POLL 13: Malibu: Results

May 15, 2009

Thanks for voting! 🙂

You were involved in an accident. Whose fault was it?


  1. The other driver’s fault. Stupid people driving!! – 49%
  2. Nobody’s fault. It was fated to happen. – 36%
  3. My fault. I’m a terrible driver! – 15%

So many of you think you’re good drivers huh? Hehe.

The theory behind this is that if you chose “other driver’s fault”, you are easily influenced by powerful others or people whom you see as authoritative.

If you chose “my own fault”, your locus of control is internal meaning you blame yourself for the consequences of your actions.

If you chose “nobody’s fault”, you rely mostly on chance.

So which one were you?

THANK YOU Malibu, for your psychology crash course!

–> Poll 14 to be revealed later today!