What kind of a role model is that? People were going crazy with the “Save Kate Moss” campaigns trying to get big labels to un-ban her ads after her drug phase (which never seems to end!). Forget “Save Kate Moss”, let’s “Save Topshop”.

I don’t mean to be rude, but I really don’t like her style. There’s nothing elegant or feminine about it.

So I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t see anything I liked in her new Topshop collection.

The colours are so dull, the patterns are so grandma-ish, and the style is too homeless hippie for my liking. And those that don’t make you look poor, make you look totally out of this world.

km4I mean, snakeskin hotpants?!! What on earth made her agree to put her name on that?!


This top makes you look like you just came out of the jungle, and a leopard puked all over you and tore out one sleeve really neatly. Oh, and not to mention, you are also completely homeless. I absolutely dislike this asymmetric look.


Metallic leather leggings. No self-respecting person would wear this. Maybe on a dare. No, not even that, actually.


Nobody would look good in this! It’s frumpy and oh so dull.

Can someone else please design for Topshop?! Maybe Rachel Bilson? Or Nicole Richie? Omg I actually can’t think of anyone else in Hollywood.