June 20, 2009

I dyed my hair darker today. Dean had a haircut, and I felt like my hair needed a boost.

I’ve been going to Toni & Guy for years now, but I don’t like it. The service is always bad, they make you wait for ages, they only ask you if you want to drink halfway through, you have to take your own magazines, and they’re so sloppy when they wash your hair. It’s never thorough and clean, I always get some leftover colour dye in my ear and on my neck.

I never like how they cut my hair. Once I told the guy to trim my bangs, and he gave me Beyonce one-length bangs, which did not suit my face at all and left me looking like I belonged in a tribe. Dean kept laughing at me, so I had to pin up my fringe for a while until it grew.

I don’t like the way they colour either. It always comes out too light for me. I had yellow hair one time. Yellow. I had to sit there for another 2 hours, only to find the yellow colour replaced by a darker shade of yellow.

It’s not bad per se, just kind of sub par considering the prices they charge you. And you really have to know what you want, and not let them do whatever they feel. (I should really stop being so engrossed in magazines when they’re doing my hair, and should probably look up more than once to check)

Having said that, I still continue to visit Toni & Guy for my hair fix-ups because it’s just conveniently close to where I live.

Today was no exception. I had my colour done there, and the girl washing my hair totally yanked pieces of it and was so rough that I squealed several times, obviously ignored by her who didn’t know the word “sorry”.

I decided to turn a blind eye on her, because I like my new hair colour.


The colour’s called “Chocolate”, but I’d call it Dark Chocolate.

Now let me enjoy this darker, richer colour, before I turn yellow again after a few washes. Pfft.