yawn away

June 13, 2009

One thing my sister and I didn’t inherit from our parents was their sports talent. My dad was a footballer and a boxer (beware Dean) and my mom represented her state in netball and track. My sister and I, on the other hand, were too scared of the sun and preferred to stay in and watch TV and hug our Barbie dolls tight, while our friends play in the park.

It’s not that I don’t try! I took swimming lessons for a few months until my coach kept touching me in all the wrong places. I took tennis for a year until my coach stopped answering my calls. I took dancing for a couple of years, until I got frustrated that I couldn’t point my toes properly. I even took kickboxing for a few days, until I got sick of the bruisings. It’s just not in me!!

Stella and Dean, the two closest people in my life are crazy sports people who love the thrill of sweating. So, sometimes I oblige whenever they have their I-wanna-sweat-today days.

They played tennis the other day.

When we walked into the court, I looked around…hmmm, no chairs or stools….this isn’t right. Why don’t they put chairs in the courts?! So Ron kindly gave me his racquet bag to sit on. Bless him.

While they played, I got bored. I played with my iPod and even managed to beat my own high score in Bejeweled, when suddenly, my battery died!! Boo for the delay in the invention of portable chargers. Where are all my engineers at?!

So, I took out a book I brought and started reading. But I was so uncomfortable leaning against the net railings, that I couldn’t concentrate on what Rebecca Bloomwood was thinking of buying.

What is left for me to do except take pictures of them?




I got bored of that too, so I started taking pictures of anything else.

I started admiring flowers.


Hey, all of us had Blackberrys


Ooh Ron drinks Vitamin Water.


I made a “HI” out of the tennis ball tubes.


I even started counting how many planes went by. That black dot in the sky is a plane, btw.


They made me play after a while.

L1040789That lasted for 2 seconds.

Watching them play, I realised they were such polite people! When Stella smashed the ball into them, she said sorry, they said oh it’s ok. When someone misses the ball, the other will say “wow, good shot!“, the other will say thank you. When one hits the ball, the other will receive it and say thank you. I know it’s obvious, but when it happens during every shot, it’s like a game of sorry’s and thank you’s. It’s quite funny actually.

Yes I was so bored, that, even that, I found funny.

The only impolite thing about the game was that they kept missing the ball and it would hit me. Poor me, minding my own business yet, I still get hit.

Dean kept turning back, asking me if I’m OK. “Are you bored?

Gee….what gave that away?