farewell dinner

June 22, 2009

Dean tried to throw a surprise farewell dinner for me, but of course I found out because I’m just too impatient and nosy.

Picture 1

He gathered my close friends and hosted the dinner at my favourite restaurant, Patara. Some girls dear to my heart couldn’t make it, but were there in spirit! And I’m not uploading the boys’ pictures, because my camera died before I remembered to take pictures of them.


Stella also got me a super amazing red velvet cake from Hummingbird, that was sooo yummy!


I didn’t feel so sad there and then, because I was having too much fun in the company of good friends. And we’re all playing Buzz now and making lots of noise and laughing about Mazzy pie-ing herself 5 times.

But I’m sure when the time actually comes when I part from all of them (who are all still staying in London next year btw pftt), I will be bawling my eyes out, and there will constantly be an empty hole in my heart.

Some I’ve been with since school, some I’ve become friends with 2-3 years ago, some I even just started being friends with a few months ago. But they all mean a lot to me, and each individual will remain in my heart.

Thank you, baby, for organising such a sweet and intimate dinner for me. It’s more than I could’ve ever deserved.