i'm a pc

May 9, 2009

I went to the Apple store today. Why is the store always full of people?!! Some are not even buying anything, they’re just there to check Facebook and email, and hogging the laptops and phones on display. Wasting my time!

Really want to get a new laptop and am kind of attracted to Macs now.

The cheapest one they had was the MacBook 13″ which was 600+ pounds with student discount. The MacBook Air is 1200+ with student discount. Since I won’t be a student soon, I better make use of all my student privilege and stock up on things!



The problem with the MacBook was that it was too heavy. The problem with MacBook Air was that because it’s super thin, it looks really fragile, and I’ll need an external hard drive for basically everything. And plus Macs don’t have touchpads that you can just click simply by tapping the touchpad. You know what I mean? You have to actually press the touchpad down to click. Ugh, such work.

What I like about the Mac laptops is the iPhoto system. They can sort your photos by locations, and even facial recognition!! I can have an album of each of my friends. Bless! And somehow photos look much better on Mac laptops.

I walked out of the store empty-handed and disappointed. I really want a MacBook but none of them tickled my fancy. I’m used to having a small laptop (11″), so anything bigger seems like such a big change. I like to bring my laptop everywhere so that I can write at any time and place. (I even wrote  an article for a magazine while Dean was having breakfast  in a restaurant. Poor guy was better off eating alone!) So a bigger laptop won’t fit into my handbag and is just not mobile enough.

If only Apple would come up with a smaller laptop and perhaps a variety of colours. I wouldn’t even think twice about grabbing it!

I feel bad for my PC now. Ever since I’ve expressed my liking towards MacBooks, it’s been acting up and giving me problems more than usual.

Don’t worry, darling, I’m still a PC.

For now. Hehe