getting old

May 12, 2009

1st incident:

When Dean’s brother told us about Google Latitude, we thought he was crazy. Basically it’s a programme to track your family or friends down and know where they are all the time. They come out as points on Google Map. So Dean’s brother and his gf can track each other down anywhere anytime.

The next day, I found that I had Google Latitude installed in my phone. Dean took my phone and just installed it without me knowing!! Hahahah now I can’t go to Harrods and say I’m in class anymore!! Stupid Latitude.


Guess who this is. Hehe

Ever since that, Latitude has been a craze for my friends and I. It’s a bit stalker-ish, we know, but it’s so fun telling our friends off when we see them walking to the shopping area etc. Of course you can hide your location from people, or fix it to a place for a long time (e.g. home, or even Paris). But if you’ve got nothing to hide, then there’s nothing wrong with your friends knowing where you are. That’s why you only add your closest friends, not just some random acquaintance.

Anyway, I never truly appreciated Latitude until yesterday.

I was in a cab on the way out to breakfast. I was busy playing Supermarket Mania on Dean’s iPhone, that I completely forgot my phone on the backseat of the cab. I usually always check cabs or restaurants or whatever before leaving so I don’t leave anything, but yesterday was such a weird day that I didn’t do any of that.

Anyway, as soon as I realised, I panicked. I cannot live without my phone, and I felt soooo lost without it. The first thing I thought about was my dad; he’d be so worried if he can’t get me on the phone. So I called my phone like a hundred times, and no one would pick up!! We gave it an hour and still no one picked up.

Then I realised I had Google Latitude!! At least if someone steals my phone from the cab, I would know where that person lived and bring the cops there with me. Muahahaah.

So anyway, we tracked the cab driver down and he was all the way in Battersea! So we drove towards there to get the phone. The problem was that the cab kept moving so the point on the map kept moving and confusing us and the car!

As we neared the area, thank god someone picked up! She turned out to be the next customer, and said she’d hold my phone with her and I could pick it up from her home. I took her address (like I needed it pfttt ehehehe). When I saw her with my phone, the first thing I did was hug her!! I hugged a total stranger because she found my phone. I love her.

So anyway, there are serious benefits of having Latitude. I would never wish this upon you, but if you lose your phone, or if you get kidnapped along with your phone, or someone stole your phone, your friends would always know where it is. And the criminals would be so freaked out when you show up at their doorstep with a couple of police cars, they’d think you have some super power.


2nd incident:

We went to Bicester Village for a shopping trip.

Exams are nearing, so I took my notes with me in my handbag so I wouldn’t feel so guilty. When we sat down for dinner at Carluccio’s after a long day, I took them out to read 2 sentences before the food came. I put them on the table, and forgot about them, and you know where I’m going with this; I left them on the table.

We drove home happily playing the license plate game and laughing about nonsense, me oblivious to the fact that I had lost all my company law notes.

As soon as I got home, I was unpacking my handbag and I almost fainted when I realised. To some of you who don’t know, Bicester Village is in bloody Oxford, an hour drive away.

All my hard work, my hand written notes in a stack of paper, all the coloured pen inks that I wasted, all the personal opinions I jotted down that I have forgotten by now. I wanted to cry!

By that time, it was 10pm so I wasn’t sure if the restaurant had closed. I tried my luck anyway, and thank god a guy named Mark answered, who btw is so nice, they should give him a raise. He was so understanding, and said he would post all my notes to me via recorded delivery.

I called again today, and this guy called Kevin said he was just about to go to the post office to send my notes. He is also a very nice guy, they should give him a raise too.

I am sooooooo going to Carluccio’s more often to eat. Everyday!


So that was my story yesterday. I keep forgetting things nowadays, Dean is teasing me of getting old.

Oh, and my “disease” is contagious too. After I lost my phone in the morning, Stella left her phone in a restaurant. But thank god she realised early and dragged me in the restaurant with her before we drove home.

If my theory is right (that losing things is contagious), she should take good care of her notes now!!

I’m going to scan of all my hand written notes, save them to my computer, back that up with my external hard drive and lock it up in a safe.