a gold ring

June 2, 2009

I love everything I own, especially if I had to sacrifice a lot to pay for a bag or a really expensive top, or if my loved ones present me with an unexpected present (which was probably on the wishlist I sent out to them).

But I secretly have a few favourite pieces.

If someone asks me what is the most treasured accessory I own, I would scratch my head in confusion, almost not understanding the question. But this one item would probably be the first to spring to mind.


A gold band my grandmother gave me.

I wish I could tell you a nice story behind it. E.g. it was her greatest great great grandmother’s ring from last century, or that it was her wedding ring, or that it survived the cruel Japanese colonisation in Malaysia.

But no. The story was simply that she bought my sister one. And I threw a fit and cried about how I didn’t get one. So she went to the store and got me one too. Pftt. Too easy to be the youngest child.

I knew it took a lot out of her to do that. She is not the richest grandmother in the world, and definitely not the most fit. For her to get into a car, and get support solely from a walking stick with a hunchback, taking breaks to sit every few steps she took, spending a few hundred ringgit from the limited cash she had, just so she can fulfil her promise to me, is something I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Till this day, it touches me thinking what my grandparents will do for me and my sister. Only to see us happy in return.

I probably shouldn’t blog 2 hours before my last exam. But I’ve been up since 7am and my brain actually hurts from revising and demanded a break. I should get back to my flashcard now, and I’ll be off to sit for the last exam of my life, with my grandmother’s ring wrapping my finger with her love.