dean's after-exam day

May 9, 2009

Dean finished his exams yesterday, when I haven’t even started mine! Yep, now I have to listen to him brag about how free and relaxed he is.

I treated him to a body massage at Urban Retreat. Of course I had incentive to do so because I needed a manicure badly.


I just love going to Urban Retreat. They treat you so nice there, and it’s a one-stop beauty centre with everything you could possibly want from a haircut to makeover to massage to mani-pedis to facial to all the best beauty products. They even have this one luxury package called Bentley Beauty Day, where they pick you up in a chaffeur-driven Bentley and you indulge in mani, pedi, massage, facial, blowdry, makeup consultation and fragance consultation, accompanied by a champagne lunch. But it’s 800 pounds for 2 people.

But I swear everybody there wears Hermes and Louboutins. If you go there with your Chanel, nobody cares. Even the hairdresser that does my hair wears a Hermes belt. Having said that, the staff aren’t snooty at all. They’re sooo nice and chatty. My manicurist and I started with “So how short do you want your nails?” and we ended up talking about adoption and how she’s been engaged for 5 years. I don’t even know her last name.

After the massage lady untied the knots in Dean’s back and shoulders, he was feeling so stress-free, he even said yes to walking around and shopping a little. Crazy I know.

We went to Pret-a-Portea for a quick tea and indulged in fashion-inspired cakes and cookies on Paul Smith china. Ahhh, sweet day.



The green handbag is the Alexander McQueen bag, the black and white cookie is the Oscar de La Renta dress, the coconut cream sponge cake is supposed to be inspired by Christian Louboutin (I’m guessing the ruffled stuff in front of the shoe), the one next to it is an almond macaroon filled with white chocolate and pistachio ganache inspired by the Balmain military jacket. The bikini is Herve Leger, the blueberry and passion fruit mousse cake is inspired by Lanvin, and the one in the middle is inspired by Michael Kors red and blue stiped dress.

They were really yummy. But the best part is that we saw Sarah Ferguson and Princess Beatrice of York having tea there. We actually walked in with them, and hey, they’re not as tall as I expected them to be! Hee.

Dean had a haircut after, and while waiting I played Flight Control on his iPhone. (1600 high score babyyyy!!!! I’m sad, I know.)

To celebrate his after-exam victory, we had dinner at Koi in Palace Gate. We’ve neve been there before, and have always wanted to try it.






They even have a pond of Koi fish.

The ambience is really nice, a lot quieter and dark, giving a romantic feel to it. And the best part is that they have those Japanese tables where you sit on the floor. I love those tables!! I want to have one in my house hehe.

Unfortunately, the food wasn’t that great. So don’t think we’ll be coming back.

Dean and I had so much fun together, getting pampered (Dean with red face all the while of course), shopping and dining. Sigh, now I can’t wait to start and finish my exams!