Giant Balenciaga

May 3, 2009

OK, Chanel is classic. No disputes about that.

But I gotta say, my favourite bag of all times is the Balenciaga Giant range.

The Giant City is the perfect size (and it has a detachable shoulder strap), but Giant Work is really useful for traveling and work. The Giant part-time is as big as the Giant City, but half the height. It just looks funny to me.


Giant City


Giant Work


Giant Part-Time

They’re called Giant because of the giant metal studs on them. Studs come in silver and gold, so whichever you like best.

I’m not too crazy about the other Balenciaga bags, especially the older Balenciaga with the tassels. Forgive me for being blunt, but the strings dropping down kind of cheapens the image of the bag. And the tiny studs don’t do the bag justice either.



Metal studs, on the other hand, make it look expensive (which omg it is).

They also have another type of studs, which is the covered in leather. I’d wear this for a more understated look.


Covered Giant City

I’m not sure about the Part-time bag, but the City bag is about 1000 pounds, while the Work bag is 1100 pounds. The 100 pounds difference makes it really hard to choose, doesn’t it?

They’ve also come up with clutches, which are pretty cool too. This one below costs around 500 pounds.


Giant Envelope

Balenciaga is the only brand that’s thoughtful enough to provide us with mirrors. How nice!

I can’t believe Nicole Richie has them in every colour. Ugh, I’m green with envy.

They’re so much fun, these bags, even Dean loves playing with them.