Matthew Williamson summer collection for H&M

May 14, 2009

Ok, so this time I was smart.

Went to H&M at 9.30 sharp and waited there for half an hour. Was practically at the front of door.


Stella and I were planning our shopping strategies (I’d go get our bikinis and she’d run for the tops), and eavesdropping on people’s conversations to know what they were going to run for also.

They opened the doors at 10am, all the H&M staff sweating, looking worried and scared.

I thought British women would be more civilised, go in one by one, not run etc…..boy was I wrong! It was a bloody stampede in there! And within seconds, Stella and I lost each other. And within minutes, the Matthew Williamson line was gone. TOTALLY GONE. Except for some not-so-nice pieces and the big sizes.

It all happened so fast, and I was so shocked by it all.

We only managed to grab a few things, and women kept coming up to us asking if we’re going to buy them because if not, they want it. Some even went to ask the staff if they could have the clothes the mannequin was wearing (there was a waiting list for each piece of clothing on the mannequin!)


Suddenly, we saw an unexpected friend standing there, arms full of clothes, some of the stuff we want but didn’t manage to get!


We ran to him and found out that he was getting some stuff for his gf (sweetest guy ever!) and the remainders he will sell on eBay for some ridiculous profits. He was kind enough to give us some of the sizes that we were after, bless him!

After paying, the three of us went for breakfast and just discussed how fiesty and bitchy women can be.


Personal verdict:

MW summer collection was much better than his first capsule launch. There were more to choose from, and brighter, more colourful stuff. There’s definitely more beading, more embroideries and generally more attention-to-detail this time. The whole collection was largely based around peacock theme, much like his first launch at H&M. It’s nice to see explosion of colours and high-impact prints in his clothes, and they all blend well together.

Much of the collection was catered towards beachwear. A lot of swimsuits and kaftan cover-ups which were my least favourite items in his collection.

But overall, very nice. Much closer to his normal MW line.

Oh, don’t ask me anything about the menswear. I know MW was so excited to be designing menswear for the first time in 10 years, but no one really seemed to notice it. Everyone was so concentrated in the women’s department, even the men.