shopaholic alert

April 9, 2009

After reading my previous blog post, guess who showed up at my doorstep.

My knight in shining armour. Or shining Mini.


Toots came to check me into some lunch and serious retail therapy. We went to 2 malls, and Toots showed me a lot of boutiques around Bangsar.

It was really nice to be with her because she didn’t focus on my future LDR, instead she focused on the fact that I got accepted for Masters in a good school, and my ability to reject it. Except for Dean and a couple of my best friends, everyone else overlooked the fact that I actually got the offer. But Toots made me feel good about my could-have-been achievement, and for the first time, I celebrated it and took time to be proud of myself.

The not-so-good thing about yesterday was the spending.

The damage was unrepairable.

Note to self: Never go shopping with Toots.


I have found a sudden love for accessories. I’ve only been back for over 2 weeks, and have accummulated this much, most of them from just yesterday. I don’t know about you, but I was speechless when I gathered them all together. I need serious help. I can’t keep living like this!

2 things I’m afraid of now; LDR and credit cards!

I just received my own credit card this holiday, and I’d like to think all this shopping craze is due to the temporary excitement of my new toy. There’s just something about seeing your name on a piece of plastic that gives you a feeling of power and pride. The credit card statement hasn’t arrived yet, but I’ve estimated my spendings and I want to faint. Thank god for credit limits!

It’s not as fun shopping using your own money. Hmpphh..

Supplementary credit cards are so much nicer. Growing up sucks; all this independence crap is so not fun.