Poll 12: Results

May 8, 2009

To all who voted, I thank youuuu

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?


  1. Be able to read people’s mind -51%
  2. Be able to fly – 19%
  3. Other -15%
  4. Be able to levitate things with your hands like the Harry Potter kids – 6%
  5. Be able to heal yourself a la Heroes Cheerleader – 5%
  6. Be able to walk on walls and ceilings a la Spiderman – 4%

Other answers included

  • be able to memorise/understand/digest the whole notes/books by only looking at t…………[got cut off]
  • Time travel
  • be able to punch idiots in the face over the www [ok, someone’s angry hehe]
  • Be able to transport myself to anywhere I want like Jumper
  • Be able to have things my way all the time [Amen…]
  • be able to steal everyones superpower a la sylar!!!
  • clairvoyance
  • be able to stop time and space and teleport
  • be able to influence people by my word
  • Ss: BFF radar but aih god already gave that to me wtf
  • Be invisible

So half of us want to be able to read people’s mind. Don’t you think it’ll get super tiring after a while?? Not to mention we’ll all lose friends and have so many fights with each other! Just think a bad thought and you’re screwed.

–> Stay tuned for Poll 13 later today!