don't go to sleep mad

May 11, 2009

I don’t have a favourite singer or band, but I do like Ne-yo’s songs generally. All of them are consistently popular and very pleasant to listen to, as opposed to the usual R&B that can sometimes give you a headache.

God I sound like a grandpa.

But this one video of his really touched me.


It’s about not going to sleep mad. But the video gave more meaning to it.

You shouldn’t stay mad at your loved one for long because you never know when you’re going to die. You should just say what you want to say and let your loved ones know that you love them, because life is short. There’s no point being egoistic and cold-hearted, because you could’ve made such nice memories in that time that you’ve lost.

When Dean and I have little arguments, we never walk out on each other, or hang up the phone. We never stay mad for long, and this video made us realise that we’re doing the right thing.

You never know when you’re going to lose a person. And if you do lose your loved ones one day, at least you’re confident that they went knowing they’re loved, and you’re confident that you did everything you had to do when they were alive. Otherwise, the guilt will haunt you forever, and by then, there’s nothing you can do.

I’m going to call my parents now. Bye.